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A Journey through the Pages of History

Zippo Manufacturing Company came into limelight when George G. Blaisdell, the founder of the company, established the brand with a view to provide exceptional grade and premium lighters and other products. The sheer dedication of Zippo employees played a vital role in creating in the company’s rich history. George G. Blaisdell’s loyalty and dedication has made Zippo one of America’s greatest and most recognizable icons.


The Idea to Reconstruct the Austrian Lighter Led to the Formation of the Brand ‘ZIPPO’


It all instigated in 1930’s in Bradford, Pennsylvania, when George G. Blaisdell found his friend awkwardly struggling to use an Austrian-made lighter. Though the lighter perfectly worked even in the wind with the unique chimney, but the need to change the appearance and design to make it more efficient that can be operated with single hand, led to the introduction of lighters that were designed by George G. Blaisdell. The Austrian-made lighter had thin metal surface that didn’t survive dent and extreme pressure. Mr. Blaisdell finally reconstructed the Austrian lighter in 1932. The changes include the provision of a small rectangular case and attached a lid with a hinge. The chimney design protected the flame and was retained as that of original design. The new one was a gorgeous lighter was that eliminated the use of both hands.

From there, the brand name “Zippo” came into limelight, which was given by Mr. Blaisdell.



America’s entry into the war in 1941 had a great and deep impact on the ZIPPO lighters. The product was halted for consumer markets and dedicated all production to the U.S. military. With this, numerous new and modified lighters were introduced; one of them was the production of the steel-case Zippo lighter with black crackle finish. American military personnel carried ZIPPO lighters to the battle field, this acted as a catalyst in establishing Zippo as an American icon internationally. Zippo became financially strong and made it a viable company. After the war ended in 1945, Zippo resumed producing lighters for the consumer market. Mr. Blaisdell passion for his self-made and designed lighters encouraged him to hit the road with a car that replicates the lighters he makes. In 1947 the Zippo Car was born.



On August 1, 1950 Zippo was issued its second patent. With minor improvements, the design of the Zippo lighter remains basically the same. Mid-50’s marked the start of lighters that were stamped with date codes on the bottom of every Zippo lighter, for quality control. Zippo launched the slim lighter in 1956 that marked another milestone for ZIPPO.



In 1960’s Zippo flame was raised as a salute to favorite performers by the concert-goers, as a gesture; this was later dubbed the “Zippo Moment”. Zippo produced its first non-lighter product in 1962, the steel pocket tape measure, or “rule”, with a design that look like the famous lighter. Many other products have been added to the queue since then. 


Zippo’s Massive Inventory: Quality Products

Zippo Windproof Lighters:These are the finest range of lighters designed with wind proofing for prolonging the flame lifespan. The lighters are stylish and are high on quality. The lighters are suitable to be used for tactical situations and survival tasks like lighting a fire in the wild. The windproof lighters work smoothly even in open spaces. Pick from a variety of lighters that are available in different themes including Americana, Playboy, Spiritual, Outdoor, Spirits, Harley-Davidson, Heroes/Military and many more.


Writing Instruments:The writing instruments are the ergonomically designed stylish pens. These are the ball point pens with a cap; few of the robust and durable writing instruments are offered with a twisting mechanism and are polished with quality material.


Zippo Accessories:The accessories by zippo include the finest range of products that are specifically designed for the adventure enthusiasts and globetrotters. The series has fuel canister, pouch bags for lighters, flint cards, and watches. The pouch bags are designed to protect your precious lighters and are suitable while on an adventure.  


Zippo Lighters Allegheny Pen Series:  The Allegheny Pens are the finest writing tools in the market owing to the perfect twist-opening and closing mechanism. The ergonomically designed ball-point pens are durable and sturdy enough to work smoothly even after prolonged use.


Zippo Lighters American Series:This series has the most popular patriotic American designs; the lighters in this series are high on functionality and style. The lighters are polished in gorgeous finishes like chrome finish and are perfect for the real-life users and collectors as well.


Zippo Lighters Anne Stokes Series: The Anne Stokes lighters have the most innovative designs with the chrome plated feature for enhanced durability. These are lightweight lighters suitable to be used by adventurers for lighting a fire while hiking. Use this lighter for lighting cigarettes, pipes, and cigars

Zippo Lighters Anniversary Series:The series includes Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary lighter that can be gifted to your loved ones. These lighters are high on performance, made using sturdy material that is durable and can be used on outdoor adventures or for lighting cigarettes.


Zippo Lighters Armor Series:The Zippo Lighters Armor series includes sophisticated lighters that are durable and sturdy enough to work smoothly even after multiple roughest uses and do not get damaged easily. The visually appealing lighters make them perfect to gift to your loved ones as well. The lighters provide a consistent flame and ensure flawless performance.


Zippo Lighters Assassins Creed : The series includes robustly built lighters that aim at fans of the popular game series. The lighters have the images of the protagonists and legendary in-game symbols. Apart from being visually appealing, the lighters are suitable for camping tasks or lighting a pipe or a cigarette.


Zippo Lighters Bettie Page Series:This series includes the image of Bettie Page, a star from yesteryears. These are the lighters that are high on glamor and simultaneously built with robust material to enhance the performance for years. These lighters are suitable for lighting fire on an outdoor adventure


Zippo Lighters Bob Marley Series:This series includes the Bob Marley series, which is a perfect gift for fans of the legend. The lighters are polished with quality materials and are featured with the images of Bob Marley at his best days. The lighters in this series are perfect to be used for lighting camp fire or a cigarette.


Zippo Lighters Candy Apple Series:The candy apple light series includes the finest range of lighters that are manufactured using premium-grade material, suitable for everyday tasks and for critical situations as well. The lighters have candy apple color along with their classic case shape. These lighters have the lifetime guarantee and the company’s assurance. Use this lighter for the cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, and for lighting a campfire.


Zippo Lighters Chevy Series:This series includes Chevy lighters that are specifically designed keeping in mind the fans of the automobile brand Chevrolet. The all-metal construction of the lighters can withstand extreme conditions and comes with the with a windproof design. The lighter features the Chevrolet’s logo.


Zippo Lighters Clover Series:The clover series was specially designed keeping in mind the popular belief that a four-leaf clover can bring you good luck. The lighters in this series include the four-leaf clover design that can be a perfect gift to your loved ones and friends. The clover design is presented in different styles.


Zippo Lighters Colt Series:Colt series includes the finest lighters that depict the famous Colt firearms along with the Colt logo. These are the lighters suitable for everyday users and adventurers as well. The windproof design makes it perfect to be used to light a fire anywhere.


Zippo Lighters Day Of The Dead Series:This series is dedicated to the Mexican holiday. The bear design lighters feature skulls and another popular day of the dead symbols that makes these lighters stand apart from the crowd.  The all-metal construction with windproof design makes these lighters ideal for everyday users and adventure seekers.


Zippo Lighters Duck Dynasty Series:This series is dedicated to the fans of popular American reality television series, Duck Dynasty. The series depicts the Duck Dynasty family, their family crest, and many more. The all-metal construction and feature a windproof design and makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.


Zippo Lighters Engine Turn Series:The Engine Turn series is a perfect blend of style with efficiency. The sophisticated and robust lighters are manufactured with windproof designs that work smoothly even under extreme blustery conditions. Use this lighter without any hassle in outdoors for lighting a campfire or a cigarette.


Zippo Lighters Fender Guitar Series:This series is dedicated to the music lovers; the lighters in this series makes you feel like a rock star. The Lighters Fender Guitar series features the elegant high-polish chrome designs and performs smoothly under blustery conditions.


Zippo Lighters Filigree Series:Filigree series lighters are a smart pick that features high on style lighters with excellent functionality. The artistically-designed lighters with chrome finish add to the durability of the products and make it suitable for lighting cigarettes, cigar, or a campfire.


Zippo Lighters Ford Series:The ford series includes aesthetically appealing lighters that are ideal for perfect for style connoisseurs. The lighters are ergonomically designed and are chrome plated for extreme durability and resistance to wear and tear. The lighters are designed to make sure it doesn’t slip. Use this for lighting a fire or burning a cigarette.


Zippo Lighters Gas Monkey Series:This series features lighters with a chrome finish that is durable and reliable. The Gas Monkey design gives it a funky look that can be a great conversation starter at the parties and social gatherings. You can use this lighter on a camping trip for lighting a campfire or your cigarettes and pipes. The spunky lighters are a joy to behold, especially for fans of the brand.

Zippo Lighters Grunge Series:includes the finest range of rugged looking products with killer designs that yield optimum performance. The stylish grunge-look of the lighters creates an instant impact when in a social gathering. The lighters in this series are easy to operate and can be used for lighting pipes, cigarettes, and cigars.


Zippo Lighters Harley Davidson Series: includes the lighters with logos and bike designs that can be the perfect gift for friends and family. These lighters have the wind-resistance feature and can be used in blustery conditions.


Zippo Lighters Iron Maiden Series: This series includes the lighters that are dedicated to the people who love the famous rock band. The lightweight lighters with brushed with chrome finish feature symbols and name of the band on the front.


Zippo Lighters Jack Daniel's Series: features high on style and luxurious lighters with the markings of one of the world’s finest whiskeys. Many of the lighters are polished and have a splendid look that makes them a standout.


Zippo Lighters Jim Beam Series:Manufactured and designed with a touch of elegance and sophistication; these are the lighters that feature splendid images of the world-famous whiskey. These are the wind-resistant lightweight lighters suitable for blustery conditions for a constant flame.


Zippo Lighters Jimi Hendrix Series: Especially for the fans of the legend, Jimi Hendrix, these are the lighters that can be a perfect gift. The lighters are made using quality materials that help to withstand wind and blustery conditions. Many of the lighters are designs centered around Jimi Hendrix.


Zippo Lighters Kurt Cobain Series: Kurt Cobain series includes the lighters dedicated to the prolific rock star, Kurt Cobain. These lighters are easy to turn on and off and are suitable for lighting a campfire or a cigarette/cigar


Zippo Lighters Lizard Lick Series: Lizard Lick series is dedicated to the fans of the famous reality television show, Lizard Lick Towing. The lightweight lighters are chrome finished for extreme durability and are suitable for lighting pipes and cigarettes.


Zippo Lighters Mazzi Series:These are the wind-resistant lighters that are suitable even in blustery conditions. These are the best designs with unique patterns and images. The chrome finish makes them resistant to natural elements and the lighters have the simple opening and closing mechanism


Zippo Lighters MLB Series: This series of official MLB windproof lighters come with the reliable, patented technology and are made in the USA. These lighters a great gift or suitable for collection as well.


Zippo Lighters NFL Series:NLF series are the lighters with windproof lighters featuring the team logo of your favorite team in a matte finish. It is ideal for someone who loves American football. For best performance, fill it using the Zippo finest lighter fluid.


Zippo Lighters Olivia Series:These are the lighters with sensual artwork of Olivia De Berardinis by the famous American artist, known for making paintings of women. The artwork has been captured onto these brushed brass lighters with a matte finish. These come packaged in a gift box.


Zippo Lighters Playboy Series: Playboy series features high-polish chrome, brushed chrome lighters that create an instant impact with the lustrous finishes. The silvery luminous quality of chrome lighter, these are the lighters with excellent construction and smooth functionality.


Zippo Lighters Realtree Series: Realtree high-definition windproof lighters have a camouflage front and reverse side pattern that is accompanied by the high definition feature that adds detail and clarity to the lighters. These are the perfect gift for hunters and globetrotters.


Zippo Lighters Shenango Series: Rollerball pen lighters have a solid brass barrel with a gloss finish. The chrome accents of the lighters make them visually appealing, while the dual twist action and medium point black refill, rigid spring steel clip along with a Zippo logo are the defining features


Zippo Lighters Slipknot Series:Featuring a Slipknot logo, which is color imaged, these are the satin chrome finished windproof lighters and are offered in environment-friendly gift boxes. These contemporary lighters are known for optimal performance and can be used with Zippo premium lighter fluids.


Zippo Lighters Sons of Anarchy Series: Sons of Anarchy lighter series has color-imaged with a Slipknot design that features the logo alongside images of the band members. The Zippo lighters can be used with the premium lighter fluids. The all-metal construction along with the windproof design works smoothly in blustery conditions.


Zippo Lighters Spectrum Series: Zippo Spectrum series has lighters with lovely finishing that gives the appearance of colors seen in engine oil. These lighters are known as the Zippo Oil Slick lighters with the classic chrome-plated finish and are bonded with a micro thin, scratch-resistant coating, which creates a shimmering rainbow.


Zippo Lighters Sport Watch Series:The sport watches by Zippo feature watches with polished solid stainless-steel casing and the fines use of mineral crystal in the machinery. The bodies are designed to be water resistant up to 5 ATM or about 80 PSI, especially for swimming or having a shower.


Zippo Lighters U.S. Navy Series: These are the lighters that were designed especially for Navy personnel, veterans, and for supporters of the nation’s heroes. These are the all-metal constructed lighters with US Navy emblems and have a unique windproof design.


Zippo Lighters United States of America Series: As a tribute to the United States of America and for its true patriots, Zippo created these lighters. The all-metal constructed lighters are the replicas of the lighters that were manufactured for the US Army during World War II, featuring the national flag and the US Coast Guard emblem


Zippo Lighters US Marine Series: US Marine Series by Zippo excels in every aspect, from perfect finishing to perfect construction, and the emblem of one of the best fighting forces in the world; these lighters can be used even in unfavorable conditions. The all-metal construction with a windproof design proves to be a true companion for everyone.


Zippo Lighters Venetian Series: Venetian series is primarily designed and dedicated to people of Italian origin; these are the lighters featuring unique floral pattern and are offered in chrome and brass finishes.


Zippo Lighters Wolf Series: The Wolf series lighters are specifically designed for the animal lovers and those who are the fans of Twilight and Game of Thrones. Featuring the lighters with a lone wolf in various moods; these lighters are made entirely of metal with a windproof design even during strong winds.

Zippo Lighters Warranty

Zippo Lightersoffers exceptional quality and high-performance lighters and other products that are designed by the experienced people of the industry. Every product by Zippo Lightersis warranted to be free of any kind of manufacturing or designing defects. In rare case, if the products are found to defect then, inspection will be done to ensure that the product genuinely defects. Only after the inspection, the product will be sent for further repair or replacement that solely depends on the availability of the product. The products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, which can hamper the product’s performance and quality; in this case no warranty will be offered.


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