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Epiphany Outdoor Gear is a leading manufacturer of innovative and well researched outdoor gear. The company was founded by a small family of veterans based in the United States with a vision to produce practical tactical tools that cater to hunters, survivalists, travelers, outdoor professionals, and adventure enthusiasts. The brand has carved its niche in developing high-grade and award-winning Pocket bellows, Firestarters, Ferro Rods, and Fire fuses.


The company is known in the marketplace majorly for the invention of patented Pocket Bellows. The compact and lightweight everyday carry bellows were introduced in the year 2013, it is a collapsible fire bellowing survival tool that provides an easy and quick spark. Epiphany Outdoor Gear aims at providing practical outdoor tools made from the finest quality material. 


Innovative, America-Made Outdoor Gear

Epiphany Outdoor Gear such as Firestarters, Ferro rods, and Fire fuses are resistant to water and breeze. The company produces the finest-quality products and ensure durability and high functionality to its customers. The award-winning brand promotes an innovative and nature-friendly, oxygen-based approach to fire starting. The fire-starting tools are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and précised production procedure to develop this survival gear. 


Expect Long Performing Material Construction

The sturdy material construction is the major highlight or unique selling point of the company. Epiphany Outdoor Gear uses 100 percent cotton fiber to manufacture Bee Fire Fuses as cotton is an easy material to burn and to produce fire. Almost every outdoor gear or survival tool by the company is free from harmful Hexamine and calcium carbide. The Pocket Bellows are compressed and focused on oxygen to instantly spark a fire. The brand is also producing easy to ignite ferrocerium magnesium flint striking tools.


Browse Through the Innovative Product Range

Epiphany Outdoor Gear offers compact and lightweight tools and outdoor gear that can easily slip-in pocket, purse, camp kit, and backpack. These sleek designed tools provide comfort and convenience to outdoor professionals, hikers, campers, travelers, backpackers, and hunters.


Epiphany Baddest Bee Fire Fuses: This Baddest Bee Fire Fuses collection from the Pocket Bellow series of Epiphany Outdoor Gear are great every day carry products for lighting an instant fire. These pocket fire fuses are made from 100 percent cotton fabric that allow for an instant and quick burn. Every fire fuse in this series is resistant to water and breeze and is free from harmful Hexamine and calcium carbide.


Epiphany Outdoor Gear Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: The series offers water-resistant fire starters to light instant fire in rugged and risky terrains. The tested and well-researched fire starters and Ferro rods are ideal for burning fire for cooking, lighting woods and signaling for help while stuck in difficult, life-threatening situations. Some of these tools are available in water-resistant cases for easy and safe storage.


Epiphany V3 Pocket Bellows: The award-winning pocket bellows weighs less than 1 ounce and can easily slip in pocket, purse, camp kit and backpack. These pocket bellows are compressed, and they focus on oxygen to instantly spark a fire. The V3 pocket bellows are manufactured to work efficiently on wet and dry woods. They produce a maximum fire that can be used to signal people in tough situations and to cook food.


Warranty Information

Combining quality workmanship and authenticity, Epiphany Outdoor Gear products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. If you find any defect in the product, Epiphany Outdoor Gear will repair or replace it with a new item. If due to the limited availability of parts, they are unable to repair the product, they would make sure to provide you with the closely matched item while maintaining authenticity. Epiphany Outdoor Gear is not meant to be used as or with hammer, prybars, chisels, and screwdriver.


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