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Machete is a unique type of cleaver knife—larger and quite dexterous. Machetes can use it as a tool or a weapon. The blade of a machete is generally 12.8 inches to 17.7 inches long and 3-mm thick. ‘Machete’ is derived from a Spanish term ‘macho’. In various English-speaking countries, namely the Caribbean, a Machete Knife is referred as a Cutlass.

As an agricultural tool Machete is used as an important tool for agricultural purposes like splitting coconuts, yard work, clearing brushes, cutting under-growths, and sugarcanes. Machetes are also used in crude cutting assignments like making wooden handles.

As a weapon, Machetes were used by various combatants during wars and epic battles. In the year 1762, the Kingdom of Great Britain invaded Cuba in Battle of Havana where peasant guerrillas used machetes as their choice of weapons.


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