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C Cell Flashlights

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A C Cell Flashlight is a high-performance flashlight that operates by using the C-Cell battery. The voltage and capacity of a 'C'-sized battery is directly proportional to its pre-usage history and discharge conditions. It is one of the five basic sizes of retailed flashlight cells, the other being D, C, AA, AAA, and N. These cells have been widely used since 1950s. C Cell battery has gained greater global acceptance as a flashlight battery when compared to other options in the market of standard-usage batteries like AA, AAA, CR123, and others.


Understanding C Cell Flashlights

There is nothing too complex about C Cell Flashlights—just that people either know very little about it or easily confuse it with other types of batteries. Its most impressive features include:

  • Impressive Light Throw—C Cell Flashlight has a high-intensity adjustable light beam. This beam gives a great light throw, making it the favored option for adventurists and survivalists.

  • Robust Construction—the machined aluminum construction featuring a knurled design is responsible for the enhanced durability of the C Cell Flashlights. Due to the rugged construction, C-cell Flashlights perform better than other, common household flashlights, even in high-pressure situations. A C Cell Flashlight is a rugged, always-there performer that doesn’t shy from a challenge.

  • Built for Emergencies—the spare lamp is safely locked inside its tail cap, making these the ideal Emergency Flashlights for situations like an earthquake or fire breakout where there is little time to check the functionality of a flashlight.

  • Resistant to Abuse—being water-resistant in nature, C Cell Flashlights are suitable in the most demanding conditions like floods or heavy rains. The anodized interior and exterior of C Cell Flashlights makes them completely rust-proof, at ease with rough or negligent handling, keen to perform beyond one's expectations!


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