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Combat Knives and Tactical Knives

In the history of mankind, combat knives made the most impact not only on weaponry but on warfare as well. If we are to dig deep into our past, it is evident that combat blades are as old as civilization. At first, their usage mostly revolved around self-defense and hand-to-hand conflicts. However, as time passed, new forms of knives came out, alongside with more tactical uses.

Today, combat knives and tactical knives have a large set of use-cases, including construction & house works, decoration, and military. We at Knife Country USA pride ourselves with providing high-quality multi-functional blades. Thus, we exhibit only the finest brands in our portfolio, all the while teaching clients about knives in general.

History of Fighting Knives

Although today we have many knife categories, we can safely say that it all started with combat knives. Prehistoric times saw the birth of the primitive blade, with earliest archeological finds confirmed to be of the Paleolithic era. Stone and wood found a quite good use for hunting and self-defense, constituting the peak of the primitive technology.


However, the advancement in material production brought a bronze age (ca. 2500 - 2000 BC). Instead of simple stone, blade makers produced bronze daggers, making them more sturdy and lethal. These combat knives and tactical knives came in different shapes and often depicted important people if jewelry was involved.


Antic and Middle Ages

Ancient Greece, Rome, and middle ages all saw iron blades becoming a thing, both in the military and within civil societies. Their use case, however, did not drastically change, mostly revolving around showing off important people and use in close-ranged combat. Still, iron proved to be much more reliable than stone and bronze.

The period of 2000 BC till 1.500 AD shows just how effective these weapons were due to how long their use was. The Middle East and Europe prided themselves with their own variants of combat knives, applying similar manufacturing processes.


Interestingly, Italian and French militaries were the first to introduce double-edged knives in the 14th century. Soon after, Scottish made their first dirk daggers, while nobility examined steel as a substitute for iron. The earliest example of steel combat knives comes from the 12th century while wider use was noted in the 15th century. The difficulty of manipulating and mass producing steel was the main obstacle in the adoption of the material for blades.


Early-Modern Period

With the improved armor and protection gear, blade makers were in a tight spot for adequate combat knives. To penetrate improved defenses, steel-made blades became quite popular in the military circles until the 17th century. With the arrival of firearms, combat knives saw less and less practical usage in warfare. Generals and armies in general preferred long swords and guns instead of small daggers.


However, civil societies did saw value in these weapons, as it provided quite good self-defense perks. Suffice to say, with the rising crime rates, casual daily wear of combat knives was a norm. Portuguese sailors used the faca while traveling on vast sees, for example, bringing the technology to the Americas along the way.

World Wars

World War I saw the introduction of a trench knife, which was used by both sides of the tragic conflict. Its use case, durability, and unwavering sharpness proved to be quite effective when close-ranged combat occurred. The said fixed blade made a design that is in use even today and is considered to be a predecessor for many modern models today.


World War II carried additional improvements in terms of materials and new models. U.S. Marine Corps came with their own variant of combat knives, such as USMC Mark 2 Combat and KA-BAR knives. These blades served a dual purpose, as close combat weapons and utility tools, especially when breaching trenches of the opposing army.

Introduction of Tactical Knives

This is the point where we start to signify differences between combat knives and tactical knives. The latter knife saw introduction in the 1990s around the globe. Whereas combat knives were usually straight-shape blades, tactical knives came in as curved as well.


Stainless steel was standard already at the time, with handle materials being Micarta®, G-10 and carbon fiber. It is important to say that, during that period, models and their materials simply exploded. Tactical knives saw the light of the day to serve different purposes. Thus, their material, design, and length varied greatly across models.

Modern Times Uses

Nowadays, it is practically illegal to carry a combat knife with you. These blades are quite dangerous and require strict safety measures. Different U.S. states created policies regarding their use, meaning that careless handling is prohibited carries strict sanctions. Thus, the use case completely changed when civil society is in question. Modern Special Forces still have their own models while regular citizens found other uses for combat knives and tactical knives.


Today, these blades come in as a necessary tool for camping, survival trips, construction projects, and housework. The sheer number of models, shapes, and materials used for production shows just how far these blades came from their beginnings. Mostly, tactical knives find their best use when users need to cut down durable materials. Combat knives, on the other hand, are more for a show and decoration at home.

Large Spectrum of Choices

Buyers that look for a large selection of combat and tactical knives need to look no further than Knife Country USA. We made a portfolio that would suit most tastes and needs for knife lovers, including all the biggest brand names. The neat thing about combat and tactical knives is that they are not in any mean standardized. They come in various shapes, lengths, and weights.

We offer a wide range of blades, including combat fixed, tactical fixed, combat folding, and tactical folding knives.

Combat Fixed Blade Knives

Combat fixed blade knives are those that you can consider being the “mother of them all.” These blades are the predecessors for all other models and are quite popular nowadays as well. There are a lot of models that can intrigue knife lovers all over the globe, differing in terms of shape, lengths, and use. Combat fixed blade knives provide sharp edges for construction and housework but they also come with neat decorations as well.


Some of the well-known brands include names as Combat ReadyBecker Knife & ToolOntarioCold Steel Combat KnivesTOPS Combat Knives, and Smith & Wesson Combat Knives.

Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

Tactical fixed blade knives are quite interesting for many reasons, most of all for their intended use. Coming in with a different handle design and curved shape, tactical fixed blades can help you cut through even the most resistant materials. Curved shape helps when users need to reach an otherwise difficult position in the house or a tough spot on the object.


You should check out our knives coming from household names, such as MTech Knives, TOPS Knives, Schrade Knives, 5.11 Tactical Knives, and Bubba Blade.

Combat Folding Blade Knives

Combat folding blade knives come as one of the most popular folding knives at Knife Country USA. Although not used anymore as a self-defense weapon, folding blades do have various use cases around the house. You can also carry these if you have a construction project or while camping. The folding feature protects the carrier and keeps the blade safe from natural elements. They are usually pocket-sized and might carry several blades as well.


Some of the brand names that we offer for our buyers include Hen & Rooster, Gerber, Fox USMC, Bastinelli, Buck, and Combat Ready knife brands. Be sure to check out other folding knives we have in our portfolio.

Tactical Folding Blade Knives

Tactical folding blade knives, although very similar to combat folding knives, they do vary much more in shape and design. Whereas combat folding knives are predominately for camping and decoration, tactical folding knives are very useful in your day-to-day life. You can use them for your garden while fixing installation in your house, or when fishing even. Their sheer number and unique look would help reach spots that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

In our portfolio, we offer household names for tactical folding blades, such as Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, Marbles Outdoors, Fury Knives, and Columbia River knives.

Biggest Brands

Before we offer some of the top brands from our knives list, we do need to emphasize the importance of your own choice. Many other brands deserve their places on this page due to the high-quality products produced. Below brands should serve as an example of our diversified portfolio of combat knives and tactical knives. You can check them all out through this link.


Cold Steel Knives


The Cold Steel Knives Company specializes in a variety of blades, including both combat and tactical knives. With a reputation built around safety and dependability, we offer their fixed and folding combat and tactical knives.

Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives is one of the best-known brand names in the knives industry, offering a number of unique blades. No matter if you are looking for a decorative knife or one for construction/housework, Gerber Knives are durable and made of top-notch materials. They also offer both tactical and combat knives.


Zero Tolerance Knives


Zero Tolerance Knives that we have in our portfolio provide interesting blades, to say the least. Bursting into the scene in 2006, razor-sharp edges of the blades offered by the company satisfied numerous of our customers. Thus, we would offer you to check their combat and tactical knives sub-brands.


Other household names that we have in our store, ready for sale, include Ruger Knives, Ka-Bar Knives, SOG Knives, and many others.

Quality Assurance for Fighting Knives

We take pride in our chosen brands, as well as the quality we bring to the industry. Each of our product passes through testing before it hits the shelves. All products need to meet certain standards in terms of materials used, handle pressure points, as well as stress tests. Each of the blades has multiple use cases and come with their own protection systems.


If expectations are not met, the product would not find its place on our shelves. More importantly, we have a refund policy set in place should you experience dissatisfaction with purchased products from Knife Country USA. We also have warranty procedure set in place in case your knives happen to hold deficiencies. Head over to the Warranty page for steps on how to retrieve your money back or order a new knife from us.

Safety First

We would advise extreme caution while handling combat knives and tactical knives. Their edges are quite sharp, making their daily use quite dangerous. We would advise to keep production gear within your grasp and to keep blades sheathed for your safety. We would also advise having storage place that is outside of children’ reach as well.


When carrying short or smaller blades, keep them on your waist or in a bag, especially outdoors. We cannot stress enough importance of the legislative system of the State you live in as well. Carrying blades outside of your home might result in legal precautions against you. Thus, users should investigate safety policies regarding the blades’ intended use and proper handling.

Our Shipping Policy

Should you wish to purchase one of our fixed blade knives, we offer great customer experience through online shopping. We designed our business model in such a way for you to be a few clicks away from getting your needed blades. If you happen to live within the U.S., transportation to your home is done completely for free. For international fares and fees, check out the link right here.

If by any chance, products do not match your expectations, we do have a refund policy of 30 days return. Not happy with one of our fixed blade knives? File a report and return the knife to get your money back within a month of your purchase.

Other Products

Knife Country USA are predominately a knife family business, operating since 1999. Although we know everything there is to blades, we also specialize in various other products. Should you plan a camping adventure or need knives that would help you in your latest construction project, check out vast product 20.000 products’ portfolio. We offer camping gear, knife making supplies, security equipment, and much more for quite competitive prices.


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