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BlackFOX Knives is a well-known brand of FOX Knives that offers great ergonomically designed knives, machetes, kukris, tools, knife sharpeners, and accessories. Fox Knives is a trusted brand that was started in 1977 by Oreste Frati. Living up to that expectation, Blackfox Knives ensures high-grade products with the finest quality. The brand offers a wide range of tested and well-researched products that are highly durable, reliable, and functional. Over time the brand has successfully carved its niche among professionals like rescue teams, firefighters, police, and law enforcement.


Some of the bestselling products of Blackfox Knives are manufactured in collaboration with famous knife designer Alfredo Doricchi.  The company offers practically designed knives and other accessories that can perform a variety of indoor/low profile and outdoor/heavy-duty tasks easily. Blackfox Knives offers some of the best-designed and hard-handled tools and accessories to hunters and outdoor professionals for everyday carry purposes. All knives have one thing in common – an excellent price-performance ratio. Most of the blades bear Italian construction and are appropriate for a range of outdoor applications including gaming and camping.


Know BlackFOX Knives Better

The knives from the brand are manufactured in China and Maniago, Italy. The use of Italian technology and knife-making technique ensures that you get the best quality tactical tools. The BlackFOX Knives are reliable and are distinguished for their innovative designs. The sharp cutting blades and ergonomic handles are created keeping in mind the tiresome outdoor activities you are going to participate in. The majority of the knives are made from fine quality 440 stainless steel. The handles bear heavy construction, usually Zebrawood, textured Polypropylene, and G-10 scales. For additional security, the knives boast a reliable locking system, thumb ridge, pocket clips, and lanyard holes.


Fox Knives introduced BlackFOX Knives to provide to the customers a range of reasonably priced yet high-quality tactical tools for outdoor use and everyday carry. The brand is known to be growing since then and has an ever-expanding product catalog that envisages fixed blade knives, fillet knives, and folding knives. All in all, the products are the work of exquisite precision and quality craftsmanship. Explore the space for Blackfox Fillet Knives, Bean Gen2 Titanium, Outdoor Guthook, Racli Framelock Knife, and Outdoor Pull out Diamond Honing Surface Sharpener.


BlackFOX Knives Categories

Blackfox Fixed Blade Knives: The knives under this category are vouched for their supreme stainless-steel construction. The tactical tools bear textured handles that ensure a safe and ergonomic grip for heavy use. Blackfox Fixed Blades are suitable for digging, hunting, cutting, splitting, and other vigorous activities. They are available in varied sizes from small to large.


Blackfox Folding Pocket Knives: Perfect for everyday carry, the knives under this category are famous for the locking system that keeps them secure during use. Look for framelock pocket knives and liner lock pocket knives under this category. The former ensures smooth opening and closing of the knife with no spring action involved. This makes the knife suitable for cutting, twining, and slicing. The liner lock knives are known for their advanced locking system and perfect for cutting, slicing, opening envelopes, and bottle caps.


Blackfox Knife Sharpeners: Explore the series for 3-in-1 knife sharpeners – Diamond stone grinder, Ceramic rod sharpener, and Carbide sharpening. The category includes an array of multipurpose sharpeners that bear a resistant structure with a non-slip rubber grip. These sharpeners are compact, practical and can be carried around outdoors to sharpen the tools prior to the big game.


Blackfox Lockback Pocket Knives: Blackfox Lockback Pocket Knives are marketed for their traditional and reliable locking system. They use a spine mechanism on a back spring that snaps on the blade when opened, preventing accidental opening. The knives boast stainless steel drop point blades and textured or grooved handles. These knives come with a nylon belt sheath and a snap closure so that knife can withstand daily wear and tear.


Blackfox Machetes: The machetes are versatile and can be utilized as a knife or an ax. Look for both machetes and knives under this category. The knives boast the unique Alfredo Dorichhi design. They feature smooth handles or cord-wrapped handles, depending upon the style and structures of the knife. Use the machetes for chopping, agriculture uses carving, cleaning, and hunting or surviving tools.


Blackfox Multi-tools: The multi-tools category envisages an array of stainless steel utility tools in a holder. Blackfox provides tools like pliers, large blade, serrated blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener, file, ruler, saw blade, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, wire stripper, awl, wire cutter, and bottle opener. These tools are perfect for several purposes like trimming, smoothening, plumbing, moldings, cutting, digging, and other daily activities. They are compact and can be carried in pockets or pouches.


Blackfox Fillet Knives: Explore the series for stainless steel fillet knives that are popular for their flexibility and thinness and offer precise cuts. Choose from the varied handle options including textured with polypropylene. These handles are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and provide a secure grip as you debone the fish.


BlackFOX Knives Series

Blackfox Echo Knife Series: These are folding knives designed by Danish knifemaker Mikkel Wilumsen and are suitable for all your cutting tasks. The knives feature sturdy spear point blades stonewashed to give you precise cuts. The knives are available in different locking mechanisms – Lockback and liner lock. The handles ensure a secure and ergonomic grip, thus reducing the fatigue when the knife is in action. The knives also feature a lanyard hole and removable clip for additional functionality.


Blackfox Kravi Knife Series: Explore the series for sleek and compact flipper knives. Kravi essentially means warrior in Hebrew. The knives in the series are crafted by Avi and Ishai Nardia. They are often used for self-defense and martial arts training. These folding pocket knives feature a dramatic, recurve, black finished, stainless steel blade, with a swedged trailing point that makes you appear ready to strike. They have geometric handles, a thumb ramp with jimping, and a fine guard that helps in securing the grip.


Blackfox Metropolis Knife Series: Explore the series for flat integrated flippers boasting the liner lock mechanism to hold the knife in place. The blades are made from high-end 440C stainless steel that can withstand abrasion and corrosion. The handles are made from G-10, a glass fiber plastic that ensures an ergonomic grip during strenuous tasks.


Blackfox Outdoor Knife Series: The series is an assortment of fixed blade hunting knives with varied blade types- clip point, gut hook, and the standard blades. They feature stainless steel construction and a satin finish. The handles are made from brown checkered pakkawood which makes the knives suitable for a good game. The inbuilt lanyard hole allows you to attach the knife to the backpack as you roam about in the woods for a good game.


Blackfox Racli Knife Series: Blackfox Racli is a minimalistic folding knife designed compact with no additional ornamentation. The knives under the series are designed by Denis Simonutti and stand apart for their user-friendly design. Look for a spear point blade constructed using the high-grade 440C stainless steel which opens with a large thumb opening. The handles are usually constructed using G-10. The framelock mechanism holds the blade in place during the task.


Blackfox Reloaded Knife Series: Browse through the series for some impressive flippers that are simple, elegant, and highly functional. The knives in the series feature slender blades available in satin and grey finish. Most of them boast a liner lock mechanism that securely holds the blade while you do your task. The G10 handles boast a detailed milled texture structure. This ensures a secure grip and reduces fatigue during tedious tasks.


Blackfox Revolver Knife Series: The series includes unique folding pocket knives that feature blades made from premium 440C stainless steel and are opened by a flipper and locked by the liner lock mechanism. The blades are available in satin and grey finish. The handles are made using G10 and boast intricate scales that aid in a secure grip. The handles also have a slight index finger recess.


Blackfox Skal Knife Series: Explore the series for compact friction folding neck knives designed by Denis Simonutti. The blade exhibits a spur shape like a bottle opener and features a stone-washed coating. The knives have scaled G10 handles which assure ergonomic grip for tedious tasks. You can choose from green and black handle options. The knives come complete with a Kydex sheath for ease of carrying in the pocket.


Blackfox Tactical Knife Series: Browse through the series for knives suitable for hunting, combating, camping, and outdoor survival. The knives ensure reliable performance in any setting. Explore the series for fixed blade and folding pocket knives that boast handles varying from G-10 to Pakkawood handles. The series includes kukri, machetes, and other survival tools.


Blackfox Throwing Knife Series: The series includes an array of fixed blade knives boasting black titanium coating over the stainless-steel construction. They are available with skeletonized handles or Paracord wrapped handles. The knives are compact and are suitable for martial arts or hunting applications. They are supplied with a nylon sheath for easy and secure carrying.


Blackfox Tora Knife Series: These are designer knives created by Italian knife maker Antonio Di Gennaro. These are fixed blade knives that are perfect for military use. The blades boast 440C stainless steel construction. These are Italy-based military knives that can withstand abrasion and corrosion. They bear G-10 grips with rough textures for secure handling. The knives are available with a nylon sheath for easy carrying.


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