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Case XX Knives has evolved into more than just a knife manufacturing company. Originated and known as W.R. Case & Son Cutlery, the brand finds its roots back in 1889, where four enterprising brothers William Russell (W.R.), Jean, John, and Andrew Case started selling handcrafted knives in the upstate of New York. It was John Russell Case, W.R. Case’s son who started a knife manufacturing company W.R. Case & Son Cutlery, as it is called today. The knives have earned a reputation for their participation in some of the most historic moments of the United States. Recently, the knife brand was bought by Zippo Manufacturing Company.


The Pennsylvania-based knife manufacturing firm offers a wide range of pocket knives that symbolize the knives of a democratic and integrated State. The knives are carefully crafted using the finest materials and are tested for durability. Ideal for being passed down to generations, these knives have been preferred by famous admirers and collectors. The main focus of the brand is sporting hunting and collectible knives that can stand the test of time. The knives of this brand are widely used by farmers, fishermen, ropers, and bankers. With a history of 130 years, these knives are icons of American Craftsmanship. Explore the space for knives that represent traditions of hunters, farmers, craftsmen, and a history of family tradition.


Diving deeper into Case XX Knives

The knife brand was initially started to craft knives for sale to wagon travelers in New York. It was then incorporated in 1900 and later relocated to Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1905. The team began producing and selling knives to the military owing to World War I which gave the much-required heights to the brand.


The majority of the knives by the brand are manufactured using US steels and include the patented production process especially the heat treatment. The most common steels used by Case are its own patents- Tru-Sharp stainless steel, high carbon content steel that promotes edge retention, and Chrome Vanadium which is Case’s unique formula that allows you to re-sharpen the blade. Besides these two, other steels used include ATS-34, 154CM, and BG-42.


Each knife is handled by over 100 employees during the manufacturing process and undergoes over 160 steps of manufacturing and quality control. Every blade is stamped with a special tang marking that helps in identifying the knife and its production date. Case  XX Knives has always appealed to almost all collectors and hobbyists and has the largest knife collecting association in the world with almost 20,000 members. The brand has made agreements for creating knives for popular celebrities and iconic groups such as Boy Scouts of America and John Deere.


Case XX has carved its nice in the knife manufacturing industry for its selection of pocket knives each of which is available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and materials for both blades and handles. Some of the most popular knives are Trapper, Stockman, Peanut, and Copperhead.


Case XX Knives Product Categories

Case Folding Pocket Knives: Case Folding Pocket Knives is a collection of best-in-class pocket folders particularly designed for EDC. Manufactured in the United States, folding knives are available in different designs and for different purposes. Explore the category for knives such as stockman, trapper, and Swiss knives. The blade options usually include clip point, spey, drop point, and razor-sharp. The handles options include wood, bones, and antlers.

Case XX Carbon Steel Pocket Knives: Browse the space for collectible pocket folders. The blades are forged from carbon steel and are corrosion resistant. Explore the series for knives boasting distinctive blade designs- sheepfoot, spey, clip point, and drop point. What makes these knives better from the rest are their unique handles scaled from walnut wood, bones, antlers, plumwood, and more. These handles ensure solid grip even as you cut through the thickest rope while scouting or camping in the wilderness.

Case XX Traditional Pocket Knives: The Traditional Pocket Knives by Case XX are vouched for their conventional yet elegant designs. Search for knives such as Amber bone, Cherry bone, American Workman, and Abalone handle knives. The blade options often include drop point, sheepfoot, clip, and spey blades. These blades help in filing, cutting ropes and cables, filleting and slicing games. These blades are forged from Vanadium carbon steel and often chrome plated for a sleek finish.

Case XX Bowie Knives: These are fixed blade knives specially designed for combating and are highly preferred by sportsperson, hunters, campers, trekkers, and hikers. The blades are mostly forged from carbon steel and stainless steel and extremely sturdy and sharp. The knives are favorites among knife enthusiasts and collectors. Explore the category for fixed blade knives with handles that facilitate strong grip and better handling. These are the ultimate survival tools when you are out on expeditions.

Case XX Clothing: Case XX Clothing is a line of apparel designed keeping performance in mind. Most products in the clothing collection are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton for utmost breathability. Explore the line for crew neck T-shirts that are made using the latest cutting and sewing machinery for seamless fitting. The T-shirts often boast the W.R. Case & Sons logo on the front for a more athletic touch. This line represents the rich American heritage of outdoors persons, sportspersons, and knife enthusiasts across North America.

Case XX Fixed Blade Knives: Browse this rich assortment of fixed blade knives suitable for hunting, hiking, camping, and other tactical purposes. The knives in the category boast a sleek and slim profile and are performance-driven. The knives bear extended handles for a more secure and ergonomic grip during strenuous tasks. The knives in the series are vouched for their quality construction- mirror-polished stainless steel concave ground clip blade with a sharp cutting edge.

Case XX Gift-Box-Tin Knife Sets: A perfect gift box to present a knife enthusiast with a set of assorted tactical knives including fixed blade knives, lockback knives, trappers, and more. Each set includes knives made from stainless or carbon steel with distinctive blade designs. All the knives bear unique handle patterns which ensure ergonomic hold during heavy-duty tasks. The gift box itself is made from tin and has a rustic appeal to it.

Case XX Gut-Hook Knives: These are special hunter knives designed to pierce through the game and are highly preferred by butchers and hunters. These are fixed blade knives boasting a stainless steel sabre gut-hook blade. What makes them more rustic in their handle patterns such as a polished leather handle with nickel silver guard and polished Aluminum pommel. These knives are accompanied by a leather belt sheath.

Case XX Hunting Knives: This category often comprises fixed blade knives for gaming purposes. The blades are usually large enough to pierce through the game without puncturing its organs. Explore the line for knives great at skinning and field-dressing and are go-to utility tools when you go out camping or on the boat for angling. The blades usually boast stainless steel or carbon steel construction and maximum edge retention. The handles are rugged and robust and facilitate a secure and comfortable grip.

Case XX Kitchen Cutlery: The series includes a wide assortment of kitchen knives and professional cutlery. Explore the series for kitchen cutlery sets and knives featuring ergonomic and exemplary designs. These kitchen knives are particularly sharp and suitable for cutting and chopping needs. The contoured synthetic handle is specially designed for a comfortable and secure hold.

Case XX Knives Sharpeners, Shears, and Apparel: Explore the category for best-in-class knife accessories and EDCs- sharpeners, shears, sheaths, and apparel. The sharpeners are designed with precision to help you maintain the sharpness of the blades. Choose from the sheath options- trapper leather sheath, medium job case sheath, and large job case sheath. These cases are suitable to keep your knives stacked and safe.

Case XX Lockback Pocket Knives: The lockback folders are designed by industry professionals with rich experience and knowledge. This line of folders features lockback mechanism which keeps the blade in place during intensive tasks. The blades are manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel and can withstand high compression and abrasion. These knives are extremely light-in-weight and the go-to choice of backpackers, adventurers, and campers.  

Assisted Opening Knives: This category envisages a range of knives with distinctive locking mechanisms. Look for knives with a traditional look and an upgraded spring mechanism for easy deployment of the blades and a locking mechanism that holds the blade in place. The knives sport Chrome finish Vanadium carbon steel blade and handle often scaled out of amber jigged bone, walnut wood, or pulpwood.

Case XX Baby Butterbean Knives: Also known as Baby Canoe, this knife is built on the “132” pattern frame and features a spear and a pen blade. The blades are crafted from mirror-finish carbon steel and have a clip for opening the blade. There are several handle options available in this category – Sambar Stag, Synthetic Smooth, Smooth Burgundy Kirinite, Ultra Violet Bone, and Black and Red Micarta. They are finished with elegant fluted bolsters.

Case XX Backpocket Knives: These knives are designed in collaboration with legendary designer Tony Bose. This knife is often described to be “big enough to do anything you want to do”. What makes it special is its ability to fit in the Backpocket easily. It boasts a California clip blade with an extra cutting edge to get the task in hand done.

Case XX Barlow Knives: These are vintage knives that flaunt vintage-era knife design that goes back to the early 1900s. This design is often characterized by its single oversized pocket end bolster. Explore the series with knives available in unique handle options- bones, wood, Kirinite, and synthetic. The knives boast high-carbon steel blades boasting strength and durability and withstand extreme pressure. They are made using patented Tru-Sharp stainless steel construction for better sturdiness. The knives have wide and secure handles that easily befit your hand for a secure and comfortable grip.

Case XX Blade Changer Pocket Knives: The series includes knives that can be interchangeable blades for multiple purposes. These are foldable knives that come with blades – clip, fillet, saw, drop point, and Guthook blades. The fillet blade assists in cutting and slicing the fish, drop point blade for cutting and chopping, clip point blade for slicing and carving, and gut-hook blade for skinning the game. These folding knives bar camp, rosewood, and jigged bone handles. These knives are perfect as a present for knife enthusiasts.

Case XX Canoe Knives: Specially designed for knife enthusiasts, the Canoe knife exhibits a blade made from chrome vanadium carbon steel with optimum length. The blade is particularly designed to withstand corrosion and abrasion. The knives have extremely sharp edges and the ability to resist high degree compression and distortion. The edges do not lose their performing ability even after repeated roughest strokes.

Case XX Cheetah Knives: Explore the category for knives that symbolize sturdiness, durability, and performance. The Cheetah knives like their name are meant to survive and thrive even in extreme situations and offer you over-the-top performance even after multiple rough strokes and pressure. Designed for tactical uses, the knife can penetrate through the hardest substance without splitting it into halves. The knives often boast jigged natural buffalo horn handles for a secure and ergonomic grip. The handles are fitted with nickel silver bolsters that add flair to this tactical tool. You can also look for smooth synthetic handles and additional swing guards.

Case XX Copperhead Knives: The Copperhead line of knives envisages knives flaunting both Wharncliffe and pen blades for tactical purposes. The blades in this knife are thicker than the other knives. The uniform geometrical design ensures even weight distribution throughout the knife, making it easy to hold the knife. The blades foster razor-sharp edges that possess the ability to penetrate through a game without getting stuck and work exceptionally well even after repeated usage. Explore the series for knives flaunting jigged bone handles which add charm to their classic design. The knife design takes inspiration from the bulges of a Copperhead snake.

Case XX Copperlock Knives: Designed by Case legend Tom Hart, Copperlock is a great introduction to any knife collection. This knife is a combination of the classic Case knife patterns and the lockback mechanism. Flaunting a fully locking blade, prevents accidental closures when the knife is in use. Case introduced this designer knife on its 10th anniversary in 2007. Browse the category for knives with locking clip blades, tru-sharp surgical steel clip blades, and more. The knife’s symmetrical design makes it appropriate for heavy-duty tasks. A perfect EDC, the knife can be used for self-defense, combating, and tactical scenarios.

Case XX Display Cases: Explore the category for knife display cases made from top-quality materials and available in varying sizes. This display collection is designed unique keeping in mind the requirements of knife collectors and enthusiasts. Look for knife display domes, magnetic displays and display stands that you can place in your showcase to exhibit your stunning collection of knives.

Case XX Doctors Knives: This category homes one of the earliest knives designed and developed by Case. This knife continues to remain the preferred choice of every neighborhood doctor busy doing its duties and tasks by visiting patients and performing emergency first aids. It is suitable to crush pills into powder form owing to its uniquely shaped, flat, squared bolster. The medication can then be added to a capsule or dissolved in liquid or mixed with food by using the spatula blade as a scoop and stirring spoon. This knife surely makes administering medicines easy for the doctors.

Case XX Equestrian's Pocket Knives: The Equestrian was designed especially for horse lovers. This knife is part of the Amber Bone family by Case. It is built on a trapper, the clip blade, and a hoof pick. It proves to be a great tool for both horses and riders. The hoof pick in the blade is an extremely important tool for those who care about the horses. It is designed to clean a horse’s hoof from any rock or debris. The knife is constructed using the patented Tru-Sharp stainless steel which provides maximum edge retention. The clip blade can be used for performing any task at work or around the house. Its sharp point makes it perfect for piercing and the overall shape allows for better control while working.

Case XX Folding Hunter Knives: The category encompasses a series of folding hunter knives designed for survival and tactical situations. The knife design includes blades made from chrome Vanadium carbon steel, stainless steel, and many more materials. The blades often sport Tru-Sharp surgical steel clip, skinner blades, and partially serrated clip blade. All the blades are symmetrical and are equally distributed. Look for knives with chestnut bone handles, jigged brown stamina wood, Delrin handles, synthetic handles and some smooth bone handles especially with U.S. army embellishment.

Case XX Golf Tools: This is essentially a trapper suitable to be part of your knife collection. It bears two blades Clip blades and a divot repair tool. The former is used for detailed work and everyday tasks while the latter is used to repair the damage done to the golf grass, keeping it smooth for self and fellow players. The knife is made from Case Tru-Sharp stainless steel and provides resistance against abrasion and corrosion. You can present it as a gift to professional golfers on special occasions.

Case XX Gunstock Knives: Taking inspiration from an actual gunstock, the Case Gunstock is an exceptionally beautiful knife with handles available in honey and amber tones. The folder is marketed for its double blade feature. The spear blade is symmetrical and a stronger blade apt for piercing owing to the strong blade tip. This blade is often preferred by farmers and people who need to make some tough cuts. The other blade is Pen blade which was originally designed to cut and sharpen turkey quills to use as ink pens. Even today the blade is used for light-duty tasks. The knives in the category often feature bone stag handles.

Case XX Hawkbill Pruner Knives: The Hawkbill is essentially a part of the Amber Bone family. The folder is also known as Lineman’s knife and is marketed for its distinctive features – the hawkbill blade and the curved handle for a secure hold over the knife. The blade design is extremely useful for a range of household and outdoor uses including cutting rope and nets, removing carpets, and pruning trees and shrubs. It provides exceptional slicing and cutting precision for items that require little downward pressure to cut.

Case XX Hobo Pocket Knives: The Hobo is essentially a multipurpose tool specially designed to keep the campers in mind. It features a clip blade, spoon, and fork- tools perfect for your camping dinners. The handle splits apart into separate knife, spoon, and fork. All the tools are made from Tru-Sharp stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The blade in the tool is suitable for piercing; the fork makes eating around the campfire easy. It also has a Cap lifter feature that helps open the cold drink bottles; and the spoon makes it easy to eat stew and beans on the trail.

Case XX Jack Pocket Knives: A great everyday companion, Jack knife is widely considered the top classic pocket knife and features more successful offshoot patterns than other knife patterns. The knife is double-bladed with a single shared hinge pin. The main blade is often a clip blade which is extremely helpful in carrying out everyday cutting tasks and the secondary blade is a pen blade which is apt for light-duty tasks.

Case XX Kickstart Assist Open Knife: This category homes some of the highly advanced assisted opening knives. Sporting the trademark Kickstart feature, the knife can be easily opened using the thumb stud on the blade and can be locked in place while performing the task. It features a polished clip blade with a thumb stud, nickel silver bolsters, and a belt clip for ease of carrying. These knives are recent additions to the Case’s inventory. 

Case XX Knife Sharpeners: The knife sharpening tools often include hard stones, soft stones, diamond stones, ceramic, and diamond rods. It helps you to keep your blades sharp. Most sharpeners in the category are lightweight, compact, and can be carried around when you are outdoors.

Case XX Linerlock Pocket Knives: Perfect EDC, the Linerlock knife by Case is a great folding pocket knife that is a combination of classic and practical design. Explore the category for knives that do not close abruptly in a tactical situation owing to the linerlock mechanism. The knife features a side-spring lock that can be opened and closed with one hand without the need to repositioning the knife in the hand. The stainless steel blade is designed to endure some of the toughest blades and still retain a sharp edge. Look for knives with stainless handles with textured bolster for a wide and comfortable grip.

Case XX Mini Blackhorn Knives: The Blackhorn is a member of the Case Small Lockback family. This knife is a blend of a fixed blade and a traditional pocket folder. The lockback mechanism locks the blade when deployed for any work. The knife features a drop point blade made from Tru-Sharp stainless steel and this blade is conveniently used for general purposes like cutting and carving. To close the blade, push the Tumbler located at the top of the handle to release the locking mechanism. The knife’s slim profile makes allows it to fit easily into the pocket or purse.

Case XX Muskrat Knives: Also referred to as double-end Trapper, the Muskrat is one of the collectors’ favorite knives. It was originally designed to enjoy the muskrat trapping sport. This is a slender knife perfect for skinning any small-fur game. It features double clip blades that open on the opposite sides of the knife. The blades are made from Case Tru-Sharp stainless steel which enables them to retain the edge longer. Its rugged handle takes inspiration from “gum fuddy” knives of World War II.

Case XX Peanut Knives: Peanut Knife is a small round-ended serpentine jack-knife that was first introduced sometime before 2015. The knife features a clip blade which is extremely versatile implying it can be used for everyday tasks at work or at home. It has a sharp point for piercing and its overall shape allows for a better cutting edge. Another blade in the handle is a pen blade which is apt for light work. Both are crafted from the patented Tru-Sharp stainless steel for extra durability and timeless strength.

Case XX Pen Pocket Knives: The Pen knife is one of the most common knives. It features two blades – clip blade and pen blade on the opposite ends. The clip blade which sits on the pocket is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and is preferred for more detailed tasks; the pen blade that is located on the cap is suitable for small detailed tasks such as opening envelopes and boxes. Constructed using Tru-Sharp stainless steel, the blade has extraordinary strength and corrosion resistance.

Case XX Russlock Knives: Case introduced Russlock as an exclusive knife pattern in the 2000s. This knife was named after “Russ” Case the company’s founder. This knife is promoted for its Russlock clip which features a linerlock mechanism along with a gimped lever for one-hand opening. The clip blade is used for multiple purposes, most detailed and heavy-duty tasks.

Case XX Saddlehorn Knives: The Saddlehorn knife gets its name after its distinctive handle design that resembles the shape of a Saddlehorn. This handle pattern is designed to provide an ergonomic grip and additional leverage that is required for cutting, puncturing, or trimming the layers. This pocket folder has clip and skinner blades. The skinner blade is used for skinning the meat while the clip blade meets the demands of heavy-duty tasks.

Case XX Scout Pocket Knives: Case is known to honor the scouting heritage and thus came out with Scout Pocket knife. Explore the category for trappers that sport a slender clip and long spey blades. The spey blade is often considered a vital tool for farmers and ranchers for castrating livestock. It is also used for skinning the game; the clip blade is vouched for its versatility. This is a must-have knife to trap a small game as it exceptionally performs the basic trapping and skinning tasks.

Case XX Sod Buster Knives: The Sod Buster is a sturdy and traditional slip joint knife featuring a single skinner blade and a simple handle with no bolster. The blade is ideal for skinning purposes and is constructed from Chrome Vanadium steel. This is a special alloyed steel original to Case blade steel. The blade is designed to hold the edge and ensure easy re-sharpening whenever required. It is less resistant to rusting, pitting, and discoloration than regular stainless steel.  

Case XX Sowbelly Pocket Knives: Explore the category for knives that resemble pig’s belly. This knife is a heavy-duty version of a stockman and features clip, spey and sheepfoot blades. The clip and the sheepfoot blades sit on the pocket end while the spey blade is situated on the cap end. The sheepfoot blade is commonly used for carving and tasks that require clean cuts while the other two blades are multi-utility blades and can be used for tasks ranging between medium and heavy-duty.

Case XX Stockman Knives: The Stockman is one of the most sought-after pocket folder that features three blades – clip, sheepfoot, and spey. The clip and the sheepfoot blades sit on the pocket end while the spey blade is situated on the cap end. The sheepfoot blade is commonly used for carving and tasks that require clean cuts while the other two blades are multi-utility blades and can be used for tasks ranging between medium and heavy-duty.

Case XX Swayback Jack Knives: Explore the category for Swayback knives that take inspiration from English Jack knives from the 19th century. The handle flaunts an elegant curve and the Wharncliffe blade makes the knife performance-driven. The Wharncliffe blade is often used for general purposes where a more regulated hold over the object is required. The blade features a thick back for extra strength, a curving to a fine point that conjuncts the straight-honed edge for additional control. This blade is quite rugged and does not lose its sharpness easily. This blade is constructed with Case Tru-Sharp stainless steel which is a high-carbon steel that provides better edge retention.

Case XX Teardrop Pocket Knives: Explore the series for Tear Drop that is a result of the successful collaboration between Tony Bose and Case. This is essentially a spear blade knife and a heavy-duty tool that effortlessly cuts objects into pieces. Boasting a symmetrical shape with a point, the blade is marketed for its strength, durability and elongated use, and ease of control. It bears patented Tru-Sharp stainless steel construction for better edge retention. This blade type is highly preferred by farmers who need to make tough cuts.

Case XX Toothpick Knives: This category homes Texas Toothpick knives that are usually just 3 in. long and flaunt a clasp style pattern that goes back to the 20th century. This knife is marketed for a long clip blade with a narrow profile and sharp point for fine detail work. It is constructed using Case Tru-Sharp stainless steel that helps the blade to retain the edge longer than the conventional steel. Explore the category for handle options such as maple wood, antique bone, synthetic, Kirinite, Abalone, and more.

Case XX Trapper Knives: One of the most popular and high-in-demand knives, the Trapper is named after the consumer it was made for. This is a lightweight folder and a perfect tool to trap small games in the field. The knife sports two blades – spey and a slender clip blade. The two blades are all-purpose utility blades and preferred for detailed and heavy-duty tasks. They are forged from Tru-Sharp stainless steel and possess the ability to hold the edge longer than the blades made from traditional steel. The knives often feature a Case oval script shield on the handle that adds charm to the overall design of the knife.

Case XX Trapperlock Knives: Born out of the legendary Trapper, the Trapperlock is a comparatively newer addition to the lot. This knife is completely re-engineered and now incorporates a single-hand opening mechanism engraved in the thumb stud. This thumb stud is fixed by a torque screw which allows better control over the concave ground clip blade. This knife features a convenient pocket clip for easy wear over the pocket.

Case XX Tribal Lock Knives: The Tribal Lock is a product of a successful collaboration between W.R. Case and Tony Bose. This knife is valued for its Tru-Sharp stainless steel spear blade that flaunts a symmetric shape and is extremely useful in piercing through a game. The blade’s sharp point provides strength, durability, and long-lasting use and is easy to control. This is particularly the extraordinary blade is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Explore the series for varied handle options – synthetic, bone, fiber weave, and more.

Case XX Utility Pocket Knives: Case utility Pocket Knives is a collection of best-in-class pocket folders particularly designed for EDC and are the preferred choice of scouts, campers, law personnel, firemen, and doctors. These folding knives are available in different designs and for different purposes. Explore the category for knives such as stockman, trapper, Trapperlock, Texas Toothpick, and Swiss knives. The blade options usually include clip point, spey, drop point, and razor-sharp. The handles options include wood, bones, and antlers.

Case XX Whittler Knives: Whittler or Seahorse Whittler was introduced in the spring of 2002. This knife was inspired from the Case’s forefathers at Joseph Rodgers and Son based in Sheffield, England. The knife bears a split-back design which uses two springs that support a large blade (Wharncliffe)  at one end and two smaller blades (coping and pen) at the other.  Use the knife for whittling and sculpting wood. The wharncliffe is suitable for cutting and slicing while the other two blades are often used for whittling.

Case XX Woodchuck Knives: The Woodchuck by Case is the result of its partnership with WOODCHUCK, USA, an organization that gives back to nature by planting a tree for every product sold. This is a lockback knife that is a fusion of fixed blade knife and a traditional pocket folder. The locking mechanism locks the deployed blade to prevent accidental closure during use. Just push the tumbler located at the top of the handle to release the locking mechanism to close the knife. The knife sports a drop point blade that is commonly used for general work such as cutting and carving. The knife’s slim design allows it to easily fit in the pocket.


Case XX Knives Product Series

Case XX Pocket Knives By Handle Series: Case XX has manufactured a wide variety of knives that are distinctive for their handles. Browse the space for knives flaunting some of the best handles including- Abalone, Amber Bone, Smooth handles, Antique Bone, Peachseed Bone, Weave Bone, Jigged Bone, Canvas, G-10 series, Sycamore, synthetic, denim, Kirinite, Bonestag, buffalo horn, camo, maple wood, peach bone, ebony,  stardust, rosewood and more.

Case XX Father-Son-Mother-Daughter-Grandparent Knife Series: Explore this series for knives that are crafted in perfection with an intention to be presented as gifts. Some of the famous models in the category are FSY Father/Son Trapper, GSY Grandson’s First Knife, GDY Granddaughter’s First Knife, and more. These knives are a symbol of family traditions and can be embellished with wordings and quotes. The father-son trapper, for instance, often features a quote on the handle, “A son may outgrow your lap, but he will never outgrow your heart.” Most knives in the series include clip blades and spey blades. These knives come with a hard shell gift box with vacuum formed insert to keep these collectibles safe and secure.

Case XX Light-Weight Knife Series: The perfect knives for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, the lightweight knives are a must accompaniment for all your camping, hiking, and backpacking trips. These are tactical knives that are ergonomically designed using high-end stainless steel blades and handles that ensure a secure grip. Use these knives for self-defense, hunting, or combating, and carry them easily in your pocket, briefcase, or purses. Look for a variety of knives ranging from fixed blades to lockback, linerlock, and hunting knives. Some pocket knives are also available with interchangeable blades. 

Case XX Ridgeback Knife Series: Ridgeback knives are strongly fixed blade knives with blades that are twice as long as the blade of a regular folding knife. These knives can be easily deployed during a tactical situation. Look the series for knives that are highly durable and lasting and boast a blade with curved edges towards the handle and a pointed tip at the beginning. These blades are vouched for extreme sharpness and easy operations. The knives are accompanied by a protective sheath which can be attached to the belt or to equipment at different angles.


Case XX Knives Warranty

All the knives and accessories by Case XX are backed by a warranty of being free from manufacturing defects in terms of process and materials. However, in case of any defects in the knife, the brand will replace the knives or repair them for you. However, a repair cannot be guaranteed for all knives due to the lack of availability of some parts. It is important to know that the knives are not warrantied against normal wear and tear. Also, please do not use the tactical tool for applications other than intended. The knives will not be replaced but can be repaired in case of misuse and the quality department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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