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Cold Steel Kukri Machetes Series by Cold Steel Knives

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Cold Steel is an American knife manufacturing brand that manufactures some of the best-selling outdoor tools and survival gear. The company was founded in California in 1980 by Lynn Thompson. Cold Steel tools are highly appreciated by martial artists, security personnel, military forces, hunters, outdoorsmen and fishermen. The company is recognized globally for its high-quality standards, strong, reliable and dependable products.


These hard-handled and practically designed Kukri Machetes by Cold Steel Knives are manufactured in Taiwan and South Africa. These machetes are highly functional, durable and trusted by professionals and outdoorsmen. Most of these Kukris feature finest-quality carbon steel blade with black backed on anti-rust matte finish. The blades of the machetes are treated with a special anti-rust solution that protects them from abrasion and corrosion. The machetes are designed to perform a variety of outdoor tasks including cutting, trimming and chopping with great ease and comfort. Depending upon the models, the Kukris feature different handle construction done from a variety of tough and high-performing material. The Kukri Trainer Knife features Black santoprene handle construction whereas the Royal Kukri Machetes feature sturdy Black polypropylene handle. Some of these kukris also have high-quality Black textured PVC handles that offer a comfortable and tight grip to the users. Most kukri machetes come along heavy-duty Cor-Ex belt sheath for easy accessibility, safe storage and transportation. 


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