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IOXIO was established with the birth of knives and scissors under the name “Rieser Messer” by Udo Rieser in the 70s. All these knives and cutlery were “Made in Solingen” and were sold in person by him and his partner. IOXIO continued to expand henceforth. It thus manufactured the first ceramic sharpening rods in the 1980s. These knife sharpening tools met Rieser’s expectation to make sharpeners harder than steel. Udo invented and co-developed the first ceramic knife sharpener and ceramic nail files and ceramic foot rasps. The founder eventually earned rewards and awards for his labor as he won a gold medal for a ceramic sharpener in 1988 at Inventor’s Fair in Geneva. Since then IOXIO has not looked back.


The first Rieser sharpening roller was made from ceramic and flawlessly sharpened the blade in its profile. The success of the sharpening roll led to several patents and design innovations in the knife sharpener categories- Sharpening Rod, Foot Rasps, and Nail files. Udo Rieser and his team have been committed to producing durable products. Even after decades, the brand continues to remain the market leader with its impeccable services and top-notch products. The brand also provides some of the best kitchen knives and scissors for paring and slicing meat.


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Home to the first Ceramic Sharpeners


IOXIO has around 50 years of experience in developing the best quality knife sharpeners and rods. These are quite practical tools for your kitchen knives and outdoor knives. With a predetermined sharpening angle, they are perfect for sharpening small knives in the kitchen and household. Explore the space for best-in-class fix knife sharpeners and ceramic sharpening rods.


Fix Knife Sharpener: It features two round ceramic rods attached to a synthetic handle. To sharpen your blunt blades place the knife sharpener Fix on the edge of the table so that the two rods cross. Hold the blade of the knife in the open crossing and pull from top to bottom through. Repeat the process a few more times till you get the perfect sharp blade. The flat handle allows for easy and safe handling of the tool, therefore, there is no need for cramped holding or gripping.


MULTI IN Knife Sharpener: The knife sharpeners are made from aluminum oxide ceramic and boast a ceramic grinding surface that achieves material abrasion on the blade, thus sharpening it and reshaping it on the cutting edge. These sharpeners are not coated and even then do not wear out after multiple sharpening. These sharpeners are in particular designed for folding knives and are the preferred choice of campers. Use this pocket knife sharpener for your fillet knives.


Ceramic Sharpening Rod: A perfect knife sharpener for keeping the kitchen knives sharp. This sharpening tool is harder than any other sharpening steel and more durable than diamond coatings. It is made from sintered ceramic and combines the hardness of the whetstone in the shape of the traditional sharpening steel. The IOXIO knife sharpener is highly functional. The metal abrasion marks on the ceramic sharpening rod are the symbol of its endurance. Use the rod to re-sharpen Damascus, carbon steel, and Japanese knives.


IOXIO Warranty


All the knife sharpeners made by the IOXIO are free from defects in terms of material and workmanship. IOXIO will repair or replace with an equivalent item. In case you receive a faulty piece it will be replaced with the new one. However, the warranty stands void if the product is used for tasks other than intended. Even if you misuse the sharpener or damage it, it will not be replaced with the new one. The brand does not warrant its product against normal wear and tear. Also, do not use it as a hammer, chisel, pry bar, or screwdrivers otherwise the warranty will stand void.


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