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Boker Tree Brand Knives

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Boker Tree Brand Knives

Forged in a tradition of excellence that began nearly two centuries ago in the "Blade City" of Solingen, Germany, Boker knives are among the most prestigious lines of blades and cutlery in the world. Through some of history's most tumultuous events, the Boker name has survived, with its superior cutting products all distinguished by the Boker tree -- a symbol of the towering, ancient chestnut that once grew outside the original Boker factory hundreds of years ago.


The reputation of the power and quality infused into the knives etched with the Boker tree expanded throughout Europe in the 19th century before crossing an ocean, and then eventually a continent, to find a devoted legion of customers throughout the USA and beyond. As the Boker legacy grew, new factories with new designs and products began springing up on both sides of the Atlantic to meet the increased demands of an exploding market. Soon, Boker was a top American manufacturer of everything from German kitchen knives to folding pocket knives, to hunting knives and fixed blade knives, to knife sharpeners and sheaths, to multitools, scissors, and much more. With over 80 specialty series of knives today, Boker products are as diverse as the people who use them and are as timeless as the immortal Boker tree.

A superior knife for every style.

The passion and perseverance behind the Boker brand is evident in every knife they create, which now encompasses a huge assortment of styles built to match every knife user. For those who value a perfect balance of price and performance, Boker Magnum knives are an entire brand devoted to cost-effective quality. For those looking for the high-end sports cars of knives, then our Boker Plus showroom is where you'll want to spend the rest of your visit. Featuring German engineering and input from an international team of military, police, and combat experts, Boker Plus knives have been tested and field-proven by professionals the world over. One entry in the Plus series, the Lucas Burnley-designed Boker Kwaiken knife, has been a smash hit and boasts one of the most intriguing designs we've ever seen -- you need to check it out for yourself.

A knife for every need.

You don't need to be a combat veteran to appreciate a high-quality, versatile knife any more than you need to be a chef to appreciate a good meal. Boker knives are crafted to a higher standard because sometimes getting the job done, even if that job is just everyday life, depends on the quality of the tools you keep with you. That's why, in addition to traditional fixed blade and hunting knives, Boker also specializes in products such as folding and pocket knives, linerlock knives, even a famous line of straight razors for an unstoppable old-school shave that the plastic throwaway razor you're using now will never, ever match.

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