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Marbles Outdoors Knives by founded by Webster L. Marble who was himself an outdoor enthusiast having extensive experience with camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring the wilderness of nature. His dedication and passion for his work were completely reflected in the broad range of products that he invented for surviving most of the demanding situations. The foundation stone of Marbles Outdoors Knives was laid under his guidance and since then, there was no turning back. With his deep understanding of the tools, he successfully designed and manufactured durable and practical survival tools. The massive product range caters to EDC users, hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Resolving All Your Doubts on Marbles Outdoors

Marbles Outdoors Knives offer a selection of practical and reliable tools to meet the demands of globetrotters, outdoorsy people, and adventure enthusiasts. The most recommended bladed tools and outdoor lifestyle products often include – Marbles Axes, Marbles Bowie Knives, Marbles Hunters Knives, Marbles Skinner Knives, Marbles Outdoors paracord, and Marbles Compasses.


Each of the Marbles Knives and tools is designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, offering reliable performance and a competitive edge to the user in the most demanding situations. A majority of the knives are composed of Damascus steel or stainless steel which is reputed for high rust resistance and durability. The knife handles also differ in the collection. From stag bone handle, pakkawood handle, jigged bone handle to synthetic handle, G-10 handles and micarta handles, there are ample choices available, catering to the dynamic demands of knife enthusiasts, outdoorsy people, and globetrotters. Apart from knives, the brand also offers a range of field-tested paracords, shovels, sheaths, knife combo sets, and glow-in-the-dark compasses.


Exploring Marbles Outdoors Knives Product Categories 

Marbles Fixed Blade Knives: Ideal for outdoor chores, fishing, hunting, camping, and trekking, the fixed blade knives are capable of carrying out a range of tasks. The category features a collection of machetes, bowie fixed blade knives, skinning knives, and hunting knives. Based on the model, Marbles Fixed Blade Knives come equipped with satin finish stainless blades which are praised for their high edge retention and outstanding rust resistance. Some knives feature stag bine handles, wood handles whilst other incorporate leather handles. These fixed blade knives are great for slicing, skinning, butchering, gutting, fishing, and various other outdoor adventures.  


Marbles Folding Pocket Knives: Comprises some of the most versatile and easy-to-carry bladed weapons. Ideal for tactical or combat situations as well as everyday endeavors, the category caters to knife enthusiasts, travelers, hikers, and hunters. From hatchets to folding pocket knives, machetes, and safety folders, a multitude of knives are available. Choose from multi-blade folding knives, hatchets, folder pocket knives, linerlock knives, and more.


Marbles Axes: Explore the large selection of marble axes, designed to assist users in camping chores, bushcrafting, wood chopping, and other outdoorsy tasks. A majority of the Marbles Axes feature a standard edge blade that offers excellent cutting performance. Based on the model, these tactical axes feature hickory wood handles that provide a confident grip. Most of the outdoor axes feature lanyard holes that enhance functionality, offering better blade control when performing complex tasks. These axes are great for tactical or combat situations, hiking, and camping. The category also includes leather blade covers that allow for convenient carry.


Marbles Bowie Knives: Comprises of an assortment of high-performing knives, designed to offer commendable performance in the most challenging situations. Based on the model, the Marbles Bowie Knives feature a Damascus steel blade which is reputed for high abrasion resistance. Most of these fixed blade knives feature a guard and pommel that allows for safe maneuverability. Marbles Bowie knives are available in different handle construction such as stacked leather, pakkawood, synthetic, and stag handle.


Marbles Compasses: Specifically designed to meet the demands of travelers, explorers, adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, campers, hikers, and other outdoorsy people, the Marbles Compasses features CNC precision machining. A majority of these pocket compasses feature brass construction that ensures remarkable durability. Most of the compasses feature glow-in-the-dark fluorescent markings and luminous dials that make them suitable for outdoor expeditions.  


Marbles Hatchet: Designed for rugged outdoor use, the Marbles hatchets are ready to undertake a host of complex cutting, chopping, batoning tasks. These heavy-duty bladed weapons feature Damascus steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel axe head. Based on the model, these outdoor hatchets come equipped with smooth bone handles, American hickory handle, or stainless steel handles.


Marbles Knife Sharpeners: A great addition to any EDC or knife maintenance kit, the Marbles knife sharpeners allow the user to sharpen the blades and maintain their cutting edge. The category covers a selection of grit tool sharpeners, round knife sharpeners, two-sided hand sharpeners, Redo Edge pocket sharpeners. Most of these knife sharpeners are compactly sized and can be carried with absolute ease. Some of the knife sharpeners feature a hardened ceramic honing surface which is chemically bonded to an anodized aluminum body and features Duromite cutter sharpening inserts for hassle-free use. The sharpeners are made with durable material which is capable of enduring high compression, allowing the user to obtain an ultra-sharp edge.


Marbles Machetes: Consists of bladed weapons that resemble short swords. These outdoor machetes are a great choice for clearing the forested area, bushcrafting, cutting ropes, and other outdoor chores. A majority of these machetes feature full tang construction and carbon steel blades that make them strong enough to outlast years of use. Depending on the model, the Marbles Machetes feature natural wood handles that provide a secure grip. The category also includes a nylon belt sheath that assists in safe carry.


Marbles Multi Tools: The category includes an assortment of outdoor lifestyle products such as pin-on-compass, machete sheaths, outdoor axe, brass compass, knife sharpeners, cartridge dispenser, hatchets, magnifying tweezers, pocket sharpeners, rouge compound, and more. The category largely caters to travelers, hikers, hunters, and campers.


Marbles Saws: Consists range of outdoor saw back machetes featuring 1075HC steel blades which are suitable for a variety of cutting, skinning tasks. A popular choice among survival experts, campers, hikers, and adventure enthusiasts, these saws come equipped with polypropylene handles that provide a sure grip. A majority of these saws feature lanyard hole that enhances functionality.


Marbles Traditional Pocket Knives: The category covers a range of pocket knives featuring a classic design. A majority of these folding knives features clip blades, skinner blades, spear blades, pen blade, sheepsfoot blade or spey blades. These knives are available in different handle construction such as stag handle, stainless handle, bone handles, Ram's horn handles, and more. Boasting a compact design, these knives are great for discreet carry and EDC purposes. The multiple blades make these knives suitable for trekkers, hikers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and survival experts. Some of these knives come equipped with merlin spike, can opener, shackle key, standard and metric rules as well.


Marbles Damascus Steel Knives: Explore the collection of Damascus steel knives that are capable of better edge retention and boast high strength. These knives sport a truly classy look, making them a collector's delight. Based on the model, the Marbles Damascus steel knives come equipped with jigged horn handles that provide an ergonomic grip. A majority of these fixed blade knives feature stainless guard and pommel that provide better control and facilitates convenient maneuverability. These knives are available in different blade construction such as skinner blades, spey blades, and clip blades.


Marbles Hunter Knives: The category caters to hunters, adventure enthusiasts, globetrotters, and outdoorsy people. It includes an array of fixed blade knives featuring leather-wrapped handles or skeletonized handles. Equipped with drop-point blades, these knives are a great choice for butchering, cutting, gutting or slicing. A majority of these knives come with a nylon belt sheath that allows for convenient carry. The series also includes a range of round knives sharpeners that allows the user to maintain the razor-sharp edge of the knives. It also features a brief range of tactical axes which are suitable for the preparation of hide, chopping wood, and undertaking other outdoor chores. These hunting axes also serve as a commendable tool for tactical or combat situations.


Marbles Knives Combo Set: Browse through the selection of knife combo sets featuring carabiner, utility knives, can openers, knife heads, arrowheads, paracord, or more. A variety of combo sets are available to best suit the demands of avid hunters, globetrotters, adventure enthusiasts, outdoorsy people, and knife users. A majority of the knives and utility tools sports a stainless steel construction that ensures reliable performance even in harsh outdoor environments.


Marbles Linerlock Pocket Knives: Comprises of a variety of assisted opening knives, designed for fast deployment. These folding pocket knives feature a linerlock mechanism that allows for safe carry. Based on the model, Marbles linerlock pocket knives come equipped with non-reflective black stonewash finish stainless blades that provide a tactical edge to the user in challenging situations. These knives feature dual thumb studs that allow for hassle-free maneuverability. Based on the model, these assisted opening knives come equipped with G-10 handles featuring deer track cutouts that lends a unique look to the knives, whilst offering a sure grip to the user.


Marbles Lockback Pocket Knives: This collection covers a selection of folding pocket knives featuring 440 stainless clip blades which are great for piercing and stabbing tasks. Ideal for trekkers, hunters, and adventure enthusiast, these pocket knives feature stag bone handles that feel comfortable in the hand and doesn’t break easily. Based on the model, the Marbles Lockback pocket knives feature nickel silver bolsters, an inlay shield, and a folding guard. These lockback knives come in a zippered pouch that enables safe carry.


Marbles Outdoors Paracord: The category covers a selection of lightweight ropes, commonly made using nylon. Originally, these ropes were used as suspension lines of parachutes, however, nowadays, the paracords are being used for various general tasks by civilians as well as military personnel. These parachute cords are available in a host of color options such as orange, royal blue, black and more.


Marbles Sheaths: Consist of a variety of sheaths, made with top quality materials to ensure safe carry of bladed weapons whilst protecting them against scratches, scuffs, and other abrasive factors. The category includes a range of machete sheaths, bowie knife sheaths, shovel sheaths, and more. A majority of these features nylon construction and an embroidered Marble logo.


Marbles Shovels: Features a range of broad-blade hand tools or shovels, commonly used for digging gravel, making shallow trenches, and carrying out other outdoorsy chores. Based on the model, Marbles Shovels feature natural wood handles or synthetic handles. These outdoor shovels come equipped with a carbon steel shovel/machete head that is sharpened all the way around, assisting in a range of tasks.


Marbles Skinner Knives: The category comprises a range of skinning knives, specifically designed to be used by recreational or professional hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. Based on the model, these fixed blade knives come equipped with jigged horn handle, stag bone handle, or stacked leather handle. A majority of these knives come equipped with satin finish stainless skinner blades that make clean and precise cuts.


Marbles Stockman Pocket Knives: Consist of multi-purpose folding pocket knives featuring ergonomic handles. These knives feel great in the hand, thanks to their compact size. Based on the model, Marbles Stockman pocket knives feature clip, spey, sheepsfoot, or pen blades. Most of these knives incorporate nickel silver bolsters and an inlay shield.


Marbles Swords: The category consist of tactical swords featuring stonewash finish 1075HC steel blades that offer excellent cutting performance. Based on the model, these classical swords come equipped with wood or synthetic handle. A majority of these swords feature lanyard hole that adds to the functionality.


Marbles Trapper Pocket Knives: Browse through the range of folding pocket knives, designed to carry out a multitude of tasks. Equipped with multiple blades, the trapper knives serve as a great outdoor companion. A majority of these knives feature clip and spey blades, which are great for puncturing, piercing, gutting, skinning, and general cutting tasks. Based on the model, Marbles Trapper pocket knives feature Ram horn handles, smooth bone handle, stag bone handle, G-10 handle, and micarta handles. The lightweight structure of the foldable knives makes them suitable for EDC purposes or outdoor excursions. 


Marbles Outdoors Knives Product Series

Marbles Match-Safe Series: A great addition to any survival kit or camping kit, the Marbles Match-Safe boasts stainless steel or aluminum construction and waterproof capabilities. These match-safes features an optimally sized compartment that can accommodate matches, small disposable lighter. The match striking surface can be accessed by removing the compartment at the bottom.


Warranted Against Defects

Marbles Outdoors Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Marbles Outdoors Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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Knife Country USA is your one-stop destination for all the cutlery and utility knives needs. A family-run business based in the USA, Knife Country homes an array of survival gear products and kitchenware. Look for products from the leading brands in the USA including Marbles Outdoors Knives, one of our best-selling brands. We offer top-of-the-line outdoor lifestyle products, tactical knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, and more. Our customer services include a convenient shopping experience backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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