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A little about Blackfox Knives, a division of FOX Knives:


In 1977 Oreste Frati after a long experience, before in the production and then in the commercial area, has been established the FOX Coltellerie.

The name of the company (that are the initial letters of the owner), appears immediately like the right one. The company has become immediately appreciate for the brilliant ideas that thanking also at the research of new materials and application of new thecnologies have been created these well-known quality products.

The FOX grown very quickly however Mr. Oreste personally control and program the production of the company. His wife Valnea, his son Gabriele and specialized collaborators are
helping the owner in these successful results.
The professional tradition combined with the constant desire of technological innovations
have build up the name of FOX Coltellerie like one of the leading company on the national and internationals markets.


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