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Slingshots & Blowguns

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Slingshots and Blowguns are one of the most demanded survival weapons.  A Slingshot is a small hand-powered projectile weapon, popularized as a trademark of the Saunders Archery. Blowguns are a simple weapon used for firing light projectiles or darts with a convincible amount of rip-through power.


Delving Deeper into Slingshots & Blowguns:

  • This slingshot can be best explained as a Y-shaped frame with two rubber strips attached to the upright.

  • A slingshot’s pocket is grasped largely, enabling you to dispatch the projectile at great speed.

  • While using a slingshot, try to make sure that there is minimal probability of failures at fork-end.

  • In order to do achieve this, a Tapper Band, thinner at the pouch end and thicker at the fork end, is the ideal combination.

  • Blowguns make more sense as a hunting weapon or for paralyzing a target from a distance.

  • Many tribal communities use blowguns to hunt animals like monkeys and deer and even birds.

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