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Tactical Pens

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Tactical Pen Basics


Tactical Pens are designed to deal with strong pressure applications. The tip of a Tactical Pen is very sharp, making it ideal to break glass panes if required. Having a different DNA from a regular pen, buying a Tactical Pen becomes a little problematic. To ensure our customers, we have listed some features to consider:


1. Discreetness

  • A perfect Tactical Pen has similar construction like a regular pen but a different functionality.

  • It should have discreet appearance, yet serve as a great self-defense tool. 

2. Gripping

  • When  using a Tactical Pen, always ensure of a solid, firm handgrip.

  • A good knurling is always a desired feature for using your Tactical Pen.

3. Pocket Clip

  • Tactical Pen should easily clip on thr pocket to avoid any possibly of falling out.

  • A well-built pocket clip will ensures freedom from any concerns about the security of the pen.


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