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Blackfox Metropolis Knives: Italian Craftsmanship Meets Urban Elegance


For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, Blackfox Knives has always been synonymous with excellence. Their tradition of producing iconic blades with a fusion of Italian artistry and functional designs is legendary. Continuing this legacy, Blackfox introduces the Metropolis Knives – a series that's crafted for the urban warrior, blending precision, elegance, and durability. Knife Country USA proudly presents this exquisite series, catering to the discerning knife enthusiasts who seek nothing but the best.


Spotlight on Blackfox Metropolis Series


Venturing into the heart of Blackfox's creation, the Metropolis series embodies the brand's core principles.


  • Black Fox BF739 - Metropolis Linerlock Knife G10 - Model BF739: This knife boasts a stunning 3.5" satin finish 440C stainless blade, promising sharpness and resilience. When closed, the knife measures 4.88", making it a compact companion for daily use. The black G10 handle not only assures a firm grip but also enhances its sleek appearance. For versatility and security, it comes with an extended tang, a lanyard hole, and a pocket clip. The beautiful packaging further enhances its appeal, making it a perfect gift for knife aficionados.


  • Black Fox 739TI - Metropolis Linerlock Knife - Model BF739TI: The Metropolis Linerlock Knife stands out with its unique gray TiNi coated 440C stainless blade, measuring an impressive 3.5". Its 4.75" closed length ensures portability, while the black G10 handle offers a contrast, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The knife ensures user safety with its extended tang and comes equipped with a lanyard hole and pocket clip for various carrying preferences. Crafted meticulously in Italy, it's a fine representation of Blackfox's commitment to quality.


Why Choose Blackfox Metropolis Knives?


When you invest in a Blackfox Metropolis Knife, you're not merely purchasing a cutting tool but owning a piece of Italian artistry. Blackfox's commitment to excellence is evident in every contour, every edge, and every finish of the Metropolis series. Designed for urban use, these knives are perfect for those who value functionality without compromising on style.


Knife Country USA: The Destination for Knife Enthusiasts


With Knife Country USA, you get more than just a product; you become part of a legacy. As connoisseurs of fine blades, we understand the essence that goes into making an exceptional knife. The Blackfox Metropolis series mirrors our dedication to bringing you only the best.


Journey with us and discover the elegance of Blackfox Metropolis Knives, where every blade is a blend of passion, precision, and perfection.

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