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Joker Knives is a renowned Spanish knife company that manufactures a wide and expanding range of the finest-quality fixed blade knives, folding knives, Bowie knives, saws, axes, survival knives, and hunting knives. The company was incorporated in 1987 in Albacete, Spain. The brand uses advanced technology and traditional hand-craftsmanship to produce highly functional and high-performing survival tools.


Being incepted in Spain, the company is well-known for its experienced craftsmen and master cutlers that manufactures each knife by hand. Joker Knives offers a wide range of edge cutlery and survival tools that caters largely to outdoorsy man, professionals, hunters, adventure enthusiasts, hunters, campers and travelers. The brand is known for exporting the best-designed and priced knives to over 35 different countries from around the globe.


Joker Knives Provides Well-Fabricated Knives for All Your Needs

The company aims at providing maximum customer satisfaction by offering practically designed knives with ergonomic design. Joker Knives provides a wide range of different type of knives including sports and outdoor knives such as Bushcraft knives and Bowie knives. Every Joker product is designed in Spain with the help of traditional knife-making techniques and modern technology. The brand closely looks after every production procedure to ensure the finest-quality construction. The distinctive looking products by Joker Knives are highly functional and perfect for various kinds of both high and low-profile tasks.


High-Performing Knives That Withstand All Kinds of Abuse

What makes Joker Knives popular worldwide?The sturdy and reliable material construction. Customers from all around the globe trust these knives because of their durable construction and design. These knives feature a variety of blade design such as gut hook, drop-point blade or a serrated blade, depending upon their model and applications. The blade construction is done from high-quality stainless steel, high carbon steel, and vanadium-molybdenum steel. Similarly, the handle construction is done from quality material to ensure a slip-proof, comfortable and tight grip. Prominently, materials like micarta, crown stag, curly birch wood, and staghorn is used to manufacture robust handlebars.


Extensive Product Range of Joker Knives

Joker Knives offers a wide range of visually distinctive tactical and survival knives. The company ensures to provide maximum customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, durable and functional fixed blade knives, folding knives, saws, axes, and hatchets.


Joker Axes & Hatchets: The seriesoffers reliable and durable hunting axes and hatchets that highly caters to tradesmen, hunters, and outdoorsmen. Most of these hard-handled axes have satin finished cutting edge that offers excellent sharpness and cutting edge. Most of these axes have sturdy handle construction done from crown stag that provides a tight and comfortable grip to the user.


Joker Fixed Blade Knives: The Joker fixed blade knives are great for hunting, survival, camping and combat tools. Most of these knives have different blade construction, some are partially serrated with drop-point tip whereas some features Gut hook blade. The comfortable handles of these fixed blade knives have a sturdy construction, set for extra strength, stronger build and a sharp edge.


Joker Folding Pocket Knives: The series offers ergonomically designed pocket knives that can easily slip in the pockets, camp kits, backpacks, and pockets. The everyday carry knives feature multiple blades and handle construction. The EDC knives feature different locking mechanisms such as Lockback and Linerlock locking mechanism.


Joker Knife Sharpeners: The series offers high-quality sharpeners to sharp and to provide a standard edge to all Joker knives and scissors. Most of these sharpeners are available in Black FRN handles and it can provide up to 10000 passes. 


Joker Saws: Joker Knives offers high-quality mini saws and Bowie knives perfect to perform both high and low-profile outdoor tasks. Some of these compact designed saws feature partially serrated blades made from high-grade stainless steel or vanadium molybdenum steel blade.


Warranty Information

Joker Knives products are free from manufacturing defects. The brand will replace or repair the product with a new item in case of any such defect. However, the manufacturer does not warrant against the products subjected to misuse or normal wear. It is to be noted that the knives and tools need to be used for the intended purpose only. In case of damage due to misuse, the repair department will analyze the damage and charge a reasonable repair fee.


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