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The Condor Tool & Knife brand was launched by the IMACASA company in 2004, but its roots go all the way back to the legendary glory days of knife production in Solingen, Germany. It was there in 1787 that three brothers founded the Gebrüder Weyersberg company and began an international blade dynasty whose legacy endures to this day. Now, over two centuries later and half a world away, Condor Tool & Knife is the standard bearer of a tradition that is responsible for some of the best knives, machetes, axes, shovels, and survival tools in use today.

The real tools of the trade.

Two centuries after the Weyersberg brothers opened shop, Condor Tool & Knife is the brand to turn to when life's adventures include time in the untamed wild. Hunting knives, tactical knives, neck knives, throwing knives, survival knives, and fishing knives -- all of the gear you need is in our curated collection. From the no-nonsense style of the Condor Bushlore Series, to the wicked strength of a Condor axe, to the ultimate tools for outdoor survival -- the Condor Bushcraft Series -- outdoorsmen turn to Condor Tool & Knife for quality that is affordable and dependable.

Alongside its axes, the Condor line of cutlery is perhaps best known for its machetes, featuring dozens of styles engineered to tackle the type of terrain you expect to face -- the jungle, the swamp, the rain forest, or the brush. Condor machetes take their inspiration from the best blade styles from around the world and incorporate centuries of blade design into their products, such as the bestselling Condor Kukri Series, inspired by the warriors of ancient Nepal. Whether it's the wilds of the Himalayas or the wilds of your backyard, Condor tools give you the power and versatility you need to take on the roughest the outdoors has to offer.

Quality that spans centuries.

To understand what makes the knives and tools of the Condor brand so special, it helps to know a little history. Solingen, which even now is still called the City of Blades, was once the greatest hub for swords, knives, edged weapons, and tools in Europe and the western world. It was during the city's 18th century peak that the Gebrüder Weyersberg company established itself as the premier manufacturer of cutlery in the region, at one point producing nearly one-fifth of the city's output of knives and tools.

As the reputation of the Weyersberg brothers grew, their knives made their way across Europe and North America, where their products spread through the United States, Canada, and down through Mexico and into Central America. In 1964, the IMACASA company was launched from a plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador to bring production of these knives closer to Western markets. Local craftsmen were sent to Germany for training and soon IMACASA became a leading international provider of knives, camping gear, and tools. The new location was so successful that IMACASA was quickly recognized as one of the largest producers of knives and machetes in the world, surpassing its parent company's wildest dreams and eventually spawning several fan-favorite brands of its own, including Condor Tool & Knife in 2004.

Today, the Condor Tool & Knife brand has brought the legacy of the Weyersberg brothers full circle as the source for knives, machetes, shovels, tools, camping gear, and shovels for North America as well as Europe.

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If you want to know more about the history of Condor Tool & Knife and what we think about some of their more esoteric products (they even have a line of spears!), simply give us a call at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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