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Kershaw Knives: Quality, Performance, and Innovation


Welcome to the Kershaw Knives collection at Knife Country USA! As an authorized dealer, we're proud to offer a wide selection of Kershaw products known for their quality, performance, and innovative designs. With a commitment to excellence, Kershaw Knives has been a leading name in the knife industry for over four decades.


Whether you're looking for an everyday carry, a reliable hunting companion, or a stylish addition to your collection, Kershaw Knives has something for everyone. From their famous Ken Onion designs like the Leek and the Scallion to collaborations with renowned knife makers like Emerson and Hinderer, you're sure to find a Kershaw knife that suits your needs and preferences.


Our Kershaw Knives collection includes:


Assisted Opening Knives: Kershaw is renowned for its SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, which offers smooth and rapid blade deployment with just a gentle push on the thumb stud or a pull on the flipper.


Folding Knives: Choose from a diverse range of folding knives, featuring various blade shapes, materials, and handle designs to cater to different tasks and personal styles.


Fixed Blade Knives: Rugged and reliable, Kershaw's fixed blade knives are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and survivalists.


Butterfly Knives: Explore the elegant and skillful world of butterfly knives with Kershaw's Lucha series, offering excellent performance and durability.


Multi-tools & Accessories: Complement your Kershaw knife with a range of multi-tools and accessories, such as shears, sharpeners, and pouches.


Browse our extensive collection of Kershaw Knives and find the perfect cutting tool for your needs. Shop with confidence at Knife Country USA, where we offer competitive prices, top-notch customer service, and a satisfaction guarantee.


Exploring Kershaw Knives through Its Product Categories


Kershaw All Assisted Opening Knives: The category consists of an assortment of folding pocket knives, ideal for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, trekking, hiking, and hunting. Praised for their lightweight structure and durability, the Kershaw All Assisted Opening knives are available in liner lock and frame lock mechanisms. A majority of these knives sports non-slip handles, a four-way reversible pocket clip, and stainless steel blades.


Kershaw Axes: Featuring a glass-filled nylon handle with textured rubberized inserts and full tang construction, the Kershaw Axes are a fantastic choice for splitting, cutting, or shaping wood. A majority of these axes cutouts in the head and knob and angular handle lines that grants them a modern look and enhances functionality.


Kershaw Clothing: The category covers a large selection of t-shirts, hoodies, caps – available in a plethora of colors, multiple sizes, and styles. Suitable for outdoor adventure as well as casual wear, Kershaw apparels feature the embroidered logo, distinctive motifs, and unique quotes. 


Kershaw Fillet Knives: A fantastic go-to tool for outdoor chores, the Kershaw Fillet knives feature glass-filled nylon handles that offer a non-slip grip even in wet environments. A majority of these knives feature stainless steel blades that exhibit high resistance against general wear and don’t break easily, offering an outstanding cutting and slicing performance.


Kershaw Fixed Blade Knives: Designed to undertake many tasks, Kershaw Fixed Blade knives are praised for their simple yet sturdy design. Based on the model, these fixed blade knives feature full tang construction that offers top-of-the-line cutting performance, making them a preferred choice among outdoorsmen.


Kershaw Folding Pocket Knives: Comprises of a vast selection of function forward pocket knives, available in the choice of framelock, linerlock, and lockback locking mechanism. A majority of these knives feature lanyard holes, pocket clips, thumb studs, extended tang construction, and stainless steel blades.


Kershaw Kitchen Knives: Choose from the large selection of Komachi knives, Luna Knives, and Wasabi knives. This category offers an extensive collection of fixed blade kitchen knives that provide high cutting efficiency. Most of the Kershaw Kitchen knives sports carbon stainless blades that don't break easily. The Kershaw kitchen knives category also includes multi-utility cutlery sets built to last long.


Kershaw Knife Sharpeners: Keep your knives well-sharpened and ready for action with Kershaw sharpeners. The category includes Ultra-Tek sharpener with an aluminum handle, a serrated knife sharpener, ceramic sharpener, electric knife sharpener, and knife oil that assists in smooth operation.


Kershaw Machetes: Discover the massive collection of fixed blade outdoor tools featuring large, razor-sharp blades, highly preferred by survivalists, landscapers, hunters, outdoorsmen, and adventure enthusiasts. A majority of these large machetes feature powder-coated steel blade and FRN handle.


Kershaw Multi-Tools: The category consists of multi-purpose tools and components, all combined for easy storage and portability. Kershaw multi-tools can be used as a utility knife, fire starter strikers, wire strippers, carabiners, and more. Boasting a lightweight and compact design, these multi-utility tools would make an amazing addition to any traveling kit or survival gear.


Kershaw Throwing Knives: Ideal for target throwing, these full-tang knives are well-designed and optimally weighted for optimum performance. A majority of the Kershaw Throwing knives feature spear-point blades with double edges, made up of 2Cr13 stainless steel for maximum durability. These knives feature a finger ring and cord-wrapped handle that ensures easy maneuverability.


Kershaw Water Containers: Explore the vast range of Kershaw coffee mugs and bottles. The brand offers a huge selection of stainless steel bottles featuring double-wall insulation and BPA-free insulated lids. The category covers ceramic coffee mugs featuring printed Kershaw logo.


Kershaw 3/4 Ton Knife Series: The series cover a diverse range of multi-function blades featuring large ergonomic handles. Recognized for high impact resistance, the Kershaw 3/4 Ton knives are a true performer. A majority of these knives feature non-slip Santoprene inserts, glass-filled-nylon handles, and pocket clips.


Kershaw Accessories: This category comprises knife cases, single knife pouches, zippered nylon bags, caps, bamboo knife holders, and a lot more. The knives pouch and cases are made using highly durable laminated woven polyester and nylon that makes them a great choice for knife enthusiasts, travelers, and hunters.


Kershaw AM-3-4-5 Knife Series: This series explores a huge range of folding pocket knives, available in the choice of linerlock and framelock locking mechanism. A majority of these knives feature G-10 handles which are known for their excellent impact resistance and durability. Based on the model, these spear point knives feature a thumb stud, pocket clip, and extended tang construction.


Kershaw Amplitude Knife Series: The series covers a range of easy-to-carry pocket knives that offer functionality whilst keeping style in check. Ideal for trekkers, hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Kershaw Amplitude drop point knives feature satin finish stainless blades that offer high strength and edge retention.


Kershaw Arise Knife Series: Comprises of fixed blade knives, boasting a distinctive blade design inspired by the classical boot knives. These knives are praised for their fine tip, which is suitable for carrying out piercing and stabbing tasks. A majority of these knives feature polyphenylene sulfide plastic and glass fiber handles that boast high durability.


Kershaw Atmos Knife Series: The series discovers ultra-refined practical knives, suitable for general use and EDC endeavors. Kershaw Atmos knives feature a lightweight structure that allows for the fuss-free carry and flipper opener that enhances functionality.


Kershaw Barenuckle Knife Series: Consist of sleek knives, featuring improved blades made using Sandvik 14C28N steel that offers outstanding corrosion resistance. A majority of these drop point knives feature anodized aluminum handle scales that offer a classy look and provides a performance grip.


Kershaw Barge Knife Series: These knives are known for their modified Wharncliffe blades featuring a thumb ridge that assists in easy opening and closing. Suitable for outdoor adventure as well as everyday carry, the Kershaw Barge knives feature an integral pry bar, thumb studs, and lanyard hole.


Kershaw Barstow Knife Series:  The series covers a large selection of knives, equipped with 8Cr13MoV stainless spear point blades. The Kershaw Barstow knives feature assisted opening linerlock mechanism and BlackWash finish blades.


Kershaw Blur Knife Series: Comprises a diverse collection of high-performance knives featuring drop point blades. A majority of these knives feature a linerlock mechanism that allows for effortless opening and closing. Most of the Kershaw Blur drop point knives incorporate lanyard holes, pocket clips, and thumb studs.


Kershaw Brace Knife Series: It includes a range of strong utility knives, featuring fixed blades. Equipped with glass-filled nylon handles, the knives feel comfortable in the hand. For safe storage and carry, the Kershaw Brace knives come with molded plastic neck sheath.


Kershaw Brawler Knife Series: This series covers an assortment of linerlock folding pocket knives featuring black traction coated stainless tanto blades. Based on the model, the Kershaw Brawler knives sport a SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, pocket clip, and thumb stud that enhances functionality.


Kershaw Camp Knife Series: The series covers a huge range of framelock assisted opening knives featuring BlackWash finish D2 tool steel blades. The Kershaw Camp knives incorporate PVD-coated stainless handles, extended tang construction, and pocket clips.


Kershaw Cannonball Knife Series: Comprises of assisted folder knives, designed to withstand extensive use. The Kershaw Cannonball knives sport PVD coated steel scales that enhance durability and BlackWash finished D2 blades which are capable of holding an edge for longer.


Kershaw Cathode Knife Series: Ideal for combat situations and self-defense, these framelock knives incorporate stonewash finish 4Cr14 stainless tanto blades that boast impressive resistance against general wear. A majority of the Kershaw Cathode knives feature a stainless handle that offers a positive grip, making them a preferred choice among trekkers, hunters, and campers.


Kershaw Chill Knife Series: These folding pocket knives are known for their G-10 handles, matte finish 8Cr13MoV stainless blade, and full tang construction, which makes them a suitable choice for carrying out heavy-duty tasks. For added functionality, most of the Kershaw Chill knives feature a lanyard hole and pocket clip.


Kershaw Chive Knife Series: The series covers a range of aesthetically pleasing pocket knives featuring stainless steel handles available in pink, gold, navy, and silver colors. Kershaw Chive knives feature bead blast finish 420 stainless blades, speed-safe torsion bar mechanism, pocket clips, and lanyard holes. These knives are light-in-weight and can be easily carried around.


Kershaw Cinder Knife Series: These multi-function folding knives stonewash finish 3Cr13 stainless blades which are capable of carrying out a range of cutting tasks. Ideal for everyday carry as well as adventurous excursions, these Kershaw Cinder knives sports a compact design and sturdy built. Equipped with copper handles, these pocket knives feature a bottle opener, lanyard hole, and thumb stud.


Kershaw Clash Knife Series: These knives work on simple assisted opening or linerlock mechanisms. A majority of the Kershaw Clash knives feature textured, injection-molded handles, oxide-coated partially serrated 8Cr13MoV stainless blades, pocket clips, and speed-safe torsion bar mechanism.


Kershaw Clearwater II Knife Series: Equipped with ultra-sharp, satin finish 420J2 stainless fillet blades, the Kershaw Clearwater II knives are a fantastic choice for fishing, camping, and outdoor adventures. Most of these knives incorporate rubberized synthetic handles that provide a firm grip.


Kershaw Cryo Knife Series: Recognized for their unique design and exemplary strength, these framelock folding knives are suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Kershaw Cryo knives feature carbonitride titanium-coated blades that boast remarkable resistance against abrasive factors. A majority of these knives feature titanium finish stainless handles and a speed-safe torsion bar mechanism that makes them easy to operate.


Kershaw Dead-line Knife Series: The series covers a plethora of linerlock knives equipped with brushed stainless handles, that make them lightweight and strong. Kershaw Dead-line knives sports an extended tang construction, pocket clips, and PVD coated stainless blades.


Kershaw Dividend Knife Series: This series covers a range of sleek and slim pocket knives, equipped with an aluminum handle and stonewashed 420HC stainless steel blades. Ideal for EDC endeavors and various other general cutting tasks, Kershaw Dividend knives are comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.


Kershaw Drivetrain Knife Series: Designed for hassle-free deployment, these knives are a fantastic choice for self-defense, survival situations, and emergencies. The Kershaw Drivetrain flipper knives can be used to quickly cut seatbelts, ropes, smash glass or perform other tasks. These drop point knives sport D2, high-carbon steel stonewash finished blades that boast exemplary durability.


Kershaw Ember Knife Series:  Comprises a huge collection of EDC knives featuring standard edge. A majority of the Kershaw Ember knives feature framelock mechanisms that assist in effortless opening and carbonitride titanium coated clip point blades that exhibit impressive strength and resist general wear.


Kershaw Emerson CQC Knife Series: These knives are a result of the collaboration of Kershaw and Emerson. Kershaw Emerson CQC knives feature sleek, long clip-point blades. A majority of these knives have half-height flat grind, wave function, thumb studs, and lanyard holes.


Kershaw Entropy Knife Series: Consist of slim EDC knives with drop-point blades that makes cutting tasks quick and effortless. The Kershaw Entropy knives sport stonewashed finished, textured glass-filled nylon handles that offer a secure grip.


Kershaw Eris Knife Series: Comprises of folding knives, ideal for everyday carry. A majority of these knives feature SpeedSafe assisted opening that ensures a safe user experience and allows for hassle-free deployment. The Kershaw Eris knives feature a pocket clip and lanyard holes that allow for effortless storage and portability.


Kershaw Field Knife Series: The series covers multi-purpose knives suitable for campsite chores, general cutting tasks as well as dressing games. These full tang fixed blade knives feature G-10 handles with scales that help the user in achieving a positive grip.


Kershaw Flitch Knife Series: It includes a range of flipper folding knives, featuring drop point blades, top swedge, and textured G-10 handles. Ideal for self-defense, outdoor chores, and stabbing jobs, these knives are a fantastic choice for EDC endeavors.


Kershaw Fraxion Knife Series: The series comprises functional pocket knives featuring G-10 handles that provide a sure grip. These knives feature satin finish stainless steel blades that endure extensive use, offering maximum durability and making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, and mountaineers.


Kershaw Halogen Knife Series: Consists of a variety of all-purpose knives, suitable for everyday carry and adventurous excursions. The assisted opening knives feature drop point blades and durable handles with carbon fiber that provide an impressive grip.


Kershaw Highball Knife Series: The series explores a range of framelock knives featuring ultra-sharp clip-point blades. The Kershaw Highball knives are praised for their excellent edge retention and wear resistance. Based on the model, these knives feature a thumb groove opener that ensures hassle-free maneuverability.


Kershaw Knockout Knife SeriesThis series covers an assortment of folding pocket knives that work on the innovative SpeedSafe mechanism, making the closing and opening of knives as quick and easier as possible. Based on the model, the Kershaw Knockout knives feature textured aluminum handles, thumb studs, and pocket clips.


Kershaw Kuro Knife Series: Combining an impressive design and quality workmanship, the Kershaw Kuro knives make for a preferred choice among adventure enthusiasts, survivalists, and professional knife users. A majority of these knives feature partially serrated tanto blades and textured GRN handle that make them suitable for heavy-duty outdoor tasks.


Kershaw Leek Knife Series: Comprises of medium-sized everyday pocket knives, ideal for cutting and slicing chores. A majority of the Kershaw Leek knives assisted opening mechanism, Sandvik 14C28N stainless blades, and anodized aluminum handles. Most of these knives feature pocket clips, lanyard holes, thumb studs, and extended tang construction.


Kershaw Lightyear Knife Series: This series comprises spear-point knives featuring SpeedSafe assisted opening. A majority of these lightweight flipper knives feature ambidextrous tip-up pocket clips, lanyard holes, and glass-filled nylon handles.


Kershaw Link Knife Series: It features a range of drop point EDC knives, featuring glass-filled nylon handles that make an ideal companion for travelers, campers, and hikers. The Kershaw Link knives incorporate a SpeedSafe assisted opening system that assists in the easy deployment of the blade. Most of these folding knives feature a lanyard hole and pocket clip.


Kershaw Lucha Butterfly Knife Series: Featuring sandvik 14C28N steel blades and KVT ball-bearing pivots, the Lucha knives make for a perfect choice for knife enthusiasts and real-life users. A majority of these knives bead-blasted texture on stainless steel handles that help in achieving a firm grip.


Kershaw Natrix Knife Series: Ideal for everyday use, these framelock knives feature BlackWash finish 8Cr13MoV stainless blade that offers amazing cutting performance and resists abrasion. Most of these knives come equipped with G10 handles that provide a sure grip.


Kershaw Nura Knife Series: Comprises of framelock knives featuring extremely strong carbonitride titanium coated 8Cr13MoV stainless blades known for their lasting performance. A majority of these knives incorporate titanium finish 410 stainless handles which are reputed for exemplary strength, making them a great choice for outdoor chores.


Kershaw Oso Sweet Knife Series: Most of the knives in this series feature assisted opening system that ensures effortless deployment. A majority of the Kershaw Oso Sweet knives feature injection-molded nylon handles that provide for a tight grip, making them an ideal companion for outdoor activities.


Kershaw Payload Knife Series: The series covers a massive collection of multi-purpose knives, ideal for carrying out a range of tasks. The Kershaw Payload knives feature a screwdriver in the handle that makes for an ideal tool for outdoor chores and survival situations.


Kershaw Pub Knife Series: Comprises a range of functional pocket knives, featuring unique handles that come equipped with a bottle opener and screwdriver. Kershaw Pub knives are praised for their high impact resistance, unique aesthetics, and durable blades.


Kershaw RBK Knife Series: The series consists of a range of easy-to-replace scalpel blades made using top-grade stainless steel. Designed for use with Lonerock RBK 1890, the replacement blades come in a box that allows for safe carry.


Kershaw Scallion Knife Series: The series features highly efficient folding knives, featuring the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. These pocket knives feature stainless steel blades with a strong tip that assists in piercing and stabbing jobs. A majority of the Kershaw Scallion knives feature non-slip aluminum handles.


Kershaw Scrambler Knife Series: Features an array of functional knives, ideal for use during trekking, hiking, camping, and survival situations. A majority of the Kershaw Scrambler knives are outfitted with textured G-10 handles that provide a performance grip.


Kershaw Secret Agent Knife Series: Consist of dagger-style knives suitable for tactical, combat, and self-defense situations. A majority of these knives feature lanyard holes and rubberized GRN handles that helps in gaining a sure grip.


Kershaw Shuffle Knife SeriesThe series consists of a wide variety of folding knives featuring linerlock locking mechanism that ensures easy opening of the blade. A majority of the knives feature compactly-sized tanto blades and ergonomic handles. Kershaw Shuffle knives sports textured GRM handles, available in a myriad of colors such as purple, tan, green, and more.


Kershaw Skyline Knife Series: Comprise of highly efficient pocket knives outfitted with linerlock mechanism. Based on the model, the Kershaw Skyline knives feature drop point blades with a stonewash finish that resists abrasion and provides impressive cutting performance.


Kershaw Spline Knife Series: The series covers a range of assisted opening flipper knives featuring Wharncliffe-styled blades. A majority of these knives feature a top swedge and a lowered tip that ensures an outstanding cutting performance. Most of these knives feature finger choil that provides greater comfort and ensures safety during complex cutting tasks.


Kershaw Spoke Knife Series: These knives make for a fantastic choice for EDC endeavors. The Kershaw Spoke drop point flipper knives feature oxide-coated handles that offer a stylish look. Thanks to the SpeedSafe opening mechanism, these knives support rapid deployment and hassle-free use.


Kershaw Starter Knife Series: Consist of a selection of folding knives, equipped with BlackWash finish stainless blades that remain immune to general abrasive factors. Designed with precision to convey superior cutting performance, these drop point blades can be comfortably carried along.


Kershaw Taskmaster Shears: The series comprises a variety of shears, scissors, and saw. An ideal addition to any toolbox or traveler’s kit, the Kershaw Taskmaster shears feature detachable blades, nutcracker, cap lifter, and flathead screwdriver tips, making them suitable for a range of tasks.


Kershaw Thermite Knife Series: This series covers a huge range of ergonomic folding pocket knives featuring G-10 handles and stainless steel blades. Based on the model, the Kershaw Thermite knives incorporate dual thumb studs, thumb ramp, and extended tang.


Kershaw Thistle Knife Series: Comprises a wide variety of folding knives featuring drop point blades that excel in slicing, chopping, and cutting tasks. A majority of the Kershaw Thistle knives come equipped with a button lock that works in tandem with liner lock, providing an amazingly safe release and lock method.


Kershaw Turismo Knife Series: This series focuses on drop point knives featuring assisted opening mechanisms. A majority of the Kershaw Turismo knives feature stainless steel handles with black oxide coating that remains immune to normal abrasive factors.


Kershaw Volt Knife Series: The series comprises drop point knives available in a range of handle constructions such as polyimide and stainless steel. The innovative SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism makes the knives an ideal choice among travelers, hikers and outdoorsmen.


Kershaw Westin Knife Series: Ideal for outdoor adventures as well as regular cutting tasks, the Kershaw Westin knives allow for quick deployment. A majority of these knives come equipped with stonewash finish drop point stainless blades and GRN handles.


Kershaw Zing Knife Series: The series covers a range of drop point folding knives with a SpeedSafe opening mechanism. The Kershaw Zing knives feature hollow grind, bead blast finished stainless steel handles, and plain edged stainless blades.


Warranted Against Defects


Kershaw Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Kershaw products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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