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Condor Tool & Knife's origins can be traced back to 1787, when the Weyersberg Brothers established the GEBR Weyersberg Company in Solingen, Germany. It was the start of a heritage that would produce some of the finest blades, military knives, domestic cutlery, and agricultural tools in the world. Over the next two centuries, GEBR rose to become the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality knives, expanding into many different parts of the world. In 1964, IMACASA was formed in El Salvador due to the realization that operations and services needed to expand to fulfill the growing demand.

Since its establishment in 1964, IMACASA has constructed a production plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador, using cutting-edge German technology. Over the next five decades, the firm rose to become the undisputed leader in manufacturing machetes and shovels. When Condor Tool & Knife was created in 2004, IMACASA swiftly built a high-quality range of tools and knives for the European and American markets. Today, the company sells a wide range of knives, including hunting and fishing knives, everyday carry knives, kitchen knives, martial arts accessories, combat hatchets, tactical, outdoor, and survival knives.

Condor Tool & Knife® has expanded its product line to include high-quality machetes, knives, axes, shovels, swords, spears, and other accessories. Its Vision is to be the market leader in marketing and selling high-quality tools and knives in the Sporting Goods business. CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE® maintains the quality of its goods and processes through an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system. Furthermore, it adheres to the following business values: Passion, Authenticity, Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus, and Social Consciousness.

Condor Tool & Knife's knives are a great illustration of the marriage between tradition and technology. The knives are made of high carbon and stainless steel alloy that has been heat-treated and annealed to a 50-55 HRC hardness. As a consequence, they are an extraordinary combination of traditional abilities with cutting-edge technology. Knife blades are incredibly flexible and durable. Aside from the edges, the handle is made of durable materials such as polypropylene, Santoprene handle knives, and American hickory, contributing to its hardness and near-indestructibility.

Know More about the Condor Knives and Tools

Condor Tool & Knife is well-known for producing one-of-a-kind, high-quality knives, machetes, axes, and other outdoor tools that are built to last a lifetime. Condor is a division of IMACASA, one of the world's major machete producers.

Condor Tool & Knife — also referred to as Condor TK or just Condor — has been in its current form since 2004. Its origins, however, trace back to 1787, when the Gebr Weyersberg Company was created in Germany. IMACASA was founded in 1964 by this corporation in El Salvador. Condor TK was established after that Central American enterprise was sold in the 1980s to local investors.

Condor is a German knife firm (Condor Knife & Tool), yet most of its items are made in El Salvador and Florida. They produce a broad range of knife types; however, the majority of their knives are distinguished by the three characteristics listed below: They are of excellent quality. They feature a traditional appearance and design. Even their price range is quite reasonable for most people.

Most Condor knives are constructed from either 420HC stainless steel or 1070 carbon steel, and their blades are designed for agricultural, tactical, and bushcraft applications. They also make saws, machetes, shovels, hatchets, and axes, in addition to knives. Their products have also been employed by military and police enforcement groups across the world, in addition to individuals.

Most popular Condor blades include Condor Bushlore, Condor Kephart, Condor Rodan, and Condor Primitive Bush Knife.

Condor Knives Types

Condor Folding Knives: A finely crafted, high-quality knife designed to provide reliable service years. The Condor Folding Knives come in a variety of sizes and cutting tools to best suit your needs. All folding pocket knives feature a blade made from high-quality 1095HC stainless steel, ensuring sharpness and longevity and is corrosion resistant. The handles are made of sturdy materials, which also helps in minimizing grip slip.

Condor Fixed Blade Knives: Condor's fixed blade knives are not just military-grade but a perfect companion for camping, hunting, and fishing. With a variety of blade types and styles, there's something to suit any outdoorsman or camper. The blade is epoxy coated and holds up well in wet conditions. The high carbon steel blade is tough, and the carbide steel drop point blade offers extra strength. These survival knives are tactically designed to use with the left or right hand.

Condor Machetes: The Condor Machetes Series is the perfect combination of quality, design, and price. Made from lightweight alloy steel with a durable black powder coating, these machetes are perfect for all your outdoor adventures. It features a wide range of machetes, including army machete, bushcraft, crocodilian, discord, El Salvador, engineer bolo machete, heavy-duty kukri, speed, and swamp machete. The long-broad Kukri machetes can be used for almost any outdoor tasks, from clearing paths to chopping and cutting. With a compact and easy-to-use design, they're perfect for any size hands, carrying them wherever you need a machete.

Condor Axes and Hatchets: When you're in the wilderness, have you ever wished you had a bigger and better ax or the hatchet? Condor Axes offers you the best tools for your outdoor activities. Whether you need a hatchet for chopping firewood or an ax for splitting wood with ease, Condor Axes has the perfect tool for your needs. You will find various camping hatchets, tomahawks, and survival axes, all featuring high carbon steel and hickory handles.

Condor Spears: The Condor provides the perfect hunting and fishing spears for anyone of any skill level. This Spear is built with a sturdy 1055HC steel blade and a high-quality composite spearhead. The Spear boasts a balanced weight distribution and a handguard that effectively protects the user's hands. Whether you need a fishing spear or hunting spear, you will find premium quality and touch with Condor spears.

Condor Swords: Condor swords represent a time-tested, proven design that can be used for martial art or combat training, but they can also be used as an efficient tool for hunting the big game of today. The Kondoru Wakazashi Sword is just one example of this transformation. It has a durable blade made of 1075 high carbon steel and a brown handle that makes it lightweight and easy to carry. Explore a wide range of Viking Swords, Gladius Swords, Messer Swords, and others.

Condor Camping Shovels: Condor Shovels are perfect for camping, hiking, survival scenarios, and various other tasks. These camping shovels are lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and versatile hand tools. You can use it in any situation, from chopping down the bush to digging a hole or ice fishing for dinner.

Condor Outdoor Gear and Accessories: Camping is the ultimate way to relax, be in the present, and reconnect with nature. It has been a way of life for centuries, and with today's modern conveniences, it's more accessible than ever before. Condor provides many camping accessories and outdoor gear, from ax and knife sheaths to essential tools.

Condor Knives Series

Condor Knives African Series: This series offers handy knives and spears essential for outdoor adventures. Condor Knives African Series knives are of high quality and are primarily aimed at adventure seekers worldwide. The knives are built with high-quality Carbon 1055HC Steel Spear Point Blades that are ideal for usage in high-distortion environments. These outdoor knives and Congo Spears function admirably in even the most difficult conditions. The Micarta handles provide a solid grip and are pleasant for longer-term work.

Condor Bushcraft Knife Series: Meet the world's first machete for the modern tactical enthusiast, the Bushcraft knife. The Condor Machetes are designed with tactical features and designed for serious use. They are great for everyday use and offer a premium feel with a durable blade to handle tough outdoor tasks. This series also consists of fixed blade knives and camping knives with carbon steel construction and epoxy powder coating blade. Military-grade features and quality construction make these machetes and blades perfect for bushcraft, hunting, outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, or general use.

Condor Bulshore Knife Series: If you're searching for the perfect outdoor knife steel, look no further than Bulshore Knives and have an unparalleled blade. The Condor Bulshore Knives Series is a collection of handmade knives that every cook can appreciate. Not only do they last a lifetime, but they're easy to sharpen blades make them easy to maintain. The wide blade, blunt tip, and notched design of Condor Bulshore knives give it the versatility you need to get the job done. With a high level of edge retention and corrosion resistance, this is a blade you'll use for years to come.

Condor Dismissal Thrower Knives Series: These knives are durable enough to handle any survival tool, but they're light enough for easy use. Their fixed blades allow for a smooth and controlled throwing motion. Thrower knives have been made to conclude the backcountry with style and efficiency. Whether your goal is to use it as a tool for hunting and fishing or just for fun, the Condor Knives dismissal throwers are perfect for swapping out your hunting knives. There are many different designs to choose from, and they work with any type of knife.

Condor Knives Hivernant Series: The Hivernant Series is perfect for camping and outdoor survival. The knives have been designed with a full tang to resist warping and splitting, and the satin-finished 440 C stainless steel blade will keep its edge for many years. With natural wood handles that are hand-finished, the Hivernant fixed blade knives are as beautiful as they are functional.

Condor Knives Garuda Series: The Condor Garuda Series fixed blade knives are a perfect addition to your hiking or backpacking gear. The high-carbon steel blade is coated with a gray micarta handle and epoxy black powder coating for a deep, dark finish that doesn't require consistent maintenance. The tanto knives come with a black nylon sheath for convenient carrying and belt carry as well.

Condor Indian Tomahawk Series: Are you in the market for a quality tomahawk ax? The Condor ax is made to meet your everyday needs. These tomahawks are crafted with premium-quality fine carbon steel blades that are rust-resistant and will last for a long time. Every tomahawk from the Condor Indian Series is designed to provide you with a superior axing experience. The American hickory wood handle provides a comfortable grip for longer periods of usage.

Condor Jungle Knife Series: If you're the type of person who loves to get out in the wild and explore, the Condor Knives Jungle series is for you. These blades are designed with a series of features that make them perfect for a variety of tasks. They're built with Condor's traditional "Santoprene" handle material that's comfortable and provides durability and a solid grip, making them suitable for use in any condition. The Jungle Series features fixed blade knives with a sleek handle, blade, and sheath, ready to take on any adventure.

Condor Kephart Knife Series: A fixed blade knife is a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. Fasten Condor's Kephart Series with ergonomically designed handles and blades made of high-carbon steel and polished to perfection. These survival knives are suitable for the outdoorsman, travelers, trekkers, and hikers as they are durable and can be used for performing multiple tasks.

Condor Kondoru Kitchen Knife Series: High-quality, high-performing Japanese blades are made by the finest craftsmen at the Condor manufacturing facility. The Kondoru blades are expertly crafted with an HRC rating of 64-66 and are hand-finished in traditional Katana style. The handle is constructed of Red Cedarwood and is wrapped in genuine Ray skin leather.

Condor Blue River Knife Series: The Blue River Knife Series was designed to be the ultimate hunting knife with one goal in mind. The first step to that goal was achieving excellent fit, finish, and durability. The next step was to provide a sharp edge capable of delivering perfect control in the thickest of a brush. Condor artisans have achieved this by utilizing a highly durable, stainless steel blade with our proprietary scalpel-like serrated edge technology. The Blue River knife series honors the warrior-like culture and superb hunting skills of the Native American "Arapaho" tribe. The series features different blade types, such as stainless skinner, tomahawk, machete, hunter Linerlock, and fixed blade knife. These blades are perfect for hunting or general outdoor use.

Condor Matagi Knife Series: One of the most important things you need in the wilderness is a knife. The Matagi Series fixed blade knives by Condor Knives feature premium-grade carbon steel construction, black paracord wrap handles, and a handcrafted welted leather sheath for storage.

Condor Greenland Axe Series: Make the most out of your adventures with Condor's Greenland axes. The black leather belt sheath is convenient for carrying on your belt, allowing you to keep your ax close by when you need it. These hatchets with Hickory handles are suitable for the outdoorsman, trekkers, campers, and people involved with wooden work.

Condor Primitive Knife Series: The Condor Primitive Series offers a wide range of Linerlock knives, bush machete, sequoia, bush dagger, and other premium-quality blades. Linerlock knives are perfect for your everyday carry. Fixed blade and pocket knives feature a satin-finished 1075HC steel Wharncliffe blade, a lanyard hole for rope attachment, natural canvas micarta front handles, and are finished in green matte.

Condor Sentinel Axe Series: Intended for the professional user, the Condor El Salvador Axes feature a tactical black traction coated 1075HC steel ax head, wrapped in leather and cord and featuring lanyard holes and full tang. These military-grade axes are manufactured in El Salvador, made with a strong, stylish, and corrosion-proof metal surface that is rust-resistant and easy to maintain.

Condor Two Rivers Fixed Blade Knife Series: The world needs a knife for every occasion. From hunting to fishing, this collection of "Condor Two Rivers" camping knives with fixed blades are the ultimate tool for any outdoorsman.

Condor Swamp Roper Machete Series: The Condor Swamp Roper Machete Series is your new go-to tool for outdoor adventures in the great outdoors. The machetes are in a close-range design, with a comfortable grip handle and carbon steel blade that is ready to get grimy and dirty.

Condor Knives Valhalla Throwing Series Axes: Valhalla Series is a range of high-quality, professionally designed, easy-to-use throwing axes and hatchets that are built for a variety of outdoor activities. Made from the finest 1065 carbon steel with a sharp, cutting-edged ax head, these axes are perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, and more.

Condor Knives Viking Machete Series: Take your jungle expeditions to the next level with this set of high-quality machetes from Condor Knives. The blades of these Viking machetes are made from high-quality stainless steel that is designed to hold a sharp edge while being tough enough to last through any task. Each one comes with a hardwood handle for a comfortable grip and comes with a nylon sheath for easy travel.

Condor Woodlaw Knife Series: A new level of safety, weaponry, and performance. The Condor Woodlaw Series provides you with quality and performance beyond your expectations. These are survival knives made using a high carbon steel blade, perfect to be used in tactical situations and tasks that require optimum strength and capability to pierce through any surface.

Condor Norse Dragon Knife Series: Rarely ever seen before, the Norse Dragon knife from Condor is a high-quality blade featuring a broken-back design. Its grip is designed to suit the palm of your hand and is built strong for simple handling throughout any type of combat. This Seax knife has a broken back, just like it was done after the battle, as a sign of honor for the fallen warrior. The blade is forged from high-quality steel and consists of a spear point-shaped point on one side, which allows it to penetrate through hiding and bone tissue.

Condor Messer Sword Series: The Condor Messer Swords are the perfect medieval swords for re-enactors and collectors. Each blade is forged from 1060 carbon steel, a common type of steel used in swords from the mid-13th century to the early 16th century. The double-edged medieval sword is crafted from two pieces of heat-tempered carbon steel and has a delicately polished cutting edge.

Condor Knives Product Warranty

Condor's Lifetime Warranty on its tools, knives, and accessories is our answer to the ever-increasing demand for quality. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best quality tools in your pocket. So, if something goes wrong with your instrument, we'll repair or replace it. This warranty doesn't cover accidental damage due to neglect or misuse of the product and any damages caused by accidents outside of use. The products under warranty can be sent for service. Another exception, the Wooden Axe handles are not warranted by Condor, though the replacement handles can be purchased. Apart from this, if you are unhappy with the product performance or any other reason, simply return the product to the company.

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