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Boker Tree Brand Knives

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Boker Tree Brand Knives



Boker Tree Brand Knives is known to be the first company that has introduced ceramic knives to the marketplace. The company was founded by Hermann Heuser and Robert Boker in 1879 in Solingen, Germany. The brand is a leading knife manufacturing company that sells good in Germany, Canada and the United States.  Ever since the brand is in the market, its blades, knives, and cutlery are popular and appreciated worldwide. 


Boker offers a growing product line of tools, cutlery, fixed blade knives, folding knives, swords and knife sharpeners that are very successful on the market. The company is spread across the globe in multiple countries as different branches and manufacturing units such as the United States, New York, and Mexico. The company offers over 80 specialty series of knives catering to knife collectors, hikers, campers, travelers, hunters, and adventure enthusiasts.


Manufactured in A Tradition of Excellence That Began Years Ago


Solingen is known as the ‘City of Steel’ and is home to the finest quality kitchen knives, scissors, razors, and fine swords. The company uses modern technology and traditional knife making techniques to manufacture the tools and to ensure durability, quality, and functionality. The company has a logo of a Boker Tree, which was once towered outside the original Boker factory decades ago. The huge chestnut tree symbolizes, how the company stands tall even after witnessing and suffering history’s most shattering events like World Wars. The timeless journey and superior quality products display the years-old dedication, craftsmanship and hard work of the founders and employees of the Boker and Co.


Expect Great Ergonomic Designs


Boker products are highly durable and reliable due to their sturdy material construction. The company has never compromised with the look of the products to ensure their durability and it always delivered the best of both to the customers.  The dedication and determination behind the company are evident in every knife it ever creates, which now encompasses a huge assortment of styles built to match every knife user. Boker Products are manufactured from inputs from German engineers’, military, police and combat experts. The products are tested at every production procedure to ensure quality construction.


A Growing Inventory of Knives, Cutlery, Knife Sharpeners and Much More


With over 80 different types of knife series, Boker caters to the needs of almost everyone who wishes to own a tough and reliable knife at an affordable price.


Boker Tree Brand Knives by Series: This series features a wide variety of different knives which includes tactical knives, outdoor knives, folding knives, and hunting knives. Most of the knives in the series are manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel that features abrasion-free and rustproof qualities. These knives are great for cutting, self-defense and removing splinters. It includes product series like Boker German Expedition Knife, Boker Kalashnikov Knife Series, and Boker Red Bone Handle Knife Series.


Boker Accessories & MoreThe range features distinctive looking and innovatively designed pouches, knife sheaths, bottle openers, tactical pens, and caps, manufactured in China. The accessories are developed precisely by skilled and experienced craftsman using durable and high-grade material. Boker Accessories are designed to be used in multiple tasks/activities that includes camping, traveling and trekking.


Boker Multi-Tools: Boker offers a wide range of portable, multi-functional and versatile hand-tools manufactured in Germany. Most of these multi-tool knives feature a spear/small clip blade, cap lifter, can opener, corkscrew, leather punch & reamer, and flathead screwdriver.


Boker Stockman Pocket Knives: The everyday carry pocket knives are manufactured in Germany and China. The Stockman folding knives feature around three or four blades that include stainless spey, clip, and sheepsfoot blades. The knives are perfect to perform various tasks and can be used as a self-defense tool in risky situations. The sturdy handle material includes stag bone and jigged red bone, which provides a slip-proof and comfortable grip to the users.


Boker Trapper Knives: The series offers reliable and highly durable trapper folding knives manufactured in China. Most of these knives feature high-grade stainless carbon clip and spey blades. The handle construction is the major highlight of the collection. The slip-proof handles are manufactured from Jigged red bones, stag bone, titanium, cocobolo wood, and carbon fiber. The handles are compressed securely with the blades using nickel silver bolsters.


Magnum by Boker Knives: The series features great ergonomically designed magnum pocket knives with US Navy Seals. These knives feature three main features that include ultra-secured Linerlock mechanism, seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaker. Boker Magnum series features different knives including throwing knives, starfighter knives, hunters’ knives, and fixed blade knives.


Boker Lockback Pocket Knives: Boker folding knives offers great functionality and durability due to their sturdy construction and sharp blade designs. The series offers reliable and safe folding knives with lock back mechanism, that securely lock the knives by using a spine system on the back spring that snaps into the blade’s heel when opened/closed. The everyday carry knives can be used for cutting, opening, slicing or self-defense.


Boker Kitchen Cutlery & Knives: Boker manufactures knives that can be used in both commercial as well as low-profile tasks. The Kitchen Cutlery and Knives are designed with fine ergonomics and innovative designs. These kitchen knives feature sharp stainless-steel blades and durable handles that can withstand extreme temperatures. These sharp-edged knives are great for cutting, chopping, butchering, sparring and slicing.  


Boker Hunting Knives: These hard-handled knives are highly preferred by hunters as they are durable and highly functional. This uniquely designed range offers different knife blades that include gut hook hunter blades, wood saw blades, drop point blades and clip point blade. The range is produced in different manufacturing units like Argentina and Germany.


Boker Specialty Lock Pocket Knives: Along with a sharp blade and sturdy handle construction, a good folding knife needs a secure locking mechanism. Boker focused on developing the specialty lock series to ensure the knives are safe and reliable. These folding pocket knives are designed with a special interlocking system and feature stainless steel pinpoint blades. The system offers a single-hand operation, one needs to just depress the flush mounted push button to safely lock the knife.  The handle construction is done using lightweight aluminum or titanium.


Boker Fixed Blade Knives: These knives do not fold. They are meant to be worn on a belt. Many men and women use a Boker Fixed Blade knife in their occupation and others use them out in the field or at the campsite. Listed below is a in-depth look at majorly of the Boker fixed blade knives available for purchase at this time.

  • Boker Applegate Knife Series: These Boker knives are suitable to be used for combat, survival and many more tasks. These knives are manufactured using the 440C stainless steel double edge blades with brass guard and etched with Applegate and Fairbairn signatures. The strength of these blades is commendable and withstands high compression and pressure. The functionality is superior and provides optimum protection to excessive wear and tear.


  • Boker Arbolito Knife Series:  This Boker series is specially designed to cater hunters as these fixed blade knives offer guthook blades and many other styles. These blades have stainless steel, full tang construction. The lightweight knives are ideal for cutting game as well as safeguarding use. The handles on this knife are sturdy and have a comfortable to grip, also come in a variety of different colors and materials. 


  • Boker Bohler Knife Series: Boker offers a variety of strong and versatile fixed blade knives that are perfect for outdoor activities or as a collectable like this Bohler series. The knives are crafted using mirror finish Bohler N690 stainless steel and brown Amboina wood handles. These knives are a serialized limited edition of 343 pieces worldwide; includes certificate of authenticity.


  • Boker Cub Knife Series: These knives feature full tang satin finish Bohler N690 stainless steel blades and black canvas micarta handles. The Cub knives include a lanyard hole and brown leather belt sheath for safety and convenient carry. The knives lightweight construction makes them easy to transport.


  • Boker Drikas Knife Series: Designed for professional use, the Boker Survival Knives are crafted from high-quality N690 stainless drop point blades with file work which offers unparalleled durability with great functionality. These knives are highly used as survival gears by professional campers and hunters. The handle construction is done using different material such as Grenadill; also accompanied by brushed stainless bolsters.




  • Boker Expedition Knife Series: The collection includes exceptional N690 stainless steel full tang construction with thumb ridge. These knives have a sturdy assembly with rigid sharp-edged blades. Expedition knives feature a lanyard hole and leather belt sheath, which offers the easy operation to the user. The knives are available in handle material that includes stainless and has nice slot cutouts for a comfortable grip.


  • Boker Field Butcher Knife Series: The Company manufactures knives for both outdoor applications as well as kitchen use. The butcher knives confer extra sharpness and strength with standard edge N690 stainless blade. These knives are available with green canvas micarta handles which offer great comfort and slip-proof grip to the users. Most of these fixed blade knives are available with a black leather belt sheath that ensures safe storage and transportation.


  • Boker German Expedition Knife Series: The series includes the high-performance knives that are designed using qualitative N690 stainless steel. The German Expedition is ideal for hunting, shelter building, and camping as it has a rugged blade for cutting, digging, and skinning. The stainless slot cutout handles of the knives are comfortable enough to be used for a long duration.


  • Boker Gobec Knife Series: This series features knives that are manufactured using classic Solingen 4034 stainless steel. The blades have the ability to withstand high compression and survive even after the roughest uses. Gobec knives have maple wood handles along with a gentle slope integrated offering a secure and firm grip. The overall structure complements the knife and looks classic.


  • Boker Integral Knife Series: The series covers a vast range of fixed blade knives. These knives include a leather belt sheath which makes them an easy carry. The blade is made of 440C stainless steel and has a full tang construction. There are some knives that are outlined for aggressive usage and have larger blade and a longer handle. These knives are designed for hunting and camping.


  • Boker Mokume Knife Series: The Mokume knife series are a valuable collector’s item with traditional Japanese Mokume style bolsters. These knives blades are made with a combination of premium metals that go through a complex heat-treated process. This Boker range will catch the eye of a knife enthusiast.


  • Boker Nessmi Knife Series: The Nessmi knife delivers excellent performance when these are used to hunt and fish as well as many other activities. The attractive Amboina wood handles on this knife ensure a close grip. These blades are CPM S30V stainless steel which results in anti-corrosion properties and durability. A heavy-duty leather sheath is also included to protect the blade and make for easy storage. 


  • Boker Para-1 Knife Series: The series covers a wide range of lightweight hunting fixed blade knives. The Para-1 is perfect for field dressing and with their one-piece stainless steel construction you can be certain about the knife’s resilience. These knives are designed for forceful usage and last a long time.


  • Boker Pine Creek Knife Series: This series is particularly designed to cater hunters as these knives offer sharpness, strength, and durability. The blades have T6MoV stainless steel construction. These knives feature a leather belt sheath, lanyard hole, and genuine stag or Guayacan Ebony wood handles. The lightweight knives are great for cutting and piercing objects and works equally well as a self-defense tool in hostile situations.


  • Boker Pry Mate Knife Series: The series includes fixed blade indestructible knives that are recognized for its vintage appearance. Popular among the knife enthusiasts and collectors, these knives are available in N690 stainless steel blade. These knives are best survival gear and provide a strong grip for cutting and combating. The knives are exquisite for hunting, hiking, camping, and trekking.


  • Boker Saga Knife Series: Boker Saga Series covers a range of fixed blade kitchen cutlery with high-performance blades for precise cutting. This series allows you to browse through individual knives or knife sets. These sharp-blade knives are designed specifically for kitchen applications like cutting, chopping, slicing or dicing. The G-10 handles of these knives provide a firm and secure grip for constant usage. Most of these kitchen cutlery knives come with a durable and protective sheath to provide safe and easy storage. These knives are the must-have kitchen essentials for everyday and camping use.


  • Boker Savannah Knife Series: The series includes the high-performance knives that are designed using qualitative N690 stainless steel. The use of this blade material helps in enhancing the quality and performance of the blades as well. These knives include lanyard hole and leather belt sheath. The Ram’s horn, stag, and canvas micarta handles of the knives are wide and comfortable enough to be used for a long duration.
  • Boker Smatchet Knife Series: The Smatchet Knife Series includes high-performance tactical machetes with excellent means for hacking work. These knives are constructed with N690 stainless steel blade and green canvas micarta handles. These well-built knives offer many uses for outdoorsman as well as an alluring collector item.


  • Boker Solid Forest Knife Series: This series is another addition to the superior quality knives made using D2 steel blade material. These lightweight knives are constructed with canvas and micarta scales for a safe grip. Includes a lanyard hole and lanyard plus a leather belt sheath to transport and store these knives safely.


  • Boker Trench Knife Series: Boker has been manufacturing survival knives for the Ministry of War since 1915. The Trench knives are used as official combat knives as they offer more strength and sharpness. These knives are made from carbon steel to give more rigidity and to enhance the durability. Some of these knives are available with a black coating which prevents them from corrosion.


  • Boker Vollintregal Knife Series: This category of knives includes high-performance knives that are outfitted with full tang Amboina wood handles, making them perfect to use for heavy-duty tasks. One of a kind, Boker only made 343 of these exquisite knives so supplies won’t be available long. These functional knives features a lanyard hole and leather belt sheath making them more desirable amongst trekkers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Boker Walnut Handle Knife Series: These knives are known for their robust and sturdy construction due to their European walnut handles. The full tang construction of the knives offers increased force leverage for easy accessibility. All the knives available in this series are manufactured in Germany.

 Boker Folding Knives




  • Boker 1674 Knife Series: These backlock knives includes high-performance knives that are equipped with 440C stainless steel blades and desert ironwood handles, making them ideal to use for hunting and everyday use. These knives were established when the Boker family first registered the coat of arms with the famous tree as "private brand" in 1674. The 1674 is a limited edition, only 343 pieces were made; includes certificate of authenticity.


  • Boker 20-20 Knife Series: The 20-20 knife series includes medium-size pocket knives with two blades; the largest blade (features etching) on the knives is the clip blade and directly behind the clip blade is a smaller skinner blade. Exhibiting a classic design, the knives are easy to carry. These knives offer high performance– thanks to the carbon steel blade.


  • Boker 3000 Knife Series: Great for all kinds of outdoor adventures as well as indoor use, these Boker lockback knives are equipped with stainless steel drop point blades making them corrosion-resistant and durable. The attractive handles are made of Amboina wood with a pocket clip for an easy carry. Boker only made 343 of these appealing knives ensuring they will make a great addition to your classic collection.


  • Boker Annual Knife Series: Annually, Boker handpicks a variety of folding pocket knives to be a piece of their collector’s series. These Damascus knives are hand made in Germany, come with a certificate of authenticity and exclusive knife display. The Annual knife is not only a collector’s dream knife but also a preferable EDC.


  • Boker Anso Knife Series: Anso Knife Series features the premium quality knives that are meant to be used by the professional knife users, hunters, trekkers, and survival experts. Many of the knives have two-tone or satin finish Bohler N690 stainless Wharncliffe blades. The handles are made of G-10 or Amboina wood fronts with titanium backs offering excellent hold without strain on the hands. 




  • Boker Appaloosa Knife Series: This series concentrates on folding pockets knives with Appaloosa Bone handles. Many of these knives have carbon steel clip and skinning blades or clip, spey and sheepsfoot blades perfectly made for hunters and campers. Regardless of style the master blade has the brand logo etching. The unique handles incorporate nickel silver bolsters with custom Boker Tree inlay shield. Its lightweight construction makes an impressive EDC.


  • Boker Arctos Knife Series: This collection includes high-quality N690BO steel blade knives for everyday use. These knives have a sturdy construction with rigid sharp-edged blades. Arctos knives feature a thumb stud opener which offers the uncomplicated operation to the user. The knives are available in handle material that includes rich-grain cocobolo which provides an alluring look as well as resilience.


  • Boker Aurora Knife Series: This series includes the superior knives that are designed using high-grade 154CM stainless steel. The use of this blade material helps in enhancing the quality and performance of the blades as well. The Aurora series includes knives made using a framelock blade locking mechanism. The radial milled two-tone anodized titanium handles of the knives are wide and comfortable enough to be used for a long duration.


  • Boker Barlow Knife Series: The knives of this product series have clip blades on adjacent polished nickel silver bolsters. The knives are available in a variety of handles from Grenadill wood to brown bone to bog oak wood. These are available in Damascus and 440C stainless-steel blades. These Barlow knives have a unique inlay shield integrated into the handles.


  • Boker Beer Barrel Knife Series: This series attributes a creative idea from Boker based on the oldest brewing in Germany. Each of these knives have beer barrel handles and come in a variety of styles such as Whittler, Copperhead, Canoe, Trapper, and Stockman pocket knives. All of their blades are made of carbon steel making indoor and outdoor tasks a breeze.


  • Boker Bird Knife Series: High-quality material is used in making the rosewood handles and stainless-steel blades which provides strong grip and strength to the operator. The manufacturer built these knives equipped with an etched clip blade and guthook blade to suit the desired purpose. These premium products safeguard the knives from wear and tear during transportation for traveling or hunting.


  • Boker Black Bone Knife Series: The series offers an assortment of tough yet classy pocket blades. All products are made with black bone handles and come with nickel silver bolsters. These easy-to-use knives are made from supreme-quality material to ensure the durability and sustainability in the long run. All blades fold easily into the handles to avoid any accidental opening while traveling.


  • Boker Boy Scout Knife Series:  The manufacturer offers a huge innovative range of folding and hunting knives which is easy to carry and greatly demanded by travelers, knife collectors, and campers. These lightweight Boy Scout knives have Bohler N690 stainless steel clip point blades. This series feature necessary attributes like lock back mechanism and lanyard holes assisting in safe transport.


  • Boker Buffalo Horn Knife Series: This series offers a wide range of pocket folding knives with Buffalo Horn handles and 440C stainless clip point blades. Clip point blades are useful for piercing and cutting. These high-quality handles with nickel bolster provides a strong grip to the user and stability in usage. All items come with a leather belt sheath and lanyard hole for EDC convenience.


  • Boker Camp Knife Series: This series offers a huge assortment of multipurpose everyday tools. All products are made of high-quality 4024 stainless steel. Camp knives are a must-have during traveling and extremely demanded by campers and outdoorsmen. Each product of the series is uniquely designed to cater to different needs; these knives include spear and small clip blades, cap lifter, leather punch, reamer, corkscrew, and flathead screwdriver.


  • Boker Cinch Knife Series: The knives under this series combine the innovative design and high efficiency in the folding pocket knives. Outfitted with safety mechanisms, the knives remain securely open. The AUS-8 stainless blades with a strong tip ensure precision and performance; many being partially serrated. The series includes extra-thin knives that are comfortable and easy to carry.


  • Boker Collector Knife Series: The Boker Collector Knife Series has high-performance knives designed with premium knife material. The blades in this collector range are made of two tone polished stainless steel is a defining feature and complements the knife body. The well-designed handles are made of highly-complex Mokuti; a very rare and attractive material. These knives are an extremely limited edition and include a certificate of authenticity.
    • Boker Congress Knife Series: Congress pocket knives are available in different models varying upon size and handle material used. The knives in this series have stainless or carbon steel sheepsfoot, spey, pen, and coping blades; making for long-run use. All products are stamped with the Boker Logo to make them more authentic and reliable.


  • Boker Copperhead Knife Series: The everyday pocket knife series includes lightweight knives with standard edges. The knives in this series are compact and offer a sophisticated look. The stainless and carbon steel clip and skinning blades are deliberately molded to survive under high compression. The dramatic tones of these knives convey a classic look to the knives.


  • Boker Copperliner Knife Series:  Copperliner series includes premium grade knives designed and manufactured for the hunting, or everyday carry purposes. These knives work on the liner lock mechanism with thumb stud and are made using high-quality Solingen stainless material. The blades are resistant to rust and survive in toughest situations.


  • Boker Cronidur 30 Steel Knife Series: The manufacturer offers an assortment of knives made of Cronidur 30 steel confirming longevity and strength. The knives are built strong and durable and have a clip blade and finger grooved Grenadill wood handles. These are perfect for outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and camping as well as everyday use.


  • Boker CRU-Wear Knife Series: This series has exceptional quality multi-purpose hunter knives used in varied situations and can be used as a survival tool. The CRU-Wear knives are easy to operate and have smooth functionality. The handles are made of stag giving them a rugged texture for a firm grip. The tools feature spear blades, guthook blades, bottle opener, saw blades, and corkscrew.


  • Boker Davis Hunter Knife Series: Davis Hunter Knives are manufactured using satin finish CPM-S30V stainless drop point with nail nick. The blades of these materials have been specifically designed to withstand high compression and distortion. These knives have the ability to pierce through any of the surfaces without getting stuck.  The polished burgundy micarta handles offer a secure grip in most of the challenging situations. The lockback folding mechanism is perfect and does not create any fuss.


  • Boker Fellow Knife Series: One of the kind knives, Fellow knives has 4034 stainless steel drop point blades with one hand easy opening. The knives feature lockback mechanism that keeps the blade in position once opened. The handles are white synthetic Elforyn with an integrated Boker logo inlay shield. The knives are perfect for everyday use as well as outdoor activities.


  • Boker Filmam Knife Series: Accomplish a variety of tasks with rust-resistant stainless-steel linerlock knives. The handles of these knives are made of beechwood, these knives allow an easy hold to perform the toughest tasks during fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor adventures. This series was named after the factory in which they were made; Filmam Factory out of Palacoulo, Portugal. 


  • Boker Framelock Pocket Knives: Boker Framelock Pocket Knives are made using Bohler N690, S35VN, 154CM, CPM S35-VN, stainless steel and Damascus blades that impart excellent strength and high resistance from corrosion and abrasions. The knives have a perfect thickness and offer a non-slip grip to be used flawlessly in most demanding situations. The dramatic tones of the blades convey a classic look that is accompanied by the Boker logo on the knives.


  • Boker Gents Blitz Knife Series: Part of the Solingen Custom Collaborations, the Gents Blitz knives are a classy, elegant, and yet a perfect companion for outdoor use. These custom knives are made of satin finish drop point blades and carbon fiber handles with stainless bolsters. The knives make an alluring segment to any knife enthusiast’s collection.


  • Boker Gorski Knife Series: This series of Damascus knives are intelligently created by Wilfried Gorski. These premium quality knives include a black presentation box with translucent window, perfect to showcase items of this class. The Gorski handles and blades are both made of Damascus steel. Being a limited edition of only 199 each knife is serialized and come with a certificate of authenticity.


  • Boker Green Bone Knife Series: The knives under this series have etched 440C stainless clip blades with jigged green bone handles. The green bone knives attribute an inlay shield, nickel silver bolsters and nail nick. These knives are worth collecting and perfect for outdoor activities.



  • Boker Gulo Knife Series: Designed to be an EDC, the Gulo knife is compact and lightweight. Made with supreme quality stainless steel, these knives are sharp, precise and made to last. The handles are made from G-10 which decreases the weight of the knife and offers a non-slip and comfortable grip.


  • Boker Haddock Knife Series: This series is another addition to the excellent quality knives; the handles are made of contoured G-10 scales and are CNC machined for a stable and secure grip. The blades of these knives are made of N690 stainless steel which entails long-standing sharpness and corrosion-resistance. These knives make an excellent collector’s item.


  • Boker Jens Anso Knife Series: The knives in this series have been created by the incredibly gifted Danish knife designer Jens Anso. Anso’s products are heavy-duty, stunning, and time-honored. The handles are contoured making for a secure grip and the blades are made of stonewash finish stainless steel making them rust-resistant. Jens knives will not disappoint and make for a serious EDC.


  • Boker Jim Burke Thorn Knife Series: This series searches out knives designed by the talented Jim Burke. These Thorn knives present framelock folding knives made of stainless steel blades and contoured titanium scale handles. The knives are beautifully crafted with attention and detail making them a ideal fit for knife experts and collectors.


  • Boker Kalashnikov Knife Series: These Linerlock Pocket Knives are primarily the best self-defense knives in the production line being officially licensed by General Mikhail Kalashnikov. These knives have stainless construction and offer excellent strength to withstand high compression. Provision of the drop point and standard blades make these knives most preferable. Use of aluminum handles allows the user to hold knives firmly throughout the task.


  • Boker Kingpin Knife Series: The knives under this series combine the innovative design and high-efficiency in the folding pocket knives. Outfitted with thumb slot and linerlock features the blade securely locks in the open position. The stainless standard edge blade with a strong tip ensures precision and Hogstrom hole pattern handles aids in its excellent performance. The series includes lightweight knives that are comfortable and easy to carry.


  • Boker KMP22 Knife Series: The KMP22 knives are recognized for their good-looking blades and handles. The series features strong knives that have stonewash finish N690 stainless drop point blades. These knives attribute extended tang, pocket clip and lanyard hole. The knives have G-10 front with stonewash finish stainless back handles making the knife easy to grasp.  


  • Boker Leopard Damascus Knife Series: The Leopard Damascus series consists of Damascus steel blades forged out of the German battle tank Leopard I. These high-grade blades offer precision and durability. The handles of the Leopard are constructed from aluminum with Grenadi Wood, Desert Ironwood, Rose Damascus, and Ziracote Wood inlays. These knives are notable for knife enthusiasts and are of a higher-quality material that will not dissatisfy.


  • Boker Linerlock Pocket Knives: Boker offers a vast inventory of high-performance pocket knives with Linerlock mechanism. The locking mechanism allows for a single-hand operation as the blade gently pushes toward the handle for a secured lock.  These knives are designed to serve as a self-defense tool as they feature sharp, drop point or clip point blades made from specialty Solingen stainless or Damascus steel.


  • Boker Lockback Pocket Knives: Lockback Knives work on the simple lock back mechanism or the spine locking mechanism that prevents the knives from accidental opening or closing. The stainless or Damascus construction of these knives conveys immense strength and helps the knives survive in challenging situations. Boker offers a variety of handle styles all in which are attentively crafted and help in maintaining a perfect grip without slipping. These are the well-structured knives with favorable strength.  


  • Boker Mammut I Knife Series: Mammut I Knife series features vintage knives with remarkable Mammoth Tooth handles and 440C stainless steel blades. These knives were crafted with such care and technique they make for an astounding display knife as well as an EDC. The lockback mechanism confirms safety and security when deploying.


  • Boker Medallion Knife Series: This everyday pocket knife series includes lightweight and alluring knives with standard edges. The knives in this series are completely crafted of Damscus steel making for a skillful masterpiece. The blades are purposely molded to survive under high pressure. The overall appearance of these knives imparts a classic look to the knives.


  • Boker Merlin Knife Series: The Merlin series includes premium grade knives formulated and developed for everyday carry purposes. These knives have gleaming N690 stainless drop point blades that work on the interlock mechanism (deployment by sliding tab on the spine). The blades are resistant to rust, survive in toughest situations. The handles are assembled using titanium establishing a firm grip.


  • Boker Model 10 Knife Series: The Model 10 Knives Series has high-performance knives designed with premium knife material. These linerlock knives have G-10 or smooth synthetic handles and CPM-154 stainless blades making them lightweight and rust-resistant. These knives are worth collecting and ultimate for outdoor activities.


  • Boker Model 13 Knife Series: The collection includes high-quality CPM-154 stainless steel blade knives for everyday use. These knives have a hardy construction with rigid sharp-edged blades. Model 13 knives feature a ball-bearing hinged blade which offers the easy operation to the user. The knives are available in different handle material that includes carbon fiber and green micarta.


  • Boker Oak Knife Series: Boker offers a huge assortment of pocket knives featuring different oak handle patterns all with Boker logo inlays. The knives are built strong and durable and have stainless or Damascus steel blades. This series knife styles come as stockman, trapper, lockback, and multi-tools. These are perfect for outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and camping.


  • Boker Oberland Arms EDW Knife Series: Oberland Arms, a German manufacturer has created an array of EDW Folding Pocket Knives with stonewashed finish N690BO stainless blades with RST (Reinforced Spearpoint Tip) and handle patterns such as fingrooved green canvas micarta. The blades are strong and dependable making it easy to handle daily chores. Light-in-weight, these knives can be easily carried around in pocket.


  • Boker Old Bear Knife Series: This series offers you with a selection of folding knives that are equipped with aged, oil-treated walnut handles. The 420 stainless-steel construction of the blades provides resistance to rust and corrosion, making them durable. All the knives in this niche are manufactured with innovation in design and accuracy; these knives deliver superior performance in indoor or outdoor atmospheres.


  • Boker Olive Wood Handle Knife Series: This series includes folding knives that feature olive wood handles making them durable and heavy-duty. These handles ensure for a comfortable, tight grip making it easy to use the knives for a long duration of time. The blades on these knives are sharp and sturdy making cutting tasks a breeze. The high-quality handles are impact resistant.


  • Boker Optima Knife Series: The knives of this product series have 440C stainless steel blades. This everyday carry knife comes with high-standard Genuine Stag or black Delrin handles. These knives are great for hunting, camping, collecting, and EDC and are made with quality material which makes them a strong and can be used for a long time. The Optima knife is immensely popular amongst knife enthusiasts.


Warranty Policies



Boker offers warranty against any defects in the material and manufacturing of the product. The company is liable to repair any defected product if found or replace it with the new item. Boker Tree Brand Knives fail to repair some of the products due to unavailability of the parts and other related items. In such a situation, the company will replace the product with the closest matched item. The company provides no warranty on automatic, butterfly knives or any altered products. As per the brand’s policies, if the item is misused or mishandled by the user it will not be replaced or repaired. The tools should not be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels.


A superior knife for every style.


The passion and perseverance behind the Boker brand is evident in every knife they create, which now encompasses a huge assortment of styles built to match every knife user. For those who value a perfect balance of price and performance, Boker Magnum knives are an entire brand devoted to cost-effective quality. For those looking for the high-end sports cars of knives, then our Boker Plus showroom  is where you'll want to spend the rest of your visit. Featuring German engineering and input from an international team of military, police, and combat experts, Boker Plus knives have been tested and field-proven by professionals the world over. One entry in the Plus series, the Lucas Burnley-designed Boker Kwaiken knife, has been a smash hit and boasts one of the most intriguing designs we've ever seen -- you need to check it out for yourself.


A knife for every need.


You don't need to be a combat veteran to appreciate a high-quality, versatile knife any more than you need to be a chef to appreciate a good meal. Boker knives are crafted to a higher standard because sometimes getting the job done, even if that job is just everyday life, depends on the quality of the tools you keep with you. That's why, in addition to traditional fixed blade and hunting knives, Boker also specializes in products such as folding and pocket knives, linerlock knives, even a famous line of straight razors for an unstoppable old-school shave that the plastic throwaway razor you're using now will never, ever match.


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Knife Country USA is one of the most reliable dealers in the knife and outdoor tool industry. Having a flourished inventory, which includes more than 30,000 models of pocket knivesfixed blade kniveshunting knivesbutterfly knives, machetesflashlights and knife sharpeners; Knife Country USA gives you a huge variety of options to choose from. The online store has a huge selection of premium outdoor accessories and survival gear, manufactured and supplied by some of the elite brands across the globe. You can find an array of tactical gear from over 700 name brands including Buck Knives, Case Knives, Cold Steel Knives, CRKT Knives, Gerber Knives, Kershaw Knives, SOG Knives, TOPS Knives, Victorinox Swiss Army and many more. A superb megastore with an expanding product line, you can always trust Knife Country for quality and variety! Call us today if you need further assistance as we are here Monday through Friday for help.

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