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Barebones is a certified corporation involved in manufacturing products required for gardening and outdoor living. Each of the products is designed with equal passion and precision by the experienced designers of this United States-based company. Founded in 2012 by Robert Workman, the primary aim of the brand is to design products that connect people to food, nature, and the pull of the fire. The company reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact by removing plastics from their packaging boxes and master-packs. This approach comes from the founder only, as the first products by the company were designed and developed to support the Founder’s global humanitarian efforts and passion to help people.


The wide range of products offered by the brand includes craft knives, garden knives, axes, and hatchets, etc. Over the years, the brand has won over performance with premium designs, uniqueness, and top-notch quality products. Barebones collections are perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy open-fire cooking, gardening & foraging, and camping. All the products come at reasonable prices. The Barebones range of products is made with expert craftsmanship and elevates your outdoor experiences.


Know More About Barebones Living

The Barebones Living products are designed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and manufactured in China, Taiwan by trustworthy facilities. The products are also sourced from different countries like Pakistan. Their knives collection includes amazing designs with blade edges that perform fine cutting, crafting, chopping, and slicing jobs smoothly. The lifespan of wood-handled tools can be improved by not leaving dried soil and plant materials on the steel end and handles. To avoid corrosion and splitting, you can scrape off dried dirt with a steel brush, protect or moisturize the wooden handles with oil or wood wax, or by sterilizing the steel ends with a damp rag and alcohol.


Barebones amazing work glove collection is all about comfort, protection, and outdoor versatility. The cast-iron cookware can be cleaned easily with a small amount of soap and water, then let it dry, rub a light layer of seasoning spray onto the surface and wipe it with a paper towel until no oil residue remains. For stubborn stuck-on food, simmer some water for about 3-5 minutes and then use a scraper. The company has built traditional style lanterns, bags, tools, and cookware that are ideal for making your next outdoor experience more memorable and enjoyable.


Barebones Product Categories


Barebones Work Gloves: The classic gloves under this category are suitable for work on prickly plants, dry bark, and rough soil. These gloves are perfect for grasping wooden tool handles with ease.  The premium-grade material used for making the gloves ensures they are soft, warm, and breathable. The gloves are available in assorted colors such as cognac, olive, black, etc.


Barebones Axes & Hatchets: Make your next outdoor living experience simpler with Barebones rescue and wood chopping axes. The axes from this range feature a 1055HC steel blade, which is rust-proof and has a sharp cutting edge to deliver optimal performance. The hickory or beech wood handles ensure a secure grip and ease of performing the task. You can even escape a hostile situation with these while hunting, trekking, or camping. For safe storage and carry, these axes feature a black finished head, lanyard hole, and a full tang blade with a leather sheath.


Barebones Cast Iron Skillets: Cook your food to perfection with a cast-iron skillet. These are also terrific for non-stick cooking both on the stove or baking in the oven. This series includes the highest-quality cast iron grillers, skillet, oven, and griddle. The skillets come with easy to grip handles. Moreover, durability, inexpensiveness, even distribution of heat, low simmering, and browning are some of the benefits that these cast iron products offer.


Barebones Cowboy Grills - Pits - Sticks: The category includes cowboy grill tongs, ladle, coal shovel, chef spoon, carving fork, charcoal basket, etc. You can find all the products required to cook amazing meals conveniently even during outdoor adventures in this series. These are thoughtfully designed and made in Taiwan with solid steel for excellent performance. The grilling equipment comes with a hook end for hanging.


Barebones Edison Lights and Lanterns: These miniature lights and lanterns are perfect for creating an intimate space on a campsite. The lanterns are available in USB or battery, and hanging or standing design. They deliver optimum performance in challenging situations with water and rust-resistant property. You can easily hang these on branches and get the required amount of light. The Barebones Living 300 Battery Charger can get light on the go. These are available in different housing finishes and feature an integrated hook.


Barebones Fixed Blade Knives: These outdoor men's knives collection is perfect for outdoor rituals from making fire to setting up shelter and foraging. The knives of this category have a carbon-tempered steel blade, reinforced by a full tang. Thus, these are high-strength, durable knives that provide ease of use. These utility knives have thumb depression that allows comfortable handling. The knives of this range come with a 900 D Poly Canvas sheath that has a copper accent.


Barebones Garden Tools: This collection includes gardening knives that are suitable for both amateurs and experts. These tools can be taken into use for sawing, harvesting, picking, weeding, and pruning. The star of the collection is the Hori Hori (“dig dig”) knife that has a tempered steel blade, and a walnut handle. This gardening tool caters to all your needs in camping, bush-crafting, backyard, or just anywhere you need it. These tools also feature stainless pommel, heat-treated edge, hollow back blade, integrated twin cutter, and bottle opener, and come with a sheath.


Barebones Kitchenware: This category consists of all the necessary items that are required in an indoor/outdoor kitchen. These utensils are made with the highest quality steel for durability. You can take in use these kitchenware range items for preparing food, or serving while camping, or even at your home. The stylish kitchenware will be a great addition to your pantry.


Barebones Nata Tools: These Nata Knives perform any cutting task with perfection due to thick spines and heavy stainless blades and single slanted edges. The knives are available in an array of size options with the blade length extending up to 12 ½’’. The walnut handle provides a comfortable grip over the knife.


Barebones Pruners, Shears & Scissors: Go through this series for fantastic pruners, sharp scissors, and shears. The old-world Japanese designs-inspired shears support all your horticulture needs. The design of the pruners is also influenced by old-world Japan to offer exceptional dexterity and utility. These tools are a lasting staple of indoor and outdoor gardening.


Barebones Shovels: These hand tools work through both soft soil and rough ground efficiently. The shovels have a broad blade fixed to a long length handle. The blade of the spades is 9 in. wide and made out of manganese steel and features a 3-way collar allowing for multiple working positions. Born from necessity the shovel design is inspired by a military entrenching tool, made popular by the Civilian Conservation Corps. These lightweight and collapsible spades are easy to carry and are widely used by many national parks, campgrounds, and reservoirs. The tool is nicely balanced so that the tool does the strenuous gardening work for you. The presented shovels can be used for digging, turning, spreading soil, prepping beds, and for planting seedlings.


Barebones Product Series

Barebones Enamel Series: Explore the series for a stylish table companion for every meal. This line of products stands out with the slate grey speckled enamel and copper-like patina accents. This complete enamel collection is designed by keeping the outdoors in mind. Thus, long-lasting and natural materials including steel-core enamel, walnut wood, and stainless steel accents are utilized. The enamel series includes products for preparation, cooking, and serving.


Barebones Woodsman Series: This line of products by Barebones is all about versatile outdoor tools. The field knives have a black coated SK5 carbon steel blade and walnut handle. These knives are strong and reliable, which makes tasks like setting up shelter, foraging, and making fire simpler. Whether you are gardening or going for an outdoor adventure, these tools will deliver the dexterity you need.


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At Knife Country, our sole aim is to bring all the cutlery, utility knives, and other tactical tools all on one platform. You can find all kinds of knives, cutlery, flashlights, backpacks, and survival tools. With Barebones products, we move a step forward to provide high-grade gardening and outdoor living tools. Barebones line of products is perfect for open-fire cooking, gardening & foraging, dining, and camping. We have a never-ending inventory to offer maximum customer satisfaction.


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