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Morakniv is listed as one of the most reputed names and the most reliable knife-making brand from Sweden and was established in 1891 under the leading light of Frost-Erik Erson who was returning home (Mora) and that too after spending 4 years in North America. It was at that time in his village Östnor in Mora, when he opened his timber sled factory, and eventually, it led to the foundation of Mora of Sweden Knives - Morakniv. Initially, Frost-Erik began with manufacturing and designing the sturdy and strong knives that were specifically being used in the factory. The production started to increase gradually and by the end of the 1990s, the company was renowned for its knives due to the area’s long tradition of manufacturing.


With experience and knowledge of the knives, the company then started to bring forth quality-assured, and highly functional tactical, everyday carry and kitchen knives for use by professional hunters, knife users, collectors, and knife enthusiasts. They made the products available through bartering or the traveling tradesmen. The production grew magnificently well and the establishment of the factory started to fetch good results and knives were delivered all over Sweden and across the globe as well.


Since its inception, Morakniv is known for optimum quality, designer tactical knives, craftsmanship, and affordability. All Mora Knives are designed by following a pattern of the Scandinavian Knife tradition that has outlived the other knifing traditions for over a century. In 2005, Morakniv merged with Frost's Knife Factory and illustrious knife-maker KJ Eriksson leading to the foundation of Mora of Sweden.


The Only One of Their Kind: What Makes Mora Knives Highly Functional And Reliable?

Morakniv has witnessed an exponential growth in its trade. The company sends Swedish Knives from one factory to more than 55 countries around the work, exporting 65% of their knives. The extensive knife-making process followed by Morakniv involves the selection of steel that perfectly matches its functionality and application. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and laminated steel are the most commonly used materials. These materials are then taken to the pressing hall where they are punched out to be molded into knife blades. Two knife blades are made every second in the pressing hall.


The brand develops two types of professional knives— Morakniv Knives and Frosts Knives. The knives that are included in the range of Mora Knives are specially designed to cater to the needs of hunters, butchers, adventure enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen. The Frost Knives are meant for professional use catering to the requirements of chefs and F&B experts. Most of these knives are used in the meatpacking industry due to their matchless sharpness and longer functional life. The inventory of knives by Morakniv showcases rugged construction with an ergonomic design that is perfect for handling tough situations and tasks.


High-Class Scandinavian Designer Product Range

All the knives from Morakniv feature carefully selected properties to be as good a tool as possible in its optimal environment.

Mora of Sweden Kitchen Cutlery: This includes the premium range of Kitchen Cutlery that includes a wide range of knives manufactured and designed using the finest Propylene handles that have rubberized over-mold along with the finger guard as well. These knives have a lightweight design and offer excellent grip. These are the knives featuring high carbon stainless straight wide boning blade, adding to the functionality and offers optimum performance. The knives in this category are extremely ergonomic, sharp, and ultra-fast, perfect for everyday use.

Mora of Sweden Axes: These axes are designed with precision for efficient wood chopping. These axes feature ergonomically designed plastic handles with a lanyard hole, making it easier to carry by attaching a cord to them. Some of these axes also feature a high-friction grip handle that enhances the efficiency and performance of the axes.

Fixed Blade Knives: These are the fixed blade knives that are primarily manufactured using tough stainless-steel construction and boasts a sleek and slim look. The use of premium material makes it sturdy and durable enough to withstand commendable force and repeated strokes, making them ideal for everyday use. These are available in varied shapes and sizes and can be used for hunting, combat, survival, dive, throwing, and more.

Knife Making Supplies: This series presents you with an array of knife-making essentials that can help professionals and enthusiasts in many ways. All the tools included in this category are made with carbon steel or laminated steel, providing strength and durability. You can choose from a wide range of knife blades that are available in different shapes, tangs, and dimensions according to your needs.

Multi-Tools: Another addition to the already existing range of tools, these are the multi-tools, which are handy and are specifically designed to carry easily anywhere. These multi-tools are highly functional that includes from can openers, gutting spoon, screwdrivers, and hook to wire cutters, rulers, and many more. These are widely used by army personnel, survival experts, cyclists, electricians, mechanics; perfect to be used in most challenging situations.

Classic Wood Splitting Knives: These are the finest range of knives that are specifically manufactured using high-quality wood and are designed with Birchwood handles that adds to the performance and make it ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks. The provision of carbon steel construction offers complete impact resistance and is made resistant to rust and corrosion that helps to elevate the performance. These knives are ideal to be used by carpenters and woodcarvers.

Clipper Knives: This series includes an assortment of fixed blade knives that are equipped with clipper blades for precise application. The rubberized handles with composition trim ensure tight grip and stability. Most of these knives come packed in attractive sheaths with a belt to keep the knives secure.

Companion Knives:  As the name of the series suggests, these fixed blade knives can be your perfect accompaniment for any travel expedition. The stainless-steel construction with sharp edges makes these knives a must-have. The best feature of these knives is their shock-proof handles with a rubberized grip allowing a firm grip. 

Craftsmen Knives: This series includes a variety of classic knives that are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and design. The classic knives in this series feature a handle with a finger guard that provides a maximum pulling force. These knives come packed in black composition sheath ensuring safety and easy portability. 

Eldris Knives: These non-folding knives are specially manufactured with an extensive process that involves powerful heat treatment for optimizing steel quality. The compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry in the pockets. The satin finish of the blades prevents any kind of wear and tear. Most of these knives have polypropylene and rubberized grip that provides comfort and prevents unwanted injuries.

Electrician Knives: These are the precisely designed Electrician fixed blade knives that are specifically manufactured and designed using impact-resistant polypropylene trim, integrated finger guard, rubberized handles, and quality blade material, which can withstand commendable pressure and repeated strokes. These are ideal for use by electricians and workers at industrial job sites.

Equus Farriers Knives: These are typical Swedish knives that are famous for their ability to hold a superior edge and sharpen easily. These knives are used for multiple purposes including trimming and balancing horse hooves while preparing for shoeing. These are ambidextrous knives that can be operated with both left and right hands. 

Fire Starters: This includes the premium range of fire starters and high-performance knives that are widely used by adventurer seekers, knife collectors, and knife enthusiasts Mora of Sweden Fire-Starters are specifically designed and manufactured using rubberized handles that offers optimum grip and excellent durability, that are designed to work in most of the weather conditions to illuminate stoves and gas grills. The use of quality material ensures resistance against rust and corrosion.

Fishing Comfort Knives: The non-folding knives included in this series come along with a plastic belt sheath, interchangeable belt attachments, clip, and a loop making them highly functional. These knives are made with Swedish stainless steel that allows them to remain sharper for longer and are easy to maintain. 

Garberg Knives: The USP of these knives is their satin-finished blades offering resistance to any kind of wear and tear, thus ensuring a long life. These high-performance knives feature Scandinavian grind drop point blades to help you with precision cutting and piercing tasks. A Garberg knife comes packed in a multi-mount sheath that ensures easy portability.

Gutting Knife & Spoon: Specifically designed and manufactured to cater to the requirements of varied clients with different usage needs. This category includes the collection of gutting flexible fillet knives, gutting spoons and hook knives, flexible fillet blade gutting knives along spoons; these are designed to be used in most challenging situations in extreme environmental conditions. These are provided with contoured propylene handles along with the finger guard making it easier for the user to use them.

Wood Carving Hooks & Blades: The wood carving tools by Mora of Sweden present a wide range of wood carving knives, splitting knives, wood carving hooks, and more. All the tools in this series are made from stainless steel making them last longer than you had thought.

Knife Sharpeners: This range of tools includes a variety of knife sharpening steels that vary in length, size, and function. Some of them feature a micro-fine surface helping to bring the knife back into a central position. Most of these knives feature a cutting-edge top angle to deliver high-performance and quick sharpening results.


Exploring the Massive Collection of Mora Knives Product Series

2000 Knife Series: Designed with maximum precision, these knives present a perfect blend of tactile, EDC, and utility features. All the knives in this niche are made with stainless steel, ensuring strength in rough applications. Most knives in this series feature drop point blades with full tang construction delivering maximum accuracy.

510 Knife Series: This category contains an assortment of fixed blade knives that are equipped with high-quality polypropylene handles ensuring tight and firm grip. The plastic belt sheath with drain holes enables to user to carry it safely.

All-Round Knife Series:  This series includes all-around fixed blade knives with highly impressive construction and is indeed the brand’s bestseller. These ergonomically designed knives feature corrosion and rust-resistant stainless-steel blades, offering commendable performance when put under extreme conditions and tasks. The provision of an integrated finger guard contributes to protecting your fingers which helps to prevent accidental injuries as well. The provision of rubberized ergonomic non-slip handles offers excellent grip when holding for long hours.

Basic Knife Series: Another addition to the Mora of Sweden inventory is the basic 511 Knives, the classic mora knives that were crafted for the Scandinavian construction workers, real-life knife professionals, and hobby craftsmen, boasts exceptional quality functional blades and knife material. The drop point blade knives made with carbon steel material have immense strength and stability to withstand commendable force and distortions too. Sweden Basic 511 Knives have polypropylene handles that are highly and offers excellent grip in most of the challenging and extreme situation.

Boning Knife Series: This series includes the high-performing and durable range of Boning Knives that are specifically designed with carbon stainless stiff straight narrow boning blade, which makes performing most of the tactical tasks much easier and smoother. These knives have a contoured propylene handle that has rubberized overmold along with the finger guard.

Craftline Allround Knife Series: Another addition to the huge inventory of Mora of Sweden Knives, the Craftline Allround Knife Series features a stainless steel blade and non-slippery rubber handles, provided in the plastic belt sheath along with a water drain hole. These are compact and sleek knives perfect for outdoor use, hunting and fishing, etc. These knives have sharp point blades that make cutting and slicing much easier.

Kansbol Knife Series: This knife series by Mora of Sweden Knives includes highly functional knives that specifically boast a lightweight and highly flexible design. These knives with robust construction have blades with great precision, while the spine grinding features the knives that are made compatible with the fire starters. Having a Kansbol series knife makes you more confident on any adventure expedition owing to its exceptional performance. From making wooden splints to the fire or skinning of a moose, these knives are ideal for most of the tasks.

Morakniv Knife Series: This series includes the finest grade and durable range of knives that boasts a sharp edge and ergonomic grip that makes it ideal for everyday usage or tactical tasks. These are the knives with carbon steel blades and have eliminated the task of re-sharpening every time. These are the knives that are provided with the plastic sheath and have been a favorite among carpenters, woodcarvers, and craftsmen. These are the fixed blade knives that are easy to use and carry.

Mushroom Knife Series: These are the knives that are specifically designed and manufactured using premium and a durable polypropylene handle and the finest stainless-steel blade that adds to the functionality. These are the knives with resistance to rust and corrosion blades, surviving the toughest strokes and tasks. These are high-quality knives designed with a fine horsehair brush that makes it easier to remove the debris without damaging the mushroom.

PRO Knife Series: This series includes the finest fixed blade knives that are widely used by survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts and even makes a perfect option for knife collectors. These are the knives with a polypropylene handle, gray rubberized over mold, and stainless-steel blade, adding to the functionality and performance too. The knives with excellent handles material ensure a tight grip even when holding for too long. The Sweden Pro knives offer complete resistance to rust and corrosion and are provided in the molded plastic belt sheath.

Scout Knife Series: This series includes the premium range of knives that are manufactured using stainless steel material, razor-sharp standard edges, boasting mirror polish finish, and sturdy handles. These are the knives that are perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts, adventure enthusiasts and can be used for real life-threatening situations and challenges. These knives are designed to survive the highest degrees of compression and distortion, thus making the tasks much easier. The handles are wide and comfortable enough to allow the user to hold them properly.

Tactical SRT Knife Series: Another addition to the huge inventory, these are the knives that are specifically manufactured for tactile tasks and everyday carry purposes. These are the knives that are ideally designed for trekkers, hikers, survivalists, knife collectors, and other knife enthusiasts. These knives are specifically made with a propylene handle and have the rubberized over-mold along with the finger guard. These ergonomically designed handles offer commendable grip and offer comfortable use without any misbalance. The anti-corrosive blades add to the functionality and elevate the performance too.

Belly Opener Knife Series: This category includes a variety of fixed blade knives, featuring stainless steel construction for added strength. Most of these knives feature molded black composition handles with a lanyard hole for attaching them to a cord. The molded black sheath of these non-folding knives keeps these knives safe and secure.

Bushcraft Knife Series: All the knives in this series are known for their sturdy blades that can split the woods, making them compatible with a fire starter. These knives are specially designed for survivalists, assisting them in self-defense and survival on an outdoor expedition. Most of these non-folding knives feature a sheath with an integrated diamond sharpener and fire starter option that makes them versatile to use.

Classic 1-2-3 Knife SeriesThe knives in this series are made with high-quality carbon steel, making them ideal to use for aggressive tasks. The blades of these non-folding knives are resistant to any kind of wear and tear, making them stand the test of time. The fine-grip handles of these knives comfortably fit in your hands, ensuring a firm grip and eliminating any chances of injuries. 

Classic 1891 Knife Series: This is a series of Scandinavian knives that are known for their handmade steel construction. These knives feature a traditional design that is hand-assembled to provide the users with a joyful cooking experience. These knives are perfect for slicing and filleting without any hassle. 


Warranty Information

Every product at Morakniv is made free from any kind of defect in the design, or the craftsmanship. The products are warranted to be free from such defects and in case if any of the knives are found to be defective, in terms of the material used or functionality, then Morakniv takes the complete responsibility and will repair it free of charge or in some cases will exchange for its closest identical match, or will be replaced with the equivalent value if the model that has been discontinued. The product that is sent for repair will be analyzed by the team and then the only relevant step will be taken. Customers can get in touch with the professional knife-making team at Morakniv for expressing any concern about the product.


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