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Gutting Knife & Spoon Series by Mora of Sweden Knives

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Morakniv came into limelight in 1891, under the leading light of Frost-Erik Erson, who started his timber sled factory that eventually established as a brand we know today. Morakniv has grown magnificently well over the years and has successfully made it possible to deliver durable and sturdy knives to the professional hunters, hikers, campers and adventure seekers around the world. The factory grew by leaps and bound, and the network spread across Sweden and the world. The knives by the company are designed following a pattern of Scandinavian Knife tradition and are known for the quality, and optimum craftsmanship.


Mora of Sweden Gutting Knife & Spoon Series features a collection of knives that are manufactured to serve the clients with varying requirements. This series has perfectly designed and sturdily built gutting spoon and hook knives, gutting flexible fillet knives, flexible fillet blade gutting knife with a spoon and paring knives that are specifically for different purposes in extreme environmental conditions. Mora of Sweden Knives reflects the true craftsmanship and the use of the latest technology. This has resulted in bringing forth sturdily built knives suitable to be used for tactical and heavy-duty situations, where extreme pressure and precision is required. The dimensional stability of the blades in this series is commendable and is meant for the tactical situations are everyday tactical situations. For utmost user convenience, contoured propylene handles are provided to ensure that the hold is comfortable and secure in most of the tedious situations. Many of the knives are provided with a finger guard that makes it convenient for the user to operate in most of the situations.


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