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Fire Starters

Fire starters, even though the name might have negative connotations, are very useful products indeed. They are essential survival equipment, as well as a necessary piece of the puzzle when making a delicious barbeque or starting that camp and trail fire. Their use case is quite large, from home appliance to camping. Over the centuries, the equipment under the fire starters developed tremendously, as you now have an abundance of products. We at Knife Country USA offer over 200 products under this category, with each of them serving a specific need.

Product Description

It is hard to provide a description of a category that has a variety of very unique products. For starters, there are matches, boxed fire cubes, cooking fuel, pocket knives, tinder-on-a-rope, fire starting tools, survival kits, candle lanterns, and many others. As you can see, products come in different shapes, weight, design, and materials. Some are made of wood while others use stainless steel, depending on the product.


Currently, we have over 200 of the fire starting equipment products within our online platform. Each of these sub-categories has a unique trait and serves a specific purpose. We also have supplements products that would complement other fire starters, as well.

Brief History

To be completely honest here, it is easy to figure out when did humanity made its first fire starter. It was the day when fire itself was discovered, so many millennials ago. Back then, wood was the main tool to make fire, enriching our ancestors’ lives. They provided warmth and comfort in a harsh natural environment, ensured survival and cooked delicious foods while killing harmful bacteria.


As centuries passed, fire starters evolved throughout the eras. In middle ages, their use cases broaden up tremendously, giving birth to candles, matches and many other tools. Now, in modern times, we have electric fire starters, matches, and lighters.

What is Their Purpose?

Fire starters, as clichéd as it sounds, do exactly what the name implies – they start fires. However, the help maintains warmth in the home during the winter, provide heat for delicious barbeques, and heat up metal for further processing. The amount of use cases that fire has is the amount fire starters have as well.

Famous Brands

Fire starters are one of those product lines where it is hard to identify a few famous brands. Since these differ so much, the sheer number of companies dealing with fire starters is great as well. Thus, we can recommend those we work with, them being ABKT Tac, Aurora, Bestech, Bushcraft, Damascus, ESEE Knives, and many others.

While you look around for the fire starter gear, you may also want to check out our other products. Out of 20.000 items, we also offer Camping Gear, Knife Making Supplies, and Security Equipment.


We ship all our products and brands worldwide. For U.S. customers, we do so for free. International-based clients, on the other hand, may want to check out this shipping page for more information


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What brands are manufacturing Fire Starters?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top brands that are manufacturing Fire Starters currently.


  1. Exotac Fire Starters
  2. Go Prepared Fire Starters
  3. Gerber Fire Starters


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