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Muela Knives

Eladio Muela León established the Muela companies during the mid-50s with 38 pieces of handcrafted and German-engineered folding knives from the Empetrol refinery. Presently, the Muela Knives has a 5000 m2 manufacturing unit at Argamasilla de Calatrava. 

The manufacturing unit known as the Manufacturas Muela incorporates modern machinery that produces 350,000 yearly units, 70% exported across fifty countries in five continents. Muela Knives began selling handcrafted, sporty, tactical, and fixed blade knives outside of Spain from the establishment. The Muela Group of the company specializes in handmade hunting knives in Spain and abroad and appreciates top-quality penknives and knives.

The company uses stainless steel alloys, chromium, Vanadium, and Molybdenum for making these high-quality knives. The high functionality and finish of the blades are a result of Damascus steel used after the manufacturing. Besides hunting, the foldable pocket knives offer versatile use during outdoor adventure and combat. To date, the 38-piece functional folding knives have been the specialty of the Manufacturas Muela.

The manufacturer uses Africa Blackwood, olive, Kingwood, Amazonas Rosewood, Cocobolo, and walnut wood to ornament the knives. The Spanish company also specializes in making affordable and high-quality folding, hunting, luxury, and other forms of knives. The manufacturer uses Molybdenum-Vanadium steel MOVA 60 and 12C27 Sandvic, 14C28N steel for making blades. The two blades harden with 57-61 HRC, whereas Inox steel 1-42 and set with 54-58HRC and 440 markings manufactured from the Mova-60E steel.

The company makes Damascus Muela knives using RWL34 and MPC27 steel with a 57-62 HRC hardness. A few luxury items of the company use pattern-welded steel for manufacturing. The luxury knives are limited and categorized into series. They have noble metal trimmings, have marksmanship of the best goldsmiths. The non-habitual exotic red deer wood or mount on the series handles offers affluent results and compensates for the effort and the high market price. 

All You Need to Know About Muela Knives


Muela Knives is one of the most underrated high-quality tactical and hunting knife manufacturers in the globe. However, the manufacturer receives special attention for hunting knives because of the design, performance, detailing, reliability, and grip. Machines help cut sheets, sharpen the blade, treat grinding, thermal, and surface, and use computerized technology. Each knife blade is secured to the handle and carved manually by an experienced and specialized craftsman similar to the machinery process.

Manufacturas Muela selects, makes, carves, and adjusts deer antler material for the knife handles. In addition, the company has a separate leatherworking department for designing, cutting, sewing, and finishing leather converted into sheaths. After the two processes, the craftsmen sharpen, polish, check, and package before delivering the knives to the market. Therefore, the blades and folding knives of the company offer the benefit of modern, efficient, and traditional technology that depicts knowledge and originality.

Muela Knives is a knife manufacturer specializing in 38-piece folding knives based in Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain. The superior quality handcrafted penknives and hunting knives are widely appreciated for their brass guards and stag handles. The Mirage series knives also include partially serrated, stainless steel, and black-finish blades.

Molybdenum-Vanadium steel used for the blades offers dual advantages. Primary, Vanadium enhances steel's strength, toughness, and wear resistance. Second, the Molybdenum increases hardness, toughness, harden-ability, and power. Molybdenum is commonly used for kitchen knives because of its strengthening qualities. Molybdenum and steel alloyed together can withstand 300,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Spanish knives have prices closest to the maximum range justified by the IMHO, steel & blade construction novelty factors, fit and finish. The famous Cold Steel is used for manufacturing most Spanish knives and enhances the overall quality. Besides blade and pocket knives, the manufacturer also produces Bowie, Braco, Eagle, Gazapo, Guthook, Hunter, Alcaraz, Bison, Bisonte, Colibri, Mirage, Orix, Piggyback, Ranger, Rhino, Scorpion, Typhoon, Viper, and Skinner.

The long-lasting combat knives of the company are widely used by professional hunters adventuring through the woods. In addition, the compact knives of the Bison series with sharp blades benefit during skinning fish and hunting. Manufacturas Muela's KODIAK-10MA is a full tang knife with bolsters, brass pommel, and stag scales. The knife has a handle size of 110 MM or 4 1/2" and a blade size of 100 MM or 4".

The company offers various full and partial tang designs to buyers. A full tang extends the grip up to the handle and might not have the same width as the handle. Thus, a full tang knife enhances the overall weight of the equipment and creates a handling balance, whereas, without it, the user depends on the compensation offered by the handle weight. In simpler terms, a partial tang is often narrow and part of the grip inserted material. A full tang model is better than others because it offers more usefulness for heavy-duty tasks and more rigid material as the equipment readily resists bending.

Muela Knives Product Categories

Muela Axes: The stylish and functional Muela Axes from Muela Knives is the perfect choice for every outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're looking for a well-designed and compact hatchet with an ultra-sharp head, or if you're a professional logger who needs a durable tool for chopping, this ax will give you an edge over the competition. These axes are forged from heat-treated high-carbon steel and feature grooved handles that offer superior grip. Muela Axes are designed for easy use, with most of the axes featuring perfect balance between handle and head to ensure supreme ease and performance.

Muela Fixed Blade Knives: Muela makes top-quality hunting knives that are guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your hunting gear. The fixed blade knives come with a variety of handle materials and a wide range of blade choices. This series features skinner blades, fixed blades, and tactical knives with wooden handles, lanyard holes, and sheath for easy carrying and durable construction for outdoor use.

Muela Lockback Pocket Knives: Muela has a large selection of Lockback Knives. The Muela series of pocket knives are highly dependable and robust, with a finely made blade, metal spine, and blade form ideal for kitchen work or an outdoor adventure. The Muela Lockback folding knife is a beautifully handcrafted piece with a satin-finished blade, stainless steel construction, and a stag grip. The well-placed contouring on the grip and the grooves around the edge makes this knife ideal for all-day carry.

Muela Bowies: Muela Bowies have been made for over a century by master craftsmen in the Spanish town of San Juan de Lurigancho. With a time-honored tradition and attention to detail that is unmatched in the knife world, these traditional knives embody everything good in life. They also come in a variety of different edge patterns and handle materials, so you can be sure you'll find the perfect blade for your needs.

Muela Knives Product Series

Muela Braco Knife Series: With Braco Knife Series, you can depend on the performance and quality of every task. The stainless steel blade offers immense chopping performance owing to its edge retention properties. The Braco fixed blade knives are built to endure for extended periods, even under intense pressure. They also feature an anti-slip stag handle, brass finger guard, and brown leather sheath makes it easier for you to grip.

Muela Eagle Knife Series: Eagle series consists of various hunter knives, historical blades, combat-ready knives, and other outdoor gear. The hunting knife has an extremely sharp, multi-purpose blade made with tough, corrosion-resistant Moly-Vanadium stainless steel. This blade holds the edges firmly, making it ideal for cutting and chopping. It has an exquisite design with a well-balanced stag handle that provides a firm grip. The nickel bolster perfectly holds the blade, while the artistic design on the handle ensures a perfect finish with aesthetic appeal.

Muela Gazapo Knife Series: Muela Gazapo Knife Series offers a distinctive variety of knives in the hunting and sports knife categories. These sports Knives are suitable for cutting and chopping, and they are lightweight enough to be carried on a hiking or camping trip. The Gazapo Knife line has upswept stainless steel blades that keep sharp edges for an extremely long period. Its lightweight design and included leather sheath make it a perfect EDC choice.

Muela Guthook Knife Series: The Muela Guthook Knife Series is a line of skinner knives with gut hook blades and unique handles. The gut hook blades, made of solid and durable stainless steel, can easily break the animal's skin during gutting operations. The Gut Hook blade design enables simple, clean, and fast removal of flesh from the corpse for butchering.

Muela Hunter Knife Series: The Hunter Knife series is a sturdy hunting knife designed to meet the needs of professionals. With a deep-drawn, razor-sharp blade and a crown stag handle, this is the most formidable hunting knife you can find. The fixed blade knives in this series feature 420 HC steel construction that is corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic. The handle is made of a durable material which gives it a good grip and resistance against extreme temperatures.

Muela Alcaraz Knife Series: The Muela Alcaraz Series is a limited-edition collection of knives handcrafted in Spain. It features many long-lasting combat knives with a 10-inch 440a steel blade preferred by hunters to make their way through hazardous forests and mountains.

Muela Bison Knife Series: The Muela Bison Series is a line of knives that are designed to be attractive, compact, and functional. They are small enough to fit in your backpack, they offer a variety of high-quality blades and handle styles that make them ideal tools for any outdoor activity. These EDC knives include a rigid, rugged handle made from genuine stag scales that will make this knife last for years to come.

Muela Bisonte Knife Series: Boasted as the most potent knife range for professionals, the Muela Bisonte knives are made to withstand extreme cutting tasks. It features a 440A stainless steel blade, brown wood handles, and a lanyard hole. Some versions of this knife come with a brown leather belt sheath, while others come with a camouflaged nylon belt sheath.

Muela Knives Colibri Series: Colibri fixed blade knives are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature finger-grooved blades that provide grip, durability, and sharpness. These knives are durable and small enough to be carried around in your pocket without fear of damaging them and are perfect for camping, hunting, and everyday use.

Muela Knives Mirage Series: The Mirage Series is a collection of highly durable, military-grade knives. With a textured desert tan rubberized grip and a lanyard hole, these tactical knives are both durable and easy to carry. They come in a variety of sizes with a 7-inch blade and are perfect for camping or as an everyday carry.

Muela Knives Orix Series: Orix Series brings you a vast collection of survival knives and tactical knives that are functional and combat-ready. With its stainless steel blade and stag handle, the Orix is more than capable of handling any task that you throw at it. Tried and tested by military personnel, these hunting knives are the perfect addition to your adventures in the wild.

Muela Knives Piggyback series: Muela Piggyback Knives are elegant, functional, and designed for the most demanding hunters. These hunter knives will stand out in any hunting or outdoor adventure. They are the perfect companion for every hunt with a sharp, durable blade, easy grip, and a non-slip ergonomic handle.

Muela Knives Ranger Series: The Ranger Series is a mid-sized knife crafted with a Vanadium Molybdenum blade, which has a unique hardening process that gives the blade additional toughness edge-holding ability. The handle is hand-carved from olive wood and features an inlaid shield for added protection. The Ranger fixed blade is perhaps the best camping knife for every adventurer.

Muela Knives Rhino Series: The Muela Rhino Series is a collection of tactical knives with all new and high-quality designs designed to meet the demands of a tactical situation. They are made with an olive wood handle that has been inserted in the tang and completed by a finger guard. All knives under this series come with a bowie-style blade or a tanto-style blade.

Muela Knives Scorpion Series: The Scorpion knife is a new line of hunting knives designed for maximum efficiency and safety. Muela has applied its expertise in the production of slip-proof grips made from proven Kraton. These grips not only increase the safety they also add to the overall performance and hunting experience.

Muela Knives Typhoon Series: The Muela Typhoon series is an all-purpose knife that can be used for camping, fishing, hunting, and more. This line includes full-tang fixed blade knives with smooth contouring. These knives are made with a recurve clip-point blade. Thick black Micarta handle scales with ergonomic finger grooves provide enhanced grip security and blade control. Many versions in the series include black Micarta handles and polished satin blades.

Muela Knives Viper Series: The Muela Viper Series knives have various uses and are made to be tough while also being beautiful and ergonomic. These hunting knives are designed to provide the best in functionality, enhanced by a sleek design with a recurve clip point blade. The viper series comes in three variations, with the most unique being the Viper Fixed Guthook Blade Knife.

Muela Skinner Knife Series: The Muela Skinner knife is an excellent addition to any hunter's collection. Due to its finer and more miniature form, it is ideal for skinning small games. It has a comfortable rubber handle that is slip-resistant and will give you the confidence to cut through any small hunt. This series consists of various models, from the fixed blade with checkered Kraton and Upswept Skinner blade knife and skinner sets.

Muela Products Warranty Information

Muela Knives warrants that its products are free of faults in material and workmanship. In the event of a defect, the manufacturer will fix or replace the item. The guarantee, however, is null and invalid if the product is abused or exposed to regular wear and tear. The outdoor gear is not intended to be used as a hammer, chisel, or pry bar. In this case, the manufacturer will examine the product and assess a significant repair price.

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