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Brian Hoffner, a 30-year veteran of Houston Police Department established one of the most renowned brand- Hoffner Knives. Brian’s tactical experience with firearms and defensive tactical fears lead him to his venture of designing the ultimate fighting folder knives. Hoffner Knives engineers and produces unique and high-quality of holsters and equipment carriers.


Brian Hoffner also ventured in providing comprehensive training programs for law enforcement and civilians. These lessons are inspired from the hands-on, real-world experience including empty-hand defenses as well as folding knife tactics and pistol, shotgun, and patrol rifle courses. He has also produced an instructional DVD that explains and justifies the uniqueness of his designs. The folding knives allow a grip that extends its reach without sacrificing a tight grip. The best part about the folders is that they can be put into play even when they are folded. All the products manufactured by Hoffner fulfill the needs of professionals all over the world.


The Unparalleled Quality of Hoffner Knives

Hoffner not only promises a range of high-performance gear but also allows you to get a witness the excellence in workmanship. Brian has always focused on using a type of steel that is very utilitarian. Thus, most of the Hoffner Knives use 440C stainless steel to manufacture its products. This quality of steel is considered as the best as it is rich in chromium content. This steel allows the blades to take an edge, hold an edge and do not require special care.


The Hoffner Knife Steel qualifies the criteria of having a minimum chromium content of 12% that keeps it from rusting, staining, and pitting. Every Hoffner Folder undergoes a process of annealing (hardening) to 56-58 HRC Rockwell that keeps the knife sharp and strong, eliminating any brittleness. The Hoffner creed knives are crafted from D2 steel which is high on carbon content with low chromium and it requires maintenance. Thus, Hoffner Knives promises to build high-quality knives with a variety of steels to provide a full spectrum of choice to the customers.


Exploring the Promising Inventory of Hoffner Knives


Hoffner Fixed Blade Knives: This series of knives comprises of non-folding fixed blade knives that are made from 440c stainless steel to offer more strength. The full tang construction of these knives makes them ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Many tactical knives in this category have a spear point blade that promises high performance while cutting, splicing, and piercing. Most knives in this series are equipped with G10 handles that feature index divots and lanyard hole, making them more functional. Some knives in this niche come packed in a Kydex sheath with ambidextrous belt mount to keep the knife secure and easy to carry.

Hoffner Folding Pocket Knives: This series includes a wide variety of linerlock pocket knives specifically designed to cater to the needs of knife-lovers, camping enthusiasts, hunters, and collectors. All the knives in this category are made from 440c stainless steel that makes them more durable. From knives with smooth finished serrated blades to matte finished spear point blade, this series of pocket knives have got the needs of outdoorsmen covered. Many knives in this niche feature blades that have stonewash finish to make them impact resistant. The G-10 handles with rear-ergo grip and index divots ensure to safely and properly index the finger grips for a consistence performance.


Hoffner Beast Knife Series: This is one of the top selling ranges of knives manufactured by Brian Hoffner. The series includes an array of fixed blade knives that feature drop point tanto blades. These knives are used by outdoorsmen for hunting, camping, self-defense, and other multiple purposes. The G10 grippy handles featuring index divots make it easier for the user to operate the knife for prolonged use. The click lock Kydex sheath with ambidextrous belt mount makes it a must-have.


Hoffner Bodyguard Neck Knife Series: The knives in this series feature a unique design that enables a user to attach it to a cord and carry it along. These fixed blade knives are made from stainless steel that makes them ideal for tough use. The stonewash finish of these knives makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Features like thumb ridge and lanyard hole make these knives functional.


Hoffner Chiseled Knife Series: This series of liner lock knives are perfect pocket knives that you are looking for. These knives are made with stainless steel featuring a satin finish, making them resist wear and tear. The impressive feature of these knives is their 3D machined D10 handles, making them a must-have in your EDC knives kit.

Hoffner Creed Knife Series: This range includes folding pocket knives that are made from high-grade chromium steel. This series of knives feature a standard edge that makes them ideal for hunters, campers, and survivalists. The extended tang construction of these knives makes it suitable for rugged tasks. The D2 ball bearing system makes these knives easy to operate. All the knives in this series are manufactured and assembled in China.


Hoffner Flatline Knife Series: The Flatline Linerlock Knives are known for their rugged construction and functional features. Most knives in this series have spear point blades that maintain a good balance between piercing and splicing. The serrated edge of these blades makes them perfect for the tasks. G10 handles with index divots make provides a tight and firm grip. The stainless ambidextrous pocket clip makes it easy to carry anywhere.


Warranty Information

Hoffner Knives guarantees that their products are free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. In cases where the products are found to be defectives, the knives will be repaired or replaced under the warranty for free of cost. It is important to note that the warranty policy applies to genuine Hoffner products only. The return policy of Hoffner Knives requires the original owner of the knife to make direct contact. Before making a return of the product, the customers are required to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number to reference on their returns. The product must be returned in their original equivalent packaging. If the above-mentioned criteria for the return or exchange is not followed, then Hoffner is not responsible whatsoever for a product that is lost, damaged, modified or otherwise processed for disposal or resale. There are no returns after 30-days of receipt of the product under any circumstances.


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