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Fixed Blade Skinning Knives

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Skinning knives might induce the idea of being very utilitarian but people who appreciate fine artisanship argue with this general perception—yes, skinning knives are among the less talked about items in the area of dedicated knife collections, but they do have some serious collectors.


Nothing Too Basic about Skinning Knife


The skinning knife gets its name from the fact that its main usage is for skinning the bodies of the hunter's harvest. This is done mainly for procuring precious scales, and leathers. Unlike other skinning tools that have evolved over the years, the basic silhouette of skinning knives has remained the same. There is nothing dramatic about it. With a top-quality skinning knife, our customers will have the conviction of being fully prepared.


We Understand Your Needs


We understand that our customers need the finest of blades, including a trustworthy skinning knife, and offer a wide array of choices. Some of those choices include, gut hooks, fixed-blade, folding knives, and classic skinners. Please understand that many of these knives are bought for their unique, intended purpose. The idea is to curate a collection with unique knives to meet the needs of Knife Country USA's customers.


Get the Assurance of Quality


We are an established online retail store, specializing in the market of knives and accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of fixed blade knives and skinning knives from leading brands. We offer the unparalleled combination of convenience and affordability that no online knives retailer can match.

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