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Case XX Cheetah Knives: Experience the Blend of Elegance and Efficiency


Meet the blend of elegance and efficiency: the Case XX Cheetah Knives. As part of the celebrated Case XX Knives product line, these knives showcase the finesse of the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery in combining the efficiency of a lockback knife with the compact design and functionality of a pocket knife.


The unique element that sets Case XX Cheetah Knives apart is their iconic swing guard. Not only does this design ensure the user's safety, but it also adds a distinct aesthetic touch to the knife. The robust construction, coupled with the high-quality stainless steel blade, results in a product that stands up to a wide range of cutting tasks with exceptional ease.


One of the remarkable items in this line is the Cheetah Folding Pocket Knife with Jigged Natural Buffalo Horn Handle (CA65013). The natural buffalo horn handle, paired with the stainless clip blade, presents a compelling blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance.


Take a look at the Cheetah PW Harvest Orange (CA07399). Its Pocket Worn orange jigged bone handle adds a splash of color and a dash of nostalgia, reminding one of the well-used knives in the old days. Like all Case XX knives, it's proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.


Don't miss the Cheetah 6.5 Bonestag (CA65319) in our collection. Its 6.5 Bonestag handle mirrors the beauty of genuine stag antler, offering a unique, rugged aesthetic that pairs excellently with the strength and durability of the knife itself.


The Case XX Cheetah Knives are perfect for anyone looking for a compact, reliable cutting tool that doesn't compromise on style or performance. With their distinctive appearance and high-quality materials, they make an excellent addition to any knife collection or a practical accessory for everyday carry.


Explore more options like the Cheetah Chestnut Bone (CA28909) and the Cheetah Antique Bone (CA52836) among others. Each knife in the Case XX Cheetah collection is a testament to the unmatched commitment of Case XX Knives to deliver high-quality, handcrafted cutting tools.


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