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Boker Tree Brand Knives is known to be the first company that has introduced ceramic knives to the marketplace. The company was founded by Hermann Heuser and Robert Boker in 1869 in Solingen, Germany. The brand is a leading knife manufacturing company that sells goods in Germany, Canada, the United States, and all over the world.  Ever since the brand is in the market, its blades, knives, and cutlery are popular and appreciated worldwide. The tree-brand has been continuously working to stand by its motto: Our passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary knives. Leading the cutlery market for over 150 years, Boker has been working diligently to create innovative products that are a blend of traditional values and a symbol of sustainable development.

Boker offers a growing product line of tools, Boker fixed blade knives, Boker folding knives and knife sharpeners that are very successful on the market. The company is spread across the globe in multiple countries as different branches and manufacturing items in German, United States of America. The symbol of the brand is a chestnut tree that stood beside the Booeker Tool Factory in the 17th century. This tree is a metaphor for the many branches and subsidiaries into which Boker Tree Brand Knives has expanded over the span of 150 years. Its subsidiaries include – Boker (Solingen, Germany), Arbolito (Argentina), Plus (Taiwan and China), Magnum (Taiwan and China), and Cinch (a lifestyle niche by Boker). The company offers over 80 specialty series of knives catering to knife collectors, hikers, campers, travelers, hunters, and adventure enthusiasts.


Know Your Boker Knives Better


The brand is devoted and enthusiastic about manufacturing high quality knives for over 150 years. Browse the space for an assortment of pocket knives, hunting knives, Damascus knives, fixed blade knives, chef’s knives and razor knives. Boker also provides special knives including utility knives, balisongs, neck knives, slip joint pocket knives, laguiole knives, kararmbits, fishing knives and bushcraft knives.

All the Boker product are manufactured after obtaining insights from German knife masters, military and law enforcement experts. Boker Knives has a reputation for its classic style pocket knives including Trapper, Stockman and Copperhead models. The brand also produces an array of accessories including knife sharpeners, scissors, flashlights and swords. The knives bear push button locks. Boker, Boker Plus and Magnum Knives with automatic opening are converted by third parties and are not attached to Boker USA, Inc.

Every knife produced by the brand is supported with high quality standards and ensures lifetime guarantee. Boker Knives is committed to environment and tries to work responsibly and sustainably when producing knives. Every raw material procured is vouched for premium quality and sustainability. The manufacturer works in collaboration with local partners and suppliers who help uplift the value of the products. Some of the best knives by the brand are Boker Crondir Lockback, Boker Plus Subcom, Credit Card Knife, and Plus USA Folding Knife.



Dive Deeper into Boker Tree Brand Knives Categories:


Boker Axes & Hatchets: Explore the category for the popular axes and tomahawks that are essential for all your outdoor tasks including hunting and tactical purposes. These sharp-edged tools are perfect for cutting wood, prepare game or as an entry tool.

Boker Damascus Knives: The category includes an assortment of Damascus steel knives that originated in European and Asian sword smithies. The knives are unique to the brand and fascinate the knife enthusiasts with its forge and folds. These knives are everything you need in terms of quality and functionality.

Boker Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives by Boker Knives are particularly designed keeping in mind scouts, hunters, outdoorsmen, and armed forces.  Twice as long as the folding pocket knives, the fixed blades work faster in tactical situations. Use these knives for cutting, digging, food preparation and splitting.

Boker Folding Pocket Knives: The popular line by Boker Knives, folding pocket knife is knife collector’s heaven. Explore the line for folders ranging from trappers to tactical knives to modern gentlemen’s pocket knives. The knives are vouched for their functionality and reliability during extreme situations.

Boker Hats and Clothes: This category includes an assortment of lifestyle products for the outdoor enthusiasts. Browse the space for hunter caps, embroidered T-shirts, hoodies, and more. These are extremely comfortable apparels so that you can breathe easy while exploring the wilderness.

Boker Hunting Knives: Explore the series for both folding and fixed blade knives for hunting purposes. The fixed blade ones offer sturdier grip and are easier to clean after the big hunt. Boasting length longer than folding knives, these fixed blades kill the game safely. The folding knives on the other hand are a combination of style and functionality. Explore the knives for handle options that suit you- classic wood, stag, or modern scales in signal colors.

Boker Karambit Knives: Karambit knives by Boker take the brand’s reputation to the next level. These are highly functional knives with two primary features- a curved hawkbill blade and a finger ring on the handle’s end. These knives originated in Indonesia and Malaysia but are now in high demand for their compact design and easy carry feature. Look through the series for both fixed blade and folding pocket knives.

Boker Leopard Damascus Knives: Damascus Knives by Boker Knives are the living legends. The Leopard series of these knives are marketed for their extraordinary designs and heavy-duty construction. Look for knives forged from the barrel steel of the German Leopard battle tank. With the hardness of 61 to 63 HRC and high durability these knives are perfect to kill a game in one blow.

Boker Saws: This category includes an array of folding and fixed blade saws, particularly designed for cutting through wood and large games in the field. The wood saw features deep gullet and teeth configurations for precise cuts on both push and pull strokes. Explore the category for handles with varied handle options according to your requirements.

Boker Sheaths: Browse through the space for high-quality pouches and sheaths so that you can safely store and carry your tactical tools. You can choose from the several materials including leather, nylon or Kydex. They can be easily attached to a belt or gear.

Boker Straight Razors: The category hosts forged razors that have been in demand recently. These are skin-friendly and make wet shaving easy. These high quality Solingen straight razors are carefully handmade using several steps.

Boker Tactical Pens: These are tools with a leverage of being a tool for self-defense in critical situations. They are reliable tools for daily and tactical use. You can use them for writing and as tactical tool in emergency situations. Most pen in this line feature glass breakers and other added functionalities that you can use to protect yourself from an intruder.

Boker Top Lock II Knives: These are sturdy pocket folders that feature lightweight cast aluminum body that ensures heft and balance while you use them. These pocket folding knives are suitable for swift and responsive handling and feature flush-mounted push button to open or close the blade.

Boker Traditional Pocket Knives: Skid through a line of jackknives, versatile tools suitable for opening envelopes, cutting twine, slicing fruit and self-defense. These are often multi-tools that include skinner blades and straight razors made from steel to stand abrasion and corrosion. Choose from the various handle options- jigged bone, appaloosa bone, oak, and beer barrel handles.

Boker Plus Knives: A sub-brand within Boker Tree Knives, Boker Plus is the result of the brand’s co-operation with reputed knife designers with a view to develop and test modern utility knives and gentleman pocket knives. Plus Knives boast stylish appearance and are extremely functional. They are visualized, designed and constructed in Solingen, Germany while the production takes place in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Magnum by Boker Knives: This is one of the sought-after sub-brands at Boker USA, Inc. The Magnum line includes an array of knives from traditional pocket knives to hunting knives to modern tactical tools. The tools in the series are what majority of price-sensitive knife collectors look for- a fascinating range of handle materials and functional blades made from Solingen steel.

Boker Barlow Knives: Explore the line for the classic American Barlow pocket knives. These are usually multi-tools with a primary blade that is suitable for rough cutting chores and a small accessory blade for delicate cutting tasks. The overlong bolsters and sizeable dimensions of the handle add to the character of this classic pocket knife.

Boker Congress Knives: This series includes an array of multi-tools that are specifically designed for tactical situations and extreme conditions. The tools include- two sheep feet, coping and pen blades.  These blades are made from high carbon steel and ensure maximum strength to withstand compression and distortion. Take along this multi-tool as you go on your adventurous expedition or camping trip.

Boker Lockback Knives: These are Boker classic folder with the traditional lockback locking mechanism to ensure that the blade does not close accidentally when in use. These knives are perfect to be used for hunting, skinning and deboning the meat. They can be a great inclusion to a knife collector’s collection of stylish and functional knives.

Boker Pen Knives: These are sleek and smart pocket knives appropriate for EDC. Not regular multi-tools, the blades of these knives are sharp blades for slicing through fruits and vegetables. Most of the knives in the series are equipped with non-stainless C75 blades and can be opened with two hands using the inbuilt nail nick.

Boker Razor Jack Knives: The line explores exclusive Razor Jack Damascus. The knives feature nickel silver bolsters, brass linings and Damascus steel blades. These are usually multi-tools equipped with small pen blade, Razor Jack main blade with engraved brand logo, brass liners, and polished nickel silver bolsters.

Boker Stockman Pocket Knives: These are classic Stockman knives equipped with carbon steel knives. They are three-bladed folders with clip point blade for fine detail work, spey blade for skinning and a sheepfoot blade suitable for cutting and dicing. These are perfect slipjoint folders that can tackle all general tasks.

Boker Trapper Knives: This is line of timeless classic folders that will take you back to the time when modern pocket knives were first produced. Most of the knives in this line bear traditional clip and spey blades made from carbon steel. Choose from the various handle finishes including jigged bone, G-10, plastic, cocobolo wood, and titanium handles.

Boker Folding Hunter Knives: The hunting folders in the category are as popular as the fixed blade hunting knives. Boasting carbon steel blades, the knives are functional to kill games and cut through them. They have handle scales in classic wood, stag or contemporary scales in signal colors. These pocket knives also include additional features such as bone saw and gutting hook.

Boker Knives with Bone Handles: This category includes folding pocket and fixed blade knives whose handles are made from the bones of dead animals. These handles enable strong grip and appear stylish in terms of appearance. They are classic hunting knives that can also be used for skinning the game.

Boker Knives with Micarta Handles: The knives in this category bear handles made from Micarta. Micarta is essentially a kind of linen or fiber cloth material in a thermoset resin. The material ensures strong and sturdy grip during heavy-duty tasks. It even assures non-slip grip when wet.

Boker Knives with Stag Handles: Explore the series for knives featuring genuine Sambar stag handles that do not crack and ensure timeless functionality for generations. Stag is Boker’s go-to material for traditional pocket knives.

Boker Knives with Wood Handles: Browse through the category for knives boasting handles made from wood. This makes them durable and attractive. Choose from variety of wood handle option. These overall look of the wood handle knives continues to remain a popular choice.


Know the Boker Knife Series:


Boker Copperhead Knife Series: When you explore this series, look for knife folders with two carbon steel blades- drop point and a clip point. Both the blades feature nail nick for two-hand opening. Majority of the knives boast jigged bone handles that offers sturdy and secure grip for elongated use. These knives are designed and manufactured in Solingen, Germany.

Boker 1674 Knife Series: Browse through the series for an assortment of knives designed for tactical tasks that require strength. The blades bear impressive and elegant flowing lines that add to the look of the knives. The series holds historic significance as it was in 1674 that the Boker family first registered the coat of arms with the famous tree as “private brand”. The series includes limited edition knives and is a proof that Boker Tree is 343 years old.

Boker 20-20 Knife Series: The series includes contemporary knives, the knives of 21st century. These are reliable pocket folders perfect for hunting and tactical situations. Use the modern from the series as you handle large cutting tasks. The knives bear clip point blades made from 440C steel and oak wood handle. The folding pocket knives are also equipped with polished nickel silver bolsters that are pinned by brass for extended life.

Boker 3000 Knife Series: This is an anniversary model series that marks 150 years of Boker Knives. Each knife in the series represents the history of the brand and the overview of the years of production. Explore the series for some legendary knives including Camp Knife, the oldest knife by the brand. These are lockback knives suitable for outdoors and hunting.

Boker Applegate Knife Series: This is a series of tactical knives designed by Col. Rex Applegate, an elite soldier. These combat knives boast double edge 440C dagger blades with bead blast finish. Explore the series for fixed blade knives flaunting fiberglass reinforced Delrin handles which offer ergonomic grip for prolonged use. The knives are supplied with Kydex belt sheath which enables you to carry your knife securely.

Boker Arbolito Knife Series: This is a series of knives designed and manufactured in Arbolito since 1983. These are performance led tools suitable for sports, hunting and professional use. These knives are perfect for collectors’ treasure owing their unique handle designs that scale out of wood and stag. These combat tools are built robust to withstand any task.

Boker Boxer Knife Series:  These are EDCs designed by Raphael Durand combined with state-of-the-art materials. Explore the space for knives that exhibit a flat, self-supporting construction without the need for liner and bolster. They are essentially lightweight, slipjoint pocket knife that can live up to everyday use. The Boxer Knives are designed and manufactured in the steel city Solingen, Germany.

Boker Boy Scout Knife Series: The Scout series hosts an array of elegant lockback folders available in various handle options. They were first designed in 1985 and continue to remain an essential for scouts. Scouts continue to remain the only knives with maximum number of versions a year. These pocket knives have a lower profile with a rugged and durable construction.

Boker Camp Knife Series: Browse the series for one of the oldest folders that are being produced since 1869 in Solingen. This knife is a classic combination of numerous tools in one unit. A great camping tool, it includes two blades, a can opener, a cap filter, a leather punch and reamer, a cork screw, and a flathead screwdriver.

Boker Challenger Knife Series: The series includes compact neck knives perfect for everyday carry. The tactical tool features a sturdy Wharncliffe blade and has full-tang construction which ensures superior comfort and wearability. Most of the knives have non-slip G-10 handles for most strenuous tasks.

Boker Cinch Knife Series: These knives are a result of collaboration with Cinch Jeans clothing company in 2006 and are produced in Solingen, Germany. The folders in the series are specifically designed to match the western lifestyle. Look for features like stag handles, classic designs, and western-style engravings.

Boker Classic Knife Series: The Classic Pocket Knives are vouched for their traditional built and use of classic materials like wood, stag for scales and nickel silver bolsters. These are solid utility knives perfect for hunting and everyday carry.

Boker Cub Knife Series: These are fixed blade knives with a fusion of classic and modern elements. These compact knives are designed by famous Lucas Burnley. Explore the line for knives with slim profile and ergonomic grip handles that ensure offer both elegance and functionality.

Boker Delicate Knife Series: These are special edition knives that represent Boker’s history. The delicate knives usually exhibit curly birch pattern and colored wood handles. The blade features two-tone etching of the brand logo in gold. Delicate is a popular picnic knife, compact steak knife or perfect companion for everyday cutting jobs.

Boker Falun Knife Series: Browse the series for knives that are reputed as workhorse of the Scandinavian forests, coasts and lakes. These are fixed blade knives feature satin-finished blade made from 420 steel and G-10 handles. They are supplied with polymer sheath with a clip to wear on the belt.

Boker Farkas Knife Series: The series hosts fixed blade knives designed by Hungarian knife maker Peter Farkas. This is a bushcraft knife with massive blade constructed from D2 steel and boasts stonewash finish and convex grind.

Boker Fellow Knife Series: These are your everyday companions and can be around as you go for camping, trekking and other outdoor activities. The series includes classic pocket knives with C7 carbon steel blade, finished in satin and rugged handles to ensure non-slip grip during tedious tasks.

Boker Filmam Knife Series: This series is based on the ideas from the Filmam Factory from Palacoulo, Portugal. Filmam Knife line started off with simple knives particularly designed for agricultural work and has gone under several upgradations to give to you cutting tools that are premium in form and functionality. The pocket knives in the series feature stainless steel blades with nail nick opening. The handles are scaled from beech wood and are reputed for exceptional grip.

Boker Forsternicker Knife Series: Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, Boker Forsternicker is a vintage version of brand’s previous knife model Nicker that was quite popular several decades ago. Marked by traditional features, the line has knives with wider, curved modern Bohler N690 blades that are flat grind which make them easy to perform larger hunting tasks.

Boker Gobec Knife Series: Explore the series for knives created in collaboration with an Austrian knife-maker Stefan Gobec. The Gobec is everything you need to outperform your next hunting task. Look for the knives with thick flat ground blade that is sharp and provide maximum edge retention. The handles are often scaled from genuine stag and have curvaceous touch for a solid grip. At the crown of the handle rests non-slip thumb rest that adds to the ergonomic while skinning or killing a game.

Boker Gorski Knife Series: Designed in partnership with Wilfried Gorski, the Gorski knife series is host to some incredibly crafted Damascus knives that are fusion of artistry and technology. The pocket folders bear exact same dimensions as Boker Merlin and have a 200-layer Scramble Damascus pattern over both drop point blade and steel handle.

Boker Granito Knife Series: The series includes knives that are first offerings from Boker Plus Spain. This knife model features satin drop point blade crafted from MoVa stainless steel and is scandi ground. The handle scales are made from the distinctive, textured Granito Micarta.

Boker Gulo Knife Series: The Gulo is an outcome of Boker’s collaboration with Steve Kelly from Montana. The knife features ball-bearing hinged CPM-154 blade supported with slim yet strong titanium liners. The titanium framelock knife is Kelly’s peak craftsmanship.

Boker Integral Knife Series: The Integrals are fixed blade knives specially designed to handle toughest cutting tasks. Each knife is forged from a single piece of 440C stainless steel, which offers sturdiness during hunting and outdoor activities. The knife is light and easy to handle. The hunting tool has tang construction at the end of the handle for secure grip.

Boker Jager Knife Series: The Jager series is a special edition knife series that pays homage to the rich heritage and hunters who are doing their part in preserving the nature. The knife in the series is marketed for genuine gold-etched blades that were common in high-quality knives during the Golden Era of Solingen knife industry. The handles are often scaled from walnut burl wood to give to the knife a timeless touch.

Boker Kalashnikov Knife Series: Explore the line of knives that bear inputs from the world-renowned gun-designer General Mikhail Kalashnikov. Each pocket knife in the series uses linerlock mechanism to deploy the blade using the firing button flushed on the handle, preventing accidental closure and opening. Look for knives with aluminum handles that are machined and anodized for surface protection. The blade is made using AUS-8 steel and bears bead blast finish and plain edge which make the knives thin, elegant and perfect for EDC.

Boker Old Bear Knife Series: Old Bear Knife Series is a limited edition collection that was presented on the 90th anniversary of Antonini, a renowned knife manufacturing company. These are folding knives and known for their ergonomic design and overruling performance. What makes the knife special about the Old Bear knife is oil-treated wooden handle that not only add to the appearance of the knife but also offer non-slip grip for comfortable use.

Boker Optima Knife Series: The Boker Optima is pocket knife designed for rough handling. The knife’s blade is thick and made from stainless steel and is hollow ground. The blades in the series can be exchanged which transform the knife from one-part knife to multi-functional knife.

Boker Outdoorsman Knife Series: The Outdoorsman series contains knives that are compact but stout and specially tuned for utility purpose. The full tang construction and thick blade promotes durability. The over-molded CFC handle ensures solid grip. These are everyday companions for any outdoor situation.

Boker Pine Creek Knife Series: Explore the series for sturdy and compact hunting knives designed in collaboration with Jerry Lairson. Owing to two finger grooves at the handle, you can hold the knife any way you want. The blade is made from T6MoV steel. The handle scales are attached using mosaic pins and also add special touch to the knives.

Boker Quadro Knife Series: Browse the series for multi-tools that include a locking main blade, saw, bottle opener, gutting blade and corkscrew. The scales are made from stag and add to the look of these pocketknives.

Boker Savannah Knife Series: This series includes Boker Savannah a professional hunting and outdoor knife flaunting large blade and elegant lines. The knife is designed by Armin Stutz from SteirerEisen, an Austrian knife forge in collaboration with professional rangers holding expertise in big game hunting in South Africa. The steel blade usually has two-tone finish and can withstand any cutting task. The handles flaunt elaborated groove canvas micarta scales that not only uplift the look of the knife but also ensure ergonomic grip. It has fiber underlay which enhances the knife’s design.

Boker Schloss Burg Knife Series: The knives in the series derive their inspiration from Castle Burg, a landmark of the Bergisches Land, rising above river Wupper near Boker Manufactory. Its architecture inspired the use of solid oak scales in the knife and laid the foundation of Schloss Burg knife series. This is a limited edition series with only 1133 pieces handcrafted annually. The blades are finished in special acid wash to highlight the authenticity of the knives.

Boker Scout Knife Series: These are elegant lockback pocket knives that were first manufactured by the brand in 1985. Scouts continue to remain the only knives with maximum number of versions a year. These pocket knives have a lower profile with a rugged and durable construction.

Boker Stag Handle Knife Series: Explore the series for knives featuring genuine Sambar stag handles that do not crack and ensure timeless functionality for generations. Stag is Boker’s go-to material for traditional pocket knives. Explore the series folding knives that usually have clip point and drop point blades.

Boker Tirpitz Knife Series: This is a special series of knife that uses steel from the historic Tirpitz battle ship that was hit by Tallboy bombs in 1944. Boker forged the parts of the ship into Damascus steel and created knives. This is a complete metallic knife with handle made of AIMgSi1 aluminum. The inlay has original Tirpitz crest and domestic walnut that has a long history as shaft wood for German rifles.

Boker Titan Knife Series: Browse the series for knives flaunting handles made of titanium. They are multi-purpose knives that exhibit flat design and small handle thickness. The knives have an interlocking mechanism which keeps the blade securely open when in use.

Boker Trench Knife Series: This is a historic collection of knives that were designed in 1915, during the First World War. These combat knives have C75 stainless steel blades. The series includes knives such as M3 Trench Knives that were designed in 1943 to be used by U.S. Army soldier during World War II..

Boker Vollintregal Knife Series: The Vollintegral knife series is host to hunting knives with full-tang construction. The knives are forged from a single sheet of steel and the handle scale design is often preferred by the professional hunters. Some of the best knives in the series are: Vollintegral 2.0 Micarta, Vollintegral 2.0 1624 and more.


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