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A Knife Sharpener is a bit different from other knife-sharpening tools. Sharpening is a comprehensive process which ensures that the knives are sharpened from different angles without harming the blade. The standard practice is to use a hard surface like a stone. Sometimes, softer surfaces with hard particles, such as sandpaper, are also used. Different knives can be sharpened using different surfaces, depending upon the geometry of the knife’s edge and the range of applications.


Knife Sharpener Basics You Should Know

When using a knife regularly, there is every chance that the blade will eventually lose its sharpness over a period of time. The basics of sharpening might be the same but it is critical to understand the important differences between different sharpening requirements. To understand this, read ahead:

  • Don’t sharpen—surgical knives and scalpels are quite sharp but ironically, they have rather delicate edges. Owing to their soft construction, surgical knives are disposed after use. Sharpening them is often a waste of time!

  • Sharpen straight—it is advisable that one use a straight razor for sharpening, giving the sharpest cut with minimal pressure. Sharpen with a small angle and a hollow grind.

  • Sharpen minimally—kitchen knives are sharpened occasionally, never too much. They are used mainly for slicing and peeling. The harder the material to cut, duller should be the angle of the edge!


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