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Zippo Lighters Ford Series by Zippo Lighters

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Renowned for its stylish lighters, the Zippo made its name by supplying lighters to the US military in the Second World War. Created by George G. Blaisdell in 1932, all the products offered by Zippo are high on quality and last long.


The Ford Series

The Zippo Ford series includes lighters that are aesthetically appealing and perfect for style connoisseurs. Most of the products in this series are chrome plated for durability and resistance to wear and tear. The lighters in this range are ergonomically designed and, hence, easy to hold, so they do not slip from your grasps when you light them. You can use the Ford series lighter for lighting a fire or burning a cigarette. These lighters are most suitable for adventurers who desire a reliable lighting product.


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