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Established in 2002, VARGO is the result of the belief that great outdoor gear is all about pairing the best material to create simple, innovative and functional designs. Founded by Brian Vargo, the brand caters to the requirements of outdoor enthusiasts. The Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company offers an array of products including titanium cookware, ultra-light stoves, and backpacking accessories.


The products are made of titanium and are ultra-light and durable. The products are easy to pack and move. The manufacturer is recognized to produce environment-friendly products. The brand is recognized for titanium alcohol stove, cookware, colored titanium sporks, hybrid cooking pot, and titanium wood stove.  There is more to the gear than what meets the eye. These lightweight and durable products provide a great return on investment.


VARGO and its Recognized Innovations

Ever since its establishment, VARGO Outdoor Gear has been working constantly to bring about some of the lightest, most dependable, and innovative outdoor products. What started as titanium tent stakes soon expanded to titanium stoves, pots, mugs, camp ware, tools, water bottles, and more. The outdoor gear by the brand is ideal for thru-hiking or weekend trekking. The lighter loads provide for safe, comfortable and enjoyable trips and excursions. The products promote minimalist approach when it comes to packing the backpacks.


The company has evolved and developed some of the most innovative products including Triad- a titanium alcohol stove; Pots and Mugs, Ultra-light titanium sporks, Hexagon Wood Stove- titanium wood stove. The brand follows the philosophy ‘simple is good, good is simple’ and aims to create quality products that prove to be good investments.


Understanding VARGO Outdoor Gear through Product Series


VARGO Emergency Whistles: The series includes whistles that are particularly designed to be used in life-threatening situations to call for help. Manufactured in China, the whistles are made using high-grade titanium material. The whistles are compact with 0.3 diameter and sound level up to 100+ decibel.


VARGO Fire Box Grill Series: The series includes an array of fire starters, boilers, and grill grates. The grate features a fold flat design that is easy to set up. The fire starter delivers a dependable spark in the most challenging conditions despite getting drenched in water. The starter offers over 1000 sparks.


VARGO Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives by VARGO Outdoor Gear is constructed using special Japanese titanium alloy that is 1.5 times harder and three times stronger than pure titanium. The knives have ‘Wharncliffe’ shape and single bevel ground, easy-to-hone blade. The integrated clip and efficiently designed Kydex Sheath ensure convenient and safe carry. These knives are ideal for feathering up fuzz sticks or preparing trailside meals.


VARGO Liner Lock Pocket Knives: The series features a range of Tri-Carbon folding knives that are made using Japanese titanium alloys to offer strength, hardness, and better edge retention than standard titanium alloys. The carbon fiber handles ensure non-slip grip. The Wharncliffe design enhances the full-blade cutting power. 


VARGO Multi-Tools: The multi-tools usually feature razor-sharp blade that provide cutting accuracy. The swing blade tools ensure precise cutting on an ultralight, multifunctional titanium base. The tools include built-in bottle openers, swing blade tools and more. These tools are constructed using 420HC stainless steel.


VARGO Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes folding knives made from special Japanese titanium alloys that offer strength, hardness and edge retention that is better than the standard titanium alloys. The knives feature carbon fiber handle and liner lock mechanism that keeps the blade in place when in use.


VARGO Outdoor Gear Shovels: The series includes dig tools with rounded handles. The shovels are perfect for digging cat holes and even creating a shelter. Ergonomically designed for efficient use, the shovels have serrate edge that slices through tough ground and roots. The shovels can also be used as tent stakes thanks to their wide U-shape design that firmly holds hard and soft soils alike.


VARGO Sporks-Spoons-Forks: VARGO Outdoor Gear is known to offer multi-tasking cutlery with innovative designs. The sporks series by the brand includes multi-purpose eating utensils. The Sporks are designed to perform tasks like slicing and opening bottle caps. They are strong, yet lightweight eating utensils made from supreme titanium material. The sporks are travel-friendly and feature lanyard hole for increased visibility and convenient storage.


VARGO Stakes: The series includes high quality and lightweight tent stakes. Designed using the best-quality titanium or aluminum, these stakes have excellent tent holding capabilities. Hikers, travelers, climbers, and trekkers carry these stakes for staking sandy soil, hard ground, and heavy snow surface.


VARGO Stoves: The brand is known for a variety of robustly constructed durable stoves. These stoves are available in titanium and stainless-steel construction for delivering long time performance. These stoves are perfect to be carried around during outdoor excursions like hiking, camping, and climbing. These compactable and foldable stoves equally distribute the heat while cooking.


VARGO Titanium Nail Stakes: The series includes high-quality and lightweight tent stakes that are manufactured ad designed in China. Designed using high-grade titanium, the nail stakes have excellent tent holding capabilities. These stakes are widely used by travelers, climbers, hikers, backpackers. The straight shaft design makes the nails exceptionally strong and restrict the stakes from bending when pounded in the hardest soil, hard ground, and snowy surface.


VARGO Titanium Pocket Cleat: The Pocket Cleat series includes practically designed shoe cleats that are useful for additional traction on a soft, snowy, or slippery surface. These cleats are available in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) for both women and men. These compact shoe cleats are constructed using titanium alloy material that ensures secure grip into snow and ice.


VARGO Titanium Pots: The series includes extremely light in weight and useful cooking and eating utensils. These utensils are designed using the finest quality titanium material and include bottle pots, pot lifters, and liter pots. These cooking pots are biocompatible and are heat and temperature resistant.


VARGO Water-BOT-Para Bottles-Mugs: The series includes an array of water bottles, bottle pots, titanium mugs, and para-bottles. These utensils provide great functionality and can be used as both water bottle and cooking pot by flipping the watertight lid. The series offers temperature and heat-resistant pots that work well in extreme outdoor conditions.


VARGO Windscreens: This series includes an array of fold-flat windscreens that are designed and manufactured in China. The windscreens have top and bottom cutouts for proper ventilation and flame management while cooking. Manufactured using high-grade aluminum, the windscreens provide durability and longevity.



VARGO Outdoor Gear products are warranted to be free from defects in terms of material used and manufacturing defects. In case of any defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product with a new item. However, the warranty stands void in case the product is misused or subjected to normal wear and tear. The outdoor gear cannot be used as hammer, chisel, pry bars. In such a situation, the manufacturer will analyze the product and charge considerable amount as repair fee.


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