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Hen & Rooster Knives


In business since 1845, Hen and Rooster Knives is considered the best place to purchase high-quality cutlery without burning a hole in your pocket. Carl Bertram, the brand’s founder, originated as an established name in the poultry trade of Solingen, Germany.


This is how he came to give the famous Hen & Rooster® logo to his line of Hen and Rooster fixed blade knives as well as other products in 1865. Each product, from Hen and Rooster kitchen knives to pocket knives, is manufactured with intricate designs, impressive grips, and a gorgeous polish. Shop our selection of Hen and Rooster fixed blade knives and other products below, with some of the most popular examples pronounced in each segment.




Hen & Rooster Bowie Knives: The series includes fixed blade combat knives that are recognized for its vintage appearance. Popular among the knife enthusiasts and collectors, these knives are available in German stainless steel blades. The knives are best survival gear and provide a sturdy grip for piercing and combating. The Bowie knives are perfect for hunting, hiking, camping, and trekking.


Hen & Rooster Folding Pocket Knives: This range includes knives that are meant for many tasks making for a proper EDC. These knives have impeccable sharpness to the blades whether there is one blade or four. The striking handles of these knives offer a tight grip.


Hen & Rooster Knives Lockback Pocket Knives: Hen & Rooster Lockback Knives work on the simple lock back mechanism or the spine locking mechanism that prevents the knives from accidental opening or closing. The stainless or Damascus construction of these knives conveys immense strength and helps the knives survive in challenging situations. The handles are textured which helps in maintaining an excellent grip without slipping.


Hen & Rooster Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock Knives by Hen & Rooster are ergonomically designed cutlery featuring side-spring lock mechanism. The lock can be easily opened and closed with one hand. Easy-to-carry, the knives feature comfortable grip for secure handling.


Hen & Rooster Knives Fixed Blade Knives: Hen & Rooster offers a diversity of durable and versatile fixed blade knives that are ideal for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. The knives are crafted using stainless steel and German stainless steel and are ultimate for combat scenarios and hiking, camping, and survival tasks like digging, cutting, hammering, and splitting.


Hen & Rooster Knives Kitchen Cutlery: This collection of innovative kitchen cutlery comprises a variation of knife sets, scissors and steak knives. The company manufactures knives for both commercial as well as low-profile kitchen knives. Most of the knife sets come with an organized stand made of wood or composition for safe and easy storage.



Hen & Rooster Straight Razors: This series includes straight razors, which are designed with a unique structure and function. Hen & Rooster Straight Razors include a blade that that can be folded into its handle, also called open razors and cut-throat razors.


Hen & Rooster Knives Barlow Pocket Knives: The series includes an array of Barlow Folding Pocket Knives with different handle patterns including mother of pearl, deer stag, and jigged bone. The blades made of stainless, are strong and dependable making it easy to handle daily chores. Light-in-weight, these knives can be easily carried around in pocket.


Hen & Rooster Knives Canoe Pocket Knives: This series includes folding knives that feature two blades. The blades on these knives are made of stainless steel, making them corrosion resistant. These lightweight pocket knives make for a great EDC.


Hen & Rooster Knives Coke Bottle Pocket Knives: The Coke Bottle knives are recognized for their stainless clip and pen blades; the pen blades lie directly behind the larger clip blade. The handles come in a variety of material like red bone, green bone, deer stag and purple bone. The series features strong knives that are convenient to carry.


Hen & Rooster Knives Congress Pocket Knives: The knives under this series have four sharp stainless blades. This range has a variety of handle types such as bone, stag and mother of pearl and many more. These knives are worth collecting and perfect for outdoor activities.


Hen & Rooster Knives Copperhead Pocket Knives: The Copperhead series consists of corrosion resistant stainless steel blade materials. These two-bladed; sometimes single-blade knives offer clip point and skinning blades. These knives are made of light-in-weight material that will not disappoint.


Hen & Rooster Knives Gentleman Pocket Knives: This range of knives is single-blade stainless steel known for their long and thin construction. The handles are impeccably crafted to provide a stable and secure grip while in use. The blades of these knives can be used for different tasks including cutting, piercing, chopping and grinding.



Hen & Rooster Knives Locking Ring Pocket Knives: The series includes an array of Locking Ring Folding Pocket Knives with different handle patterns. The blades are made of stainless steel and are durable making it easy to handle daily chores.


Hen & Rooster Knives Muskrat Pocket Knives: The Muskrat series consists of corrosion resistant stainless steel blade materials. These two-bladed knives offer long clip point or spear point styles. The knives are notable for knife enthusiasts with their lightweight material making them easy to carry.


Hen & Rooster Knives Peanut Pocket Knives: The series covers a range of two-bladed folding pocket knives; the blades are clip and spey located on the same end of the knives. The handles are made of bone, stag, or buffalo horn and feature nickel silver bolsters and most have an inlay shield. These knives are compact and can easily fit in the hand. These knives are designed to handle precise cutting tasks.


Hen & Rooster Knives Pen Pocket Knives: This series of knives is equipped with stainless steel blades. The pen knives feature nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. These knives ensure strength for heavy-duty tasks and safety prevention from accidental injuries. Pen knives are designed to meet the requirements of a knife enthusiast.


Hen & Rooster Knives Sowbelly Pocket Knives: The series includes an array Sowbelly Folding Pocket Knives with different handle materials including mother of pearl and deer stag. The three-bladed knives are well-built and trustworthy making it easy to handle daily tasks.


Hen & Rooster Knives Stockman Pocket Knives: The Stockman knives are popular among everyday users and avid collectors. The knives are classic design slip joint pocket knives that feature three blades- a clip blade, a sheep’s foot blade, and a spey blade. Stockman knives have rounded or squared nickel silver bolsters available in the stainless steel blade.


Hen & Rooster Knives Trapper Pocket Knives: The knives under this series have multiple blade styles offered on this two-bladed Trapper. The handles are also available in various designs making them diverse to suit individual needs. These knives are worth collecting and perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.


Hen & Rooster Knives Whittler Pocket Knives: This series of knives is equipped with three-four stainless steel blades, featuring a standard edge, ensuring strength for heavy-duty tasks. The handles are made from deer stag, mother of pearl, or pick bone providing firm grip to prevent accidental injuries.



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