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Grohmann Knives

Established in 1961 as a family company, Grohmann Knives Limited has a never-ending product line. Originally run by Berta (Grohmann’s daughter) and her husband Michael Babinec Sr., the manufacturer offers an array of Canadian outdoor and kitchen knives that complement the collection. The company is constantly innovating, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, campers, and hikers. Based in Pictou Nova Scotia, the company has about 25 employees.


Where it all Originated?

Grohmann Knives Limited is a family-operated business that was originally run by one of Grohmann’s daughters, Berta and her spouse Michael Babinec Sr. The business is now operated by their three sons. Grohmann Knives continues to grow its product line and has created some of the award-winning Canadian outdoor and kitchen knives to complement the collection. Expect many unique, custom-made and machine knives that are privately branded.


Learning more about the Blades and Handles

The Canadian knife company is known for the knives with unique handles and blades. Grohmann uses stainless-steel to craft some of the sharpest outdoor fixed blade knives. The knives are fashioned from German high carbon stainless, like 4110. Some knives are also crafted using German carbon steel which is made from a C70-type European carbon steel. The knives are kept clean and are oiled to prevent rusting. Featuring longer edge, the blades sharpen up faster than the stainless steel.


The handles are generally made using Rosewood, Xtra Water-Resistant Resinwood, Linen Micarta, Stag Horn, High Lustre Water Buffalo Horn. This handle assortment is discussed in detail below:


Rosewood: Grohmann offer classic Rosewood in variations. The handles range from deep, rosy brown to blonde strips, each handle is unique. Rosewood is mostly planted in East India. The wood is preferred for its durability, color and rich grain. The handle ensures better grip.


Xtra Water-Resistant Resinwood: The handle is made from layers of natural hardwoods impregnated with resin. The wood has a high-gloss finish that does not require further liquid finishes. It is not affected by extreme temperatures and is resistant to the corrosive effects of salt water.


Linen Micarta: Micarta is known as “steel of the plastic family” for its strength and durability. The material is composed of layers of linen soaked in resin. The handles are lightweight yet tough and has a slightly linen textured look that is smooth to the touch when finished.


Stag Horn: These handles are made from shed stag horn, a lasting natural material that is pleasing to the eyes. The horn comes with natural grooves and indentations that provide a good grip. Each horn boasts different texture and color and creates a unique handle.


High Lustre Water Buffalo Horn: The handles have a high shine finish with colors variating from jet black to black with streaks of pearl grey and white. The handles are water-resistant and extremely durable.


Diving into the Grohmann Knife Series


Grohmann Fixed Blade Knives: The series exhibits a wide collection of fixed blade knives that are perfect for campers and hunters. Featuring stainless-steel blades, full tang, ergonomically designed rosewood or Micarta handles, these knives are perfect for hiking, camping and survival tasks like digging, cutting, hammering, splitting. The knives are durable and efficient outdoor tools.


Grohmann Folder Knives: The series includes an assortment of folding and lockback knives that feature carbon steel blades and rosewood, acrylic, or stainless-steel handles. The folding knives feature unique locking mechanism that reduce the chance of accidental slippage. These knives are perfect for opening envelopes, cartridges, or removing splinter, whittling, cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables.


Grohmann Lockback Pocket Knives: The series is recognized for its exquisite collection of Lockback knives. The knives feature carbon steel blade, with thumb ridges, high carbon stainless elliptical skinning blades and stainless drop point blades. The handles are crafted using premium-grade rosewood and nickel silver bolsters. These everyday carry knives are compact and have functional design.


Grohmann Boat Knife Series: The series features a wide assortment of fixed blade knives with stainless elliptical blades, full tangs, lanyard holes, and wide grip rosewood handles. These knives are perfect in handling combat scenarios or for outdoor activities like digging, cutting and splitting.


Grohmann Deer & Moose Knife Series: Highly preferred by outdoorsmen and travelers, the Deer and Moose Knife series showcases plethora of fixed blade knives. These knives have stainless steel blade, full tang, lanyard holes for attaching rope, and rosewood handles. They are suitable for hunting, splitting, cutting, and chopping.


Grohmann Original Design Knife Series: The series features a huge collection of fixed blade knives. The knives have stainless elliptical blades, full tangs, stag or Micarta handles, lanyard holes, and black leather sheath belt. Featuring a durable construction, the knives are commonly used for cutting, splitting, digging, and slicing.


Grohmann Skinner Knife Series: The Skinner Knife Series features a wide assortment of fixed blade knives that feature curved or short stainless blade, full tang, wooden handles, black cord handles with polish, corded lanyard and leather belt sheaths. These knives offer durability and high performance even under critical conditions. These are mostly preferred by outdoorsmen, travelers, hikers, and campers.

Grohmann Survival Knife Series: The series consists of wide range of fixed blade knives including survival knives and gut hook knives. The knives have stainless elliptical blades with false edges, rosewood handles, full tangs, lanyard holes, and lock down style leather sheath. Featuring a durable construction for better performance even under unfavorable conditions. The gut hook knives of the series can be used as hunting knives, and outdoor knives.


Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife Series: The series is recognized for precisely designed fixed blade knives that are equipped with full tangs, cord lanyard, black linen Micarta handles, and leather belt sheath. The knives feature a cutting-edge design that performs extremely well in any situation. The knives have stainless steel blade that is abrasion and corrosion resistant. These knives are widely used by outdoorsmen, soldiers, hunters, campers, and hikers.


Grohmann Ulu Knife Series: The series features plethora of fixed blade knives that have stainless steel blades, ergonomically designed handles, and display stands. These are all-purpose knives which are traditionally used by women for skinning, cutting child’s hair, chopping food and more. These knives can easily-cut hard objects like bones.


Grohmann Folding Pocket Knives: The Folding Pocket Knife Series includes knives featuring high carbon steel blade with thumb ridge. Some of these knives also have stainless drop point blade. These lockback folding knives are available in Rosewood Handle with nickel silver bolsters. 



Grohmann knives are covered against any manufacturer defects associated with material or workmanship. The warranty covers regular use of the knife for normal cutting and slicing of hides, meats, food. However, the manufacturer does not guarantee against misuse and normal wear and tear. In case of any misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repairment.


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