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Flashlights were once considered utilitarian—an advancement over traditional lightings systems that lacked portability. Now, flashlights are looked upon as a necessity, a part of safety kits, sporting gear, and is a "must-"have item in a home or anywhere light is needed. Coming from a lantern, today's flashlight have a few new twists —these include titanium lights, headlamp lights, searchlights, keychain lights and this list continues to grow.


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What is the contemporary flashlight like?

The regular composition of a flashlight consists of a bulb, built-in reflector, a transparent cover coupled with lens, battery, and a switch. When LEDs replaced bulbs in flashlights, the torch gained the title of a LED Flashlight. These are primarily handheld, mobile, and easy-to-operate sources of light. They operate with dry cell batteries and on occasion with solar cells. The functional life of a flashlight depends upon the type of battery used. Today, flashlights with LEDs have evolved as the most demanded option. 


Range of Options in Flashlights
There is a pool of options besides the standard LED such as:

  • AA Flashlights
  • AAA Flashlights
  • AAAA Flashlights
  • C Cell Flashlights
  • D Cell Flashlights
  • Headlamps
  • Key ring Flashlights
  • Lithium Flashlights
  • Rechargeable Flashlights


These flashlights are easy to carry without any hassle. You can also take them on any adventure; including the deepest of forests or underwater caves!


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