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Water Bottles & Purification Kits

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To get the real rush, in the midst of nature, one needs to step out of their comfort zone, plan an adventurous trip and just do it. However, ready to compromise on chilled drinks or that simmering cup of coffee? If not, these Water Bottles will ensure beverages are served, irrespective of the harsh surroundings. Our carefully selected range of Purification Kits and Water Bottles are the perfect outdoor companions. Get the assurance of clean, safe drinking water at all times.


Water Bottles & Purification Kits: How do they do it?


Purification Kits are designed with built-in components for removing contaminants. These handy, portable Purification Kits come into picture when you are in a dire need to purify water. For instance, usual outdoors water sources like lakes and ponds are also susceptible to contamination, including toxins that can lead to medical emergencies. Portable purification system means potable drinking water, clean water without an unpleasing taste or odor. Our special water bottles feature double-wall construction in stainless steel. This keeps them insulated from the external environment while liquid inside remains hot/cold for a long time. Designed with a wide mouth opening, these leak-proof water bottles are quite convenient for pouring the liquid into glasses.


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