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Flashlights were once considered utilitarian—an advancement over traditional lightings systems that lacked portability. Now, flashlights are looked upon as a necessity, a part of safety kits, sporting gear, and is a "must-"have item in a home or anywhere light is needed. Coming from a lantern, today's flashlight have a few new twists —these include titanium lights, headlamp lights, searchlights, keychain lights and this list continues to grow.


To understand which flashlight is best suited for your requirements, you need a resource that is easy to understand and provides you sufficient information to make a confident and fully informed decision. At KnifeCountryUSA.com, we believe in aiding and assisting the customer.


What is the contemporary flashlight like?

The regular composition of a flashlight consists of a bulb, built-in reflector, a transparent cover coupled with lens, battery, and a switch. When LEDs replaced bulbs in flashlights, the torch gained the title of a LED Flashlight. These are primarily handheld, mobile, and easy-to-operate sources of light. They operate with dry cell batteries and on occasion with solar cells. The functional life of a flashlight depends upon the type of battery used. Today, flashlights with LEDs have evolved as the most demanded option. 


Range of Options in Flashlights
There is a pool of options besides the standard LED such as:

  • AA Flashlights
  • AAA Flashlights
  • AAAA Flashlights
  • C Cell Flashlights
  • D Cell Flashlights
  • Headlamps
  • Key ring Flashlights
  • Lithium Flashlights
  • Rechargeable Flashlights


These flashlights are easy to carry without any hassle. You can also take them on any adventure; including the deepest of forests or underwater caves!


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What brands are manufacturing Flashlights?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top brands that are manufacturing Flashlights currently.


  1. Maglite Flashlights
  2. Streamlight Flashlights
  3. NexTorch Flashlights
  4. NiteCore Flashlights
  5. Nite Ize Flashlights
  6. Pelican Flashlights
  7. Browning Flashlights
  8. Coast Flashlights
  9. ASP Flashlights
  10. 5.11 Flashlights






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