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Condor Tool & Knife established in 1787 in Solingen, Germany, when Gebr Weyersberg Company was founded by the Weyersberg Brothers. It was a start to the legacy that built swords, military knives, agricultural tools, and household cutlery. The realization to expand the operations to serve other countries led to the incorporation of IMACASA in El Salvador in 1964. It was then the clients were served with the high-quality machetes, knives, axes, shovels and other hand tools. This became possible owing to the state-of-the-art German equipment and assigning local employees to Solingen for extensive training.


Condor’s Quality Variety Tools


Since IMACASA turned out to be the largest machete and shovel manufacturers in the world operating 24*7 a week to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the clients across the world. Soon, in 2004, IMACASA established a first quality line of tools and knives for the European and American market. Today the company efficiently delivers a wide range of Hunting And Fishing knives, Every Day Carry Knives, Kitchen Knives, Martial Art Accessories, Throwing Knives, Tactical, Outdoors, And Survival Knives.


Digging Deep into the Construction and Designing of Products  

The knives at Condor Tool & Knife are a fine example of how innovatively the products should be made. A perfect blend of old school methods and cutting-edge technology, the knives are made using the qualitative high carbon and Stainless Steel, that are heat treated and annealed to about 50-55 HRC. The company makes use of Condor Torture Ring for constantly testing the products. The blades of the knives have great flexibility and impeccable strength. Apart from the blades, the handle material is made using polypropylene, santoprene, American hickory and many more such materials that make the handle strong and indestructible.


Exploring the Massive Range of Condor Knives and Survival Products


Condor Axes by Condor Tool & Knife: These are high-performance axes primarily designed and manufactured for the tactical uses and are made to perform extremely well under high compression. These axes are available in different patterns and blades, are suitable to be used by trekkers, campers and outdoorsmen for chopping small branches and splitting trees and trunks.


Condor Fixed Blade Knives: These fixed blade knives are manufactured specifically to carry out tactical and most challenging tasks without any hindrance. The knives in this series are made using high carbon steel for optimum performance and strength. The bird bottle and trout fixed blades, steel drop point blade and blades with carbon or epoxy powder coating enhances the performance and durability of knives. These are ideal for cutting, chopping, hunting or splitting wood.


Condor Machetes: includes the finest range of bolo machete, bushcraft, crocodilian, El Salvador, army machete, discord, heavy duty kukri, speed and swamp machetes. These are precisely designed machetes with long broad blades in different shapes with dramatic tones. The machetes are ideal for cutting, clearing paths, maintaining trails, clearing brush, and chopping.


Condor Knives African Series: Condor Knives African Series features excellent quality knives that are designed primarily for the adventure enthusiasts across the world. The knives are made using finest quality Carbon Steel Spear Point Blades that are perfect to be used under high distortion. The knives perform extremely well under most challenging situations. The micarta handles offer firm hold and are comfortable for longer duration tasks.


Condor Knives Bushcraft Series:   includes the finest range of Machete, manufacture to cater to the varying demands of the people from different professions. The Machetes in this series are manufactured using carbon steel blade to withstand the toughest situations with super ease. The handles are wide and comfortable enough to offer a perfect grip.


Condor Knives Bushlore Series:  This isanother impeccable example of years of dedications and craftsmanship, shown by the company. The knives in this series are made using the finest quality carbon steel blades. The blades are born tough and perform well under high compression. Dramatic finish of the blades in this series imparts a classic cook and complements the knife body.


Condor Knives Dendritic Series:   includes knives that are manufactured using high carbon steel to bring out the best performance in most challenging situations. The edge holding capability, sharpness, and excellent designing make these knives highly appreciated by the knife users across the world.


Condor Knives Dismissal Series: Dismissal Series features the finest range of throwers with the fixed blades. The unique construction of the throwers is ideal to be used by the hunters. These are the survival tools with carbon steel construction and perfectly designed wide handles for perfect grip and control to cover a large distance.


Condor Knives Garuda Series:   includes the classically built knives with a high carbon steel blade. This series features blades with black epoxy powder coating accompanied by the micarta handles and lanyard holes. These are the excellent tactical knives with durable construction that offers firm grip for most of the challenging tasks.


Condor Knives Hivernant Series: Features the finest range of knives manufactured using stainless skinner blades that induces impeccable strength to the whole knife body. These knives have the ability to glide perfectly through most of the surfaces without being stuck in between. The knife handles are wide and give that perfect grip to perform tedious tasks even for a long duration.


Condor Knives Indian Series:includes premium quality tomahawk axes manufactured using the finest carbon steel blades. These are considered to be the most useful survival tools ideal for self-defense, digging holes, hunting, and cutting woods. The American hickory wood handles are flawlessly designed and are comfortable enough to carry out most of the tasks by hikers, campers, trekkers, and hunters.


Condor Knives Jungle Series:Jungle Series is specifically designed for tactical situations and performing varied tasks including cutting, hunting, and digging. These knives have a slight curve that extends to meet the pointed tip. The dramatic two-tone finish on the Bowie blades is accompanied by the comfortable handles, which makes the knives easier to hold with complete control.


Condor Knives Kephart Series:Features fixed blade knives that reflect the flawless craftsmanship and years of dedication. The knives are made using high carbon steel blades to withstand the high compression and distortion. The handles offer excellent grip and comfortable hold for carrying out tedious tasks and can be used as a survival tools.


Condor Knives Kondoru Series: includes the assortment of premium quality knives and swords. The carbon steel construction of these swords and knives are responsible for impeccable strength. Designed to withstand high compression, the knives and swords in this series feature smooth functionality. These swords are also demanded by the sword lovers and collectors.  


Condor Knives Lifeland Series:  Lifeland Series has the finest assortment of knives manufactured specifically for the hunting purpose and to be used in tactical situations. The knives in this series are manufactured using stainless steel; the blades are drop point and the back of the knives extends flawlessly to meet the pointed tip. These knives have wide handles that offer a firm grip and comfortable hold.


Condor Knives Matagi Series:Matagi is the premium quality fixed blade knives with excellent quality 1075 carbon steel construction. These knives have the ability to glide through most of the surfaces. These knives have the paracord wrapped handles perfectly to be used for carrying out tedious tasks for long duration.


Condor Knives Michigan Series: includes flawlessly designed axes with impeccable strength and functionality. The axes in this series are designed for tactical uses. Perfect to be used for chopping small branches or to split trees and trunks; these axes are made using high carbon steel. The Axe blades are accompanied by the strong and American hickory handle that allows the user to have complete control with perfect grip.


Condor Knives Primitive Series: includes the premium quality knives that are a perfect example of the excellent craftsmanship. The knives have drop point and Wharncliffe blades manufactured using the finest carbon steel. The dramatic two-tone satin-finish on the blades impart a classic look and complements the knife body well. The wide handles of these knives are made using micarta handles that are wide enough to offer comfortable hold for a long duration.


Condor Knives Sentinel Series: One of the most reliable Axe series are manufactured using 1075HC steel. This induces commendable strength to the whole body of the axe. These are the handy axes perfect to be taken to camping, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. The cord wrapped handles are easy to hold and carry out different tasks in most situations.


Condor Knives Two Rivers Series:  includes perfectly crafted knives that are made using the skinner stainless steel blade. These knives withstand high compression, distortion and work perfectly even after multiple uses. The design is user-friendly with wide handles that are made of wood. The razor-sharp edges are perfect for tactical tasks.


Condor Knives Swamp Roper Series: manufactured using the carbon steel blades that help to perform tasks that require extreme strength and durability. The machetes with a full tang have impeccable sharp edges with an outstanding satin finish. The ergonomically designed handles are wide and offer utmost comfort in most of the demanding and tedious tasks.


Condor Knives Valhalla Throwing Series Axes:includes the premium quality axes made using the premium quality carbon steel. The axes are widely appreciated by the adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, and hikers. The American hickory handles are wide and comfortable enough to carry out tedious tasks with super ease.


Condor Knives Viking Series: features the collection of perfectly crafted and high-performance machetes that are manufactured using the high-quality stainless steel. These are used specifically for the cutting, clearing brushes, and maintaining trails, apart from this it is widely used in harvesting crops as well. The blades are tough and withstand even after multiple roughest uses.


Condor Knives Woodlaw Series: Woodlaw Series is another series with flawlessly designed knives. These are knives made using high carbon steel blade, perfect to be used in tactical situations and tasks that require optimum strength and capability to pierce through any surface. The knives in this series have a full tang and are widely appreciated owing to the impeccable strength.


Condor Spears: It is a flawless range of spears, precisely manufactured using epoxy coated 1075 carbon steel spear point blade. The blades are tough and withstand high compression in most of the challenging situations. The Burnt American ash wood handle offers a firm grip and comfortable hold.


Condor Swords: Features high quality and durable sword that are widely appreciated by the sword lovers and collectors. The high carbon steel construction with black epoxy powder coated blades is extremely sturdy and is accompanied by the hardwood handles.


Condor Product Warranty

Condor Tool & Knife is warranted to be completely free of a manufacturing defect and any kind of defects in the material or in an assembly line. However, in case of any damage due to abuse, neglect or misuse is not covered by the company. All kind of defective products will be replaced or repaired with the same item or equivalent. The products under warranty can be sent for service. Another exception, the Wooden Axe handles are not warranted by Condor, though the replacement handles can be purchased. Apart from this, if you are unhappy with the product performance or any other reason, simply return the product to the company.


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