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Explorer Compass is an ultimate addition to the adventure kit. The brand offers an array of compasses and outdoor survival gear that can be easily worn and carried when on the move. Most of the compasses from the brand include and extended base plate and an inch-ruler. The compasses ensure accuracy up to 10-miles scales for USGS 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 maps. Offering a top-notch navigation system, the Explorer Compass products are pocket-friendly and easy to carry around.


Diving Deep into the History of Compass

Invented over 2,000 years ago, the compasses are the conventional navigation system. The first compasses were made using lodestone, a magnetized stone of iron, in Han Dynasty (China) between 300 and 200 BC. Over time, the science of crafting compass evolved, and several new innovations emerged. Some of them are discussed below:


Dry Compass: The Dry Mariner’s Compass have three elements- a freely pivoting needle on a pin enclosed in a little box with a glass cover and a wine rose. These compasses were used by sailors and mariners for their unique navigation system.


Bearing Compass: A bearing compass is a magnetic compass mounted in a manner that allows taking of bearings of objects by aligning them with a lubber line. It is specialized compass that offers accurate headings of landmarks and measures horizontal angles to help in making maps. The bearing compass was often used by orienteers, outdoorsmen, and army officers.


Liquid Compass: The liquid compass features a magnetized needle or card that is damped by fluid, protecting the needle against excessive swing or wobble, improving readability while reducing wear.


Gyrocompass: Innovated by French physicist Leon Foucault, gyrocompass was widely used in World War I and modern aircraft. The navigation instrument indicated true north and was unaffected by ferromagnetic materials like steel hull of ships.


Understanding the Relevance of Compass

Before the advancement of technology and the birth of GPS, compass played a key role in guiding the travelers while traveling through forest or to the sailors on voyage. The compass was the only portable directional guide to count in for survival. The pocket compass has always been a go-to for professional guides, military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts. Known as the workhorse of navigation instruments, the magnetic compass is important for three reasons:

  • The magnetic compass offers real time headings, no matter where you are— on a boat that is dead in the water, on a plane or moving against an ongoing tide.
  • The compass helps establishing direction and position on your own. Even if you are stuck alone in wilderness you can easily navigate across the environment without the need of assistance.
  • The navigation instrument plays a significant role as direction finder underground.  Often employed for tunneling, the compass is a standard equipment of the miners.
  • Highly preferred by mariners, the compass does not require any electrical power to function.
  • While GPS offers more accurate readings, compass can still pinpoint your current position on a map and helps establish future trajectory in a matter of minutes.


Understanding Explorer Compass through its Inventory

Explorer Compass: The series features compasses of distinct designs including folding compasses, scout sighting compass, carabiner compass, and more. Each compass is unique. Usually used by scouts, travelers, and sailors, the compasses feature 360 deg. markings, floating needles, oriental lines, orienting arrow, rotating dial, direction of travel arrow, parallel lines and scale ruler. These compasses are pocket friendly and ensure accurate readings in extreme survival situations.

Explorer Fire-Starters: Fire starters are critical during a survival situation. The Explorer fire-starters have ignition steel and stainless striker. The non-slip black molded handle with lanyard cord make it easy to carry the fire-starter. The fire-starters are ideal for outdoors, camping, trekking, hiking, and more.

Explorer Microscopes: The Explorer Microscopes feature two white LED’s, eye lens, focus adjusting lens barrel and objective lens. The 45x magnification offers a clear view of the tiniest object. The microscopes are ideal for industrial use, medical science, coins and stamps, geography, circuit board and more.

Explorer Survival Blankets: The Emergency Survival Blankets by Explorer preserve the body heat in extreme situations. Made in China, the blanket keeps the body warm even in extreme cold conditions. The blanket is ideal to prevent or treat hypothermia. It is a first response for [preventing hypothermia in trauma cases. The blanket is compact and requires minimum storing space in the travel bag.

Explorer Whistles: Explorer Whistles are a combination of emergency whistles and compass. Most of the whistles are constructed using thermoplastic and include Celsius/ Fahrenheit thermometer. They have cord lanyard so that they can be hung around the neck and be used in emergency to alert passerby for help.

Explorer Wire Saws: Ring Wire Saws by Explorer Compass are texturized wire saws that help in cutting limbs and branches. The saws feature finger rings on both ends that makes it easy to cut the limbs. Small and lightweight, the saws are easy to pack and require minimum space.



Explorer Compass offers products that are free from any manufacturing defects. The manufacturer warranties against any defects and ensures repair or replacement in case of any. However, the warranty stands nullified in case the product is subjected to misuse or has undergone normal wear and tear. The products cannot be used as a hammer, chisel, or a pry bar, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees for the repair.


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