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Benefits of Carrying a Pocket Knife

Gone are the days when knives were merely considered as a tool to be used in kitchen. With the advancement in time and technology, it has turned into an ultimate improvised weapon. So, if you are amongst one of the outdoor enthusiast and great lover of thrills, then these knives are a staple for you. One of the most popular members in the niche of knives is the pocket knife. 


What are pocket Knives?

The pocket knives are an iconic tool. Meant for general and self-defence purpose, these compact knives are a tremendous bang for the buck. Simple yet functional, these knives are carried by craftsman, outdoorsman, military personnel or even by a responsible citizen. These foldable knives incorporate one or two blades that easily fit within the handle. Extremely versatile, these jack knives are truly a value-for-money based proposition.


Features of Pocket Knives:

  • Handy: Easy and safe to carry
  • Compact: Easily fit in the pocket
  • Durable: Can be used for long term
  • High-strength: Ensure maximum satisfaction and operability
  • Lightweight: Offer an unencumbered feel
  • Ergonomic design: Perfect for heavy-duty tasks


Designed and engineered to precision using quality materials, these pockets knives can be used for numerous purposes ranging from opening an envelope and cutting twine to self-defence.


Why you should carry a Pocket Knife:


  • Opening Boxes, Letters, and Packages

Spare the annoyance of manually opening gifts, letters, packages and other things with these handy and easy accessible pocket knives.  These knives also protect your hands from getting sully.

  • Camping

Can you imagine camping without a knife? Obviously not! It is a primary and the most essential survival tool whether it is making food or setting tent. Moreover, it is also essential to protect an individual from wild or nasty splinter.

  • Fishing

It is an unusual site to imagine a fisherman without a knife. It is a must-have for cutting line, removing hooks and many other tasks that a fisherman has to execute everyday.

  • First Aid

An untoward injury can happen anytime anywhere, while you’re outdoor or indoor which is when a pocket knife comes handy. It can be used to cut bandage and wrapping tourniquets. Moreover, getting lost is common among outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you can use your pocket knife to carve directions on a tree (or other hard surfaces) to ensure that the lost person, particularly the injured/wounded, can keep a tab about your location.

  • Peeling Fruit

When you are in the outdoors, a proper meal seems like a luxury—this is when you need on-the-go solutions like juicy fruits that provide essential nutrition in an easy manner. Pocket knives are an easy tool to carry for cutting and peeling fruits effortlessly from the trees.


  • Protection

It is not like as if all are well-versed of Jet Li and Jackie Chan moves and even just by learning one can’t ensure comprehensive protection. Apart from skills, the tools are must to protect in a sticky situation. It can help you fend off or divert the attacker.


Some of the other benefits of Pocket Knives include:

  • Cutting rope, tags, and string
  • Hunting
  • Cutting up wood kindling for a fire
  • Replacement to a screw driver
  • Chamfering holes and sharp edges
  • Removing splinters and thorns
  • Deburring wood, plastic and metal objects
  • Scraping away rust, dried or wet glue, labels and adhesive
  • Sculpting wood and plastic items by whittling
  • Opening canned objects
  • Extracting objects from slots, cracks and crevices
  • Butchering, scraping, blunting

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