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Blackfox Knives is a well-known brand of Fox Knives that offers great ergonomically designed knives, machetes, kukris, tools, knife sharpeners, and accessories. Fox Knives is a trusted brand that was started in 1977 by Oreste Frati. Living up to that expectation, Blackfox Knives ensures high-grade products with the finest quality. The brand offers a wide range of tested and well-researched products that are highly durable, reliable and functional.


Some of the bestselling products of Blackfox Knives are manufactured in collaboration with famous knife designer Alfredo Doricchi.  The company offers practically designed knives and other accessories that can perform a variety of indoor/low profile and outdoor/heavy-duty tasks easily. Blackfox Knives offers some of the best-designed and hard-handled tools and accessories to hunters and outdoor professionals for everyday carry purpose. 


Expect Highly Functional Knives for Outdoor Use

Blackfox Knives is popular among knife enthusiasts, trekkers, campers, hunters and fishermen as they offer practically designed knives and other outdoor tools. The company uses Italian technology and knife making techniques to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these tactical tools. The Blackfox Knives was introduced by Fox Knives to provide affordable yet high-quality products to customers. Almost every product is designed in Italy using advanced technology and traditional weapon making techniques. 


Offers High-Grade Products with Superior Ergonomic Designs

Blackfox Knives products are manufactured from the finest quality material, be it knife blade or the handlebar, the company assures a sturdy construction to every product. Most of these knives, machetes or kukris have drop-point/tanto blades made from the supreme quality 440 stainless steel. The robust handle construction is done from heavy-duty material like Zebrawood, textured Polypropylene, and G-10 scales. To provide additional security and safe usage the knives feature reliable locking system, thumb ridge, pocket clips, and lanyard holes.


Getting Acquainted with the Detailed Product Catalog of Blackfox  

Blackfox Knives is highly popular across the knife-making marketplace. Since the very beginning, the company has worked precisely and dedicatedly in extending the product catalog by adding some of the bestselling products like fixed blade knives, fillet knives, and folding knives.


Blackfox Fillet Knives: These Fillet Knives are designed to perfection and feature fine stainless-steel blades to effectively perform filleting jobs like removing bones and skin from hard meat. The sharp, drop-point blade knives have textured polypropylene handles that can withstand low as well as high temperatures.


Blackfox Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blades are comparatively strong and highly functional than other knives. The sturdy drop point blade construction is done using 440A stainless with a satin finish. These knives are manufactured in China and Italy to ensure high-quality and durability.


Blackfox Folding Pocket Knives: The series features ergonomically designed pocket folding knives in different shapes and blade types. Most of these knives feature a drop-point blade with liner lock/ lock back locking system. The folding knife series offers great durability and features knives which are greatly functional.


Blackfox Framelock Pocket Knives: The range offers hard-handled and exclusively designed knives with framelock locking system. The unique ball bearing feature allows the knives to swivel freely on holsters. The knives perform various outdoor tasks like cutting, slicing, twining and piercing jobs easily with their drop-point blade construction.


Blackfox Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock pocket knives have compact designs, durable construction, and a sturdy structure. Linerlock mechanism offers an easy opening/closing of knives with single hand operation. These folding knives effectively perform both commercial as well as low-profile, household tasks easily with their clip-point blades and rubberized handle construction.


Blackfox Lockback Pocket Knives: This series features sleek and slim, lockback spine mechanism, pocket knives with sharp tanto/drop-point blades. The brushed stainless steel/wood/ textured G-10 handles offer comfortable and tight grip to the users. Blackfox Lockback knives are available with a nylon belt sheath and a snap closure that helps prevent the knives from daily abuse.


Blackfox Machetes: The series offers a wide range of knives, kukris, small daggers and machetes with unique Alfredo Doricchi design. Most of these knives have paracord wrapped handles that provide sturdy grip to the user.


Blackfox Multi-Tools: These multi-tools series features a brief range of products that are multi-purpose and can perform a variety of tasks. The tools include a screwdriver, pliers, blades, serrated blades, wire strippers, wire cutter, bolt opener, bottle openers, and can opener. Most of these tools and accessories are available in a black nylon sheath for easy storage and transportation.

Warranty Information

Blackfox products are warranted to be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects. If the products are damaged due to misuse, then no replacement would be made. However, in rare cases the replacement or repair can be done only after the approval from the repair department. The defective Blackfox products will be repaired or replaced with a new item. The products are not to be used as or with chisels, hammers, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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