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Kershaw Strata Knives: Unveiling Unsurpassed Elegance & Durability in Cutting Solutions


Step into the remarkable world of Kershaw Strata Knives, where sophistication meets durability. A perfect combination of elegance and resilience, the Strata line reflects Kershaw's dedication to creating premium knives that are as much about functionality as they are about design.


Kershaw Strata Knives are meticulously engineered for those who appreciate the art of craftsmanship and require reliable cutting tools. Their unique design is a testimony to Kershaw's commitment to innovation and attention to detail.


The standout offerings in this range are the Kershaw Strata Framelock Knife (KS2076) and the Kershaw Strata XL (KS2077). Both knives embody the perfect balance of form and function that characterizes Kershaw's design philosophy.


The Kershaw Strata Framelock Knife features a 4.5-inch D2 tool steel blade, known for its impressive hardness and excellent resistance to wear. It's perfect for tackling rigorous tasks while maintaining its edge over time. The knife sports a black G10 handle, paired with a bead blast finish stainless back handle for a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design.


If you are looking for a knife with a larger blade, the Strata XL is the perfect match. It has a 5.5-inch blade, retaining the D2 tool steel's quality and durability. The black G10 handle and bead blast finish stainless back handle remain, offering a larger grip for more demanding tasks.


Both knives feature a pocket clip for easy carry, copper pivot cap, and anodized tube spacers that add to their elegance. Despite being manufactured in China, Kershaw's strict quality standards ensure that the Strata knives are built to last, providing reliable performance for years.


Whether you need a knife for everyday carry, outdoor activities, or for your collection, Kershaw Strata Knives offer a striking balance between form and function. They not only deliver a fantastic cutting experience but also make a strong style statement. Welcome to the Strata family, where elegance, durability, and cutting prowess are in perfect harmony.

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