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Master Cutlery, founded in 1982, provides the most comprehensive portfolio of edged instruments and associated tools for business, outdoor leisure, and home usage. They're ideally positioned to serve as a one-stop solution for distributor, retail, and e-commerce channel customers, thanks to their extensive knives categories and product lines, East and West Coast distribution facilities, same-day delivery, and dropship fulfillment capabilities.

Master Cutlery's product range comprises over 5,000 active SKUs in 100+ product categories. Over the last three decades, the company has developed a reputation among outdoor travelers, campers, chefs, and more for its unique and innovative blades and versatility.  Most products are designed and developed by their manufacturing units spread globally. Their industry-leading production facilities provide more than 600+ new items each year.

MTech Knives is a brand that specializes in tactical knives and everything in between. It doesn't have a one-size-fits-all approach, and this line has something to offer everyone, from beginners to the most experienced knife enthusiasts. It provides tactical knives, folding knives, fixed blade knives, archery products, security items, batons, and even stun guns. MTech fixed blades, pocket knives, and other items are reasonably priced for better market reach.

The MTech line of knives for hunters and outdoorsmen is a top-tier offering. Whether you're hunting, camping, pitching your tent, or just doing chores around camp, you'll appreciate the superior quality and craftsmanship found in these knives. They are reminiscent of knives in far more expensive lines, but they don't compromise quality at a reasonable price point. By using better materials such as 440A and 440C stainless steel, the MTech line will last for years to come. This line of knives is created using computer numerical control (CNC) technology responsible for the high-quality blades and handles.

All About MTech Knives

For the last two decades, MTech USA has been a market leader constructing and supplying premium tactical knives, swords, martial arts equipment, ninja weapons, and self-defense tools. MTech knives are created using the finest materials and components, such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and more. MTech production line is spread globally; however, most knives are made in China.

MTech survival knives are the ideal size and thickness for rough field usage, feature premium steel construction with a superb heat treatment, hold an edge well, come with a strong sheath, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Their typical applications include warfare scenarios as well as trekking, camping, and survival chores such as digging, chopping, hammering, splitting, and so on. With edged dagger blades, replicator fixed blades, titanium coated blades, and skinner blades available, these hunting knives provide the most options to meet your need for long-lasting and highly effective field instruments.

MTech Marine Knives are the most popular spring-assisted pocket knives among law enforcement and military blades enthusiast. A sharp, partly serrated stainless steel blade and a finger grooved aluminum frame grip distinguish this marines knife. In addition, it has a belt clip, a glass breaker, and a seat belt cutter.

MTech Folding Pocket Knives come in two varieties, Framelock Pocket Knives, and Linerlock Pocket Knives. Framelock knives are an excellent choice for daily utility jobs, and Linerlock blades for self-defense, outdoor, and home usage. Popular with hunters, fisherman, and scout groups, these knives are easy to hold, use, and deploy.

MTech Fixed Blade Knives are durable, easy to use, and maintainable. They are generally twice as long as a typical folding knife's blade. In combat, a fixed blade knife is readily carried and gives more adaptability.

MTech's fantasy décor collection allows you to show your creativity via the use of handcrafted and vintage knives. Our selection of one-of-a-kind décor and replica weaponry is also ideal for adding an artistic touch to the beauty of your house. MTech's tactical knives assure your safety when it comes to practical outdoor gear while participating in adventurous activities such as hunting or camping. They also provide various pocket knives that can be used for multiple tasks like opening an envelope, cutting twine, or slicing a piece of fruit.

MTech presents a wide range of product categories, from folding and fixed knives to hunting and tactical knives. Choose from more than 800 knives, blades, machetes, axes, swords, and more.

MTech USA Knives Product Categories

MTech USA Fixed Blade Knives: MTech is the world's leading manufacturer of fixed blade knives, and these no-nonsense knives are built to perform in the most demanding environments. Their blades are crafted with precision, and their rigid bodies are made from premium stainless steel. MTech tactical knives and hunter blades are an excellent choice for everyone, whether you're a professional trainer or just trying to be prepared for anything. The company offers a wide variety of fixed blade EDC that you can use for different purposes. Our professional team tests our sturdy and durable blades to ensure excellent performance, durability, and sharpness. These outdoor hunting knives are compatible with various needs and suitable for a wide range of usage, including skinning, hunting, camping & fishing.

MTech Folding Pocket Knives: MTech Folding Pocket Knives are the perfect size for carrying with you everywhere. And they'll never let you down when it's time for a quick, easy cutting task like a can opener, bottle opener, or slicing & dicing vegetables. These knives have a sleek design and an ergonomically designed handle with an ambidextrous pocket clip. These folding knives are practical and stylish items perfect for everyday use. They are compactly designed and come with a lifetime warranty. Choose from various colors, metals, and styles to find your ideal match and enhance your daily routine.

MTech Assisted Opening Knives: Our assisted opening pocket knives are well suited for simplicity and functionality. The slim design is perfect for slipping into your pocket or purse and provides a lightweight yet durable blade that is sturdy enough for everyday tasks. These EDC knives are designed with the folding ability to allow for easy carry, making them the perfect tool for your daily use.

MTech Axes: MTech axes provide versatility and the perfect grip. One can use them in multiple ways- for chopping, chopping, cutting, and more. They are lightweight and easy to carry. The MTech axes are non-slip and have a lanyard loop to help in gripping them quickly. MTech offers a wide variety of survival axes with different gripping handles, such as Axe with Brown Pakkawood Handle and Axe with Rubberized Nylon Handle.  

MTech Boot Knives: When it comes to working on boots, you require the best of the best. MTech Boot Fixed Blade Knives are the top pick for professional and personal use. With the topmost quality steel, they can handle all kinds of abuse and last for decades. These camping knives have a smooth-flowing design with a fixed blade that is at your service! At an average length of around 9mm, these tactical knives comprise the most rigid materials in this domain, like 440 stainless blades. It is suitable for hunting, camping, hiking, and more.

MTech Machetes: MTech machetes are an excellent companion for any outdoor trip such as hiking, camping, or hunting. Their high-quality materials give a long lifetime of use with a low level of maintenance. You can rely on them to perform well under any conditions. With a wide range to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your needs. Fixed blade kukri and combat machete have been the preferred choices for compatriots.

MTech Multi-Tool Knives: MTech Multi-Tool Knives are of premium quality and come in various styles and sizes. The blade is made from high-grade alloy steel, while the handle is made from a compound material that has an exceptional grip. MTech camping knives are designed to create a variety of end uses. Pliers and screwdriver-like functions make it impossible to overreach, while hex-bits and wrench-like parts can be used for multiple purposes. Ideal for emergencies like hiking, camping, or power outages, Multipurpose Knives from MTech is a must-have in any household.

MTech Razor Knives: MTech Razor Knives are an example of innovation at their finest. These knives combine the key features of a knife and a razor to make them ideal for wild adventures. With their folding mechanism, they are the perfect choice for a travel knife. Razors are available in various styling and blades, such as folding razor knives with gold handles or razor-fixed blade knives.

MTech Knives with Bottle Opener: These knives are perfect for collecting and storing in your kitchen. They come with a removable screw-off cap to make filling your favorite beverage simple. And the bottle opener is practical because it's not a bulkier feature, so you still have full access to the blade. In addition, the ergonomic design of this knife makes it easier to carry and use in your kitchen or outdoors. It has an edge that's perfect for slicing, dicing, mincing, chopping, and more. Plus, it comes with a bottle opener so you can crack open a cold one after your meal.

MTech Sword Handle Umbrellas: The MTech Samurai Sword Umbrellas are a symbol of the spirit of Japan. These simple yet effective umbrellas are made from high-quality materials to last for years with their ferocious shape. So whether you're traveling in Japan or just enjoying the finer things in life at home, these stunning pieces will bring your style to life!

MTech Knives  Product Series

MTech EMT Knife Series: Looking for high-quality knives within your budget? Our EMT Series is the best option for you. They feature a stainless steel blade that resists corrosion and rust, a convenient carrying case, and one hand opening mechanism. In addition, MTech EMT Linerlock Pocket Knives are designed to be challenging during the toughest of situations.

MTech Evolution Knife Series: MTech Evolution Knives are designed with military and tactical users in mind. Now, most commonly used by the US Navy SEALs and Special Forces, the MTech Evolution Knife has evolved into one of the most well-rounded knives on the market today. The blade features a razor-sharp satin finish stainless blade finished with titanium handles.

MTech Recon Knife Series: The MTech Recon series is a must-have for every outdoorsman. Made of high-quality materials, these tools are durable and lightweight. The blades are made from stainless steel, and they can handle everything from chopping wood to battening through small branches. They feature a smaller frame with a bigger blade, making them the best EDC knife. The MTech hunting knife is a modern take on the classic tanto blade. It features a 440 stainless steel construction with a black finish and a checkered stainless handle for durability.

MTech Grenade Knife Series: The Grenade Knife Series is a range of tactical knives designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of knife lovers and tactical knife users. It is crafted from stainless steel double edge blade and a hole in the handle for ambidextrous carry. Whether it's the toughest terrains or the most sophisticated and difficult situations, the Grenade Neck Fixed Blade Knife is up to the task.

MTech Military Series Knives: The MTech Military Series knives are an old military term, which refers to the durability of a combat knife and reinforces the motto of excellence. MTech knives offer robust and reliable performance at a fair price. They are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The Knives in this series are made with high-quality steel and a hard coat anodized finish that prevents stains and corrosion. Whether you choose a tactical bowie blade or a Linerlock assisted opening knife, they all have a single motto, be combat-ready.

MTech Money Series Knives: The Money Series Knives are made with exclusive materials that offer unique features and unmatched versatility. These assisted opening knives have an aluminum handle with a pocket clip, a lanyard hole, and a premium steel blade. They are also designed with a spectrum-TiNi coated stainless blade and a 3Cr13 stainless steel blade. The handle is embossed to showcase the print on the money material.

MTech Midnight Ops Knife Series: Ever wondered what it's like to be a first responder? Ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of a law-keeping or rescue officer for a day? With the MTech Midnight Ops Knife Series, an officially licensed product, your dream can come true! These Linerlock folding pocket knives are not meant for the everyday user or in the kitchen. Instead, they might find application in outdoor pursuits, particularly those related to combat or defense. In addition, the midnight Ops series caters to the highest industry standards for durability.

MTech Rescue Knife Series: The Rescue Knife Series is a set of folding pocket knives and fixed blade knives with specialized features. These blades are designed to save lives. For example, they have a glass breaker that can be used to smash through car windows, and they are made of an aircraft-grade aluminum handle with a satin-finished liner.

MTech Skull Knife Series: This collection of skull knives includes a survival knife, hunting knives, and an exclusive folding blade that is a must-have for any adventurer. They all come with a stainless steel blade and laser engraved skulls with an etching that can't be beat. For music lovers, this Guitar shaped Framelock Assortment is an unbeatable choice.

MTech Solar LED Knife Series: The Solar LED Series highlights MTech's continuous product-line innovation. Most MTech LED series knives have nylon fiber handles, with the solar panel and LED components cleverly incorporated to slim the overall appearance. For example, the bestseller Linerlock Folding Pocket Knives from this series feature camo glass-filled nylon handles with solar panels and LED light, glass breaker, and belt/cord cutter.

MTech Xtreme Knife Series: Xtreme Knife Series offers a wide range of tactically inspired knives for outdoor enthusiasts that are designed with military-grade methods and materials. Whether you're in the field or at home, these knives are prepared to take on whatever task you have in mind. Xtreme serrated blades are perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, or just cutting up food at your house. They come in various G10 handle colors with contrast liners and various blade sizes to fit almost any need. This series is available in different blade styles and take grips, from fixed blades and assisted opening knives in folding pocket knives and Karambit blades.

MTech Ferro Rods Series: The Ferro Rods Series feature elegantly designed fixed and folding blade knives, and come with a LED light for hands-free illumination in the dark, a bottle opener, and a fire starter. This series offers unique tactical knives with high cutting performance. The G-10 handle has a pattern that provides an excellent grip to improve cutting, slicing, and chopping performance. These knives are ideal for most tasks like hunting, trekking, camping, mountaineering, and more.

MTech Hunting Knives Series: MTech Hunting Knives are the best hunting tools in the market. From fixed blade hunter knives to hunting axes, there's a knife for everyone in this range. With durable and sharp blades, MTech is a loyal partner for wilderness and hunting expeditions.

MTech Karambit Knife Series: Karambit Knives are amongst the most iconic historical combat knives that are currently popular all over the world. The knife originated in South East Asia and is distinguished by its curved blade with an outline like a tiger's claw. The Karambit's versatility in striking tactics makes it ideal for self-defense and combat-like scenarios. MTech Karambit knives are available in both fixed blade and assisted opening versions, making them excellent companions in situations when defense and survival are vital.

MTech Linerlock Pocket Knife Series: The MTech Pocket Knives are a handy tool to carry with you at all times. These EDC knives are not only folding, but they have a safety lock that prevents the blade from accidentally being opened in your pocket. The Linerlock mechanism allows the user to open and close the knife only with one hand. This mechanism increases usability and convenience in tactical situations.

MTech Lockback Pocket Knife Series: This Lockback knife is a tactical folding knife that features an injection-molded 440 stainless steel blade. The blade is operated by the thumb stud or index finger lever, automatically locking the edge when the handle is folded.

MTech Push Dagger Knife Series: Push Dagger Knives, or Push Knives, are a unique knife that comes from a battlefield weapon, a push dagger. It is a knife that can be utilized efficiently in a hand-to-hand combat situation. Push Dagger Knives are ideally suited for law enforcement and military personnel as well. The MTech Push Dagger is a fixed blade knife with a blade length of 2 inches, T-handles, and a black rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The blades lock in place with tension on the spine of the knife to provide excellent security. It is among the best-fixed blade knives you can find.

MTech Ballistic Foldable Knife Series: The Ballistic knives are big enough to handle a variety of tasks and small enough to carry around. Made from spring steel, these pocket knives hold their shape and stand out in any crowd.

MTech Fire Department Knife Series: Get your hands on the ultimate rescue knife series with a sleek and modern design that works seamlessly and is easily accessible to draw out quickly. Designed for professionals, firefighters, and other rescue personnel, this series of assisted opening knives are made to withstand intense firefighting conditions.

MTech American Flag Handle Knife Series: MTech US flag knife sets are the perfect choice for individuals who want to carry a quality and patriotic-looking knife with them. A high-quality stainless steel blade with an aluminum handle encased in the American flag design, and a red fiberglass handle gives the knife a rugged feel. This lightweight and versatile formatting can be carried anywhere.

MTech Compasses & Navigation Series: All MTech Navigation knives are made from the finest hard stainless steel and are precision ground for a perfect balance. This series consists of fixed blade knives and black axes with Paracord wrap. The fixed blade knives are constructed of stainless steel that ensures corrosion resistance, while the concave-edged blade allows for easier cutting through small spaces. With MTech, you can rest easy knowing that you're equipped with camping knives that are built for tactical use. In addition, most blades from this series feature a rubberized handle with a G-10 laminate and a molded nylon sheath that is equipped to accommodate most of your carry needs.

MTech Knives Warranty

MTech Knives is a family-owned knife company with over 30 years of experience. We pride ourselves on our brand of quality knives. All MTech Knives are made with the highest quality CNC machines. In addition, we offer a guarantee (at our discretion) that MTech Knives will repair or replace any defective item within the warranty period for the owner's life.

For items that cannot be repaired and possess limited availability of parts, MTech Knives will give you a currently manufactured item that is a close match to the product sent for repair. MTech Knives does not provide a warranty against regular wear and tear or misuse of its products. Products should not be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item has been damaged due to overuse, our repair service can assess the damage and restore it for a reasonable charge.

If you have a warranty issue or have questions regarding the state of your MTech Knives product, please contact Knife Country USA, and we will guide you on how to file your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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Knife Country USA is a leading online retailer of hunting knives and outdoor gear. Browse through the wide range of knives, tools, and camping gear. It has a thriving inventory that includes more than 30,000 pocket knives, fixed blade knives, hunting knives, butterfly knives, machetes, flashlights, and knife sharpeners. In addition, the online store offers an extensive range of luxury outdoor accessories and survival gear made and supplied by some of the world's most prestigious blade manufacturers. The megastore features more than 800 MTech fixed blade and pocket knives, axes, machetes, and other products.

If you want additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact customer care via email or toll-free number - (800) 342-9118.




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