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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.

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We, at Knife Country USA offer an array of books and videos, ranging from knife throwing to big game processing. We also offer books and videos on survival, hunting,  camping, hiking, fishing and many, many more. Books are a great resource of information, and our "how to videos" display the processes one would need to complete a desired task.


An example of books Knife Country USA offers, include, The Boy Scout Handbook, The Trapper's Bible, Gil Hibben's Knife Throwing, The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook, Survival Retreats,  and many more.  An example of videos we carry are the Brad Lockwood, Big Game and Deer Processing, as well as, sausage making, knife making and a list of many others.


Our books and videos provide one with all the information needed for outdoor and indoor activities. We, at Knife Country USA carry an array of books and videos to meet our customers needs.







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