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Discover Durable Craftsmanship with Barebones Work Gloves


In the realm of outdoor work, be it gardening, construction, or campfire management, the importance of a good pair of work gloves cannot be overstated. Knife Country USA proudly presents the Barebones Work Gloves collection, a lineup of premium gloves designed for durability, comfort, and protection.


Each glove in the Barebones collection, ranging from the Classic Work Glove in various natural hues to the robust Open Fire Gloves, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. These gloves, made from premium grain cowhide, offer a perfect blend of toughness and dexterity. The keystone thumb stitch provides added flexibility where you need it most, while the shirred elastic back ensures a snug, secure fit.


Let's take a closer look at the variety available:


For those who appreciate the natural feel, the Classic Work Glove Natural in sizes ranging from Extra Small to Large/XL, embodies simplicity and efficiency. The natural color is not just about aesthetics; it represents the glove's raw performance and earthy resilience.


Seeking a bit of color? The Classic Work Glove Olive is your companion. Available in sizes from Extra Small to Large/XL, its olive green tone stands for the strength derived from nature, ready to blend into your garden or woodland activities.


For a touch of elegance, the Classic Work Glove Cognac comes in a rich, warm tone that does not compromise on functionality. Whether you're tending to your backyard or handling tools, these gloves offer the comfort and protection you need.


And for the adventurous soul who dances with fire, the Open Fire Gloves, available in Small/Medium and L/XL, provide fire-resistant security with extended wrist and forearm coverage to keep you safe as you manage the flames of a campfire or barbecue.


Every pair is hang packaged, ensuring that they reach you in impeccable condition, ready for use. Proudly made in Pakistan, these gloves are the embodiment of international craftsmanship.


As you gear up for your next task, choose a companion from the Barebones Work Gloves collection. Visit Knife Country USA's Barebones Work Gloves page and select the pair that best suits your needs. Protect your hands, enhance your grip, and let your hands express their strength in style.

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