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Neck Fixed Blade Knives – The neck fixed blade knife is a great protection tool. These lightweight knives come in a variety of blade styles and handle materials. All of these neck knives come with a sheath to fit securely into and have either a chain or paracord to act as a necklace. Being able to conceal these knives just below the neckline; they serve as an excellent choice for protection when out on a jog or returning to your car on campus alone. Here are a few examples of brands that offer neck knives; ABKT Neck Knives,  MTech Neck Knife, and Bastinelli Neck Knives. Click here for a complete list of fixed blade neck knives.


What brands are manufacturing Neck Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top ten brands that are manufacturing Neck Knives currently.


  1.  5.11 Tactical Knives Brand Neck Knives
  2. Bark River Knives Brand Neck Knives
  3. ABKT TAC Neck Knives
  4. MTech Knives Brand Neck Knives
  5. Blackjack Knives Brand Neck Knives
  6. China Made Neck Knives
  7. Cold Steel Knives Brand Neck Knives
  8. Condor Tool & Knife Neck Knives
  9. Extrema Ratio Knives Brand Neck Knives
  10. Esee Knives Brand Neck Knives


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