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Condor Valhalla Throwing Axe Series by Condor Tool & Knife

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Embrace the Warrior Spirit with Condor Valhalla Throwing Axes


Unleash the Viking within you with our selection of Condor Valhalla Throwing Axes, a tribute to the bravery and skills of the ancient Norse warriors. Forged with passion and precision, these axes are a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ideal for various activities such as sport-throwing, chopping, or even as collector's items.


Our collection of Valhalla Axes comprises two unique designs: the Valhalla Axe Series Throwing and the Valhalla Axe Series Battle Axe, each providing a distinct throwing experience and catered to different needs.


The Valhalla Axe Series Throwing measures 22 inches overall, with a 4.75-inch cutting edge and a 5.75-inch axe head made from 1065 carbon steel. Its size and balance make it a formidable choice for anyone interested in the sport of axe throwing, promising an immersive and thrilling experience.


On the other hand, the Valhalla Axe Series Battle Axe is a more substantial tool. It measures 30 inches overall, with a 6-inch cutting edge and a 6.5-inch axe head. A significant piece of gear that can perform tougher tasks with ease, it also carries an aura of majestic history that the Vikings embodied.


Both axes feature American Hickory handles, well-known for their strength, resilience, and lightweight properties. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of each throw. The axes also come with brown leather sheaths for secure storage and protection, maintaining the longevity of the tool.


With a Condor Valhalla Throwing Axe, you don't just possess a quality tool; you carry a piece of history, a symbol of strength and courage that resonates with the Viking spirit. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a competitive axe thrower, or a historical re-enactor, these axes are designed to serve you well and stand the test of time.


Discover the world of Condor Valhalla Throwing Axes at Knife Country USA. Experience the legacy of the Norse warriors with every swing, and feel the power and precision that these axes deliver. Welcome to a world of adventure and historical reverence, where every tool tells a story.

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