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Since its inception in 1980, Cold Steel has been at the forefront of innovation, quality, and everything in between a blade and the holder. Founded by Lynn C Thompson in California, who himself is a martial artist and trained shooter, Cold Steel started with a single mission to bring "the world's strongest, sharpest" knives to the market. Over the next forty years, the company has become a favorite among the military, law enforcement units, and adventurers.


Progressive achievement, such as the development of checkered Kraton® handles and tanto point blade types, has elevated them from oddly intriguing elements to industry-wide symbols of excellence and refinement. Additionally, ground-breaking new blade steels such as San Mai III® and Tri-AdTM Lock & locking mechanism for folding knives have also become a trademark of Cold Steel knives.


Cold Steel products are created at many production facilities situated worldwide, including the United States, Japan, South Africa, China, Taiwan, India, and Italy. Cold Steel products have frequently been featured in various films, video games, web series, and television shows. The knives and swords are handcrafted by skilled artisans in collaboration with expert international artists, swordsmen, stuntmen, and weapon gurus.


Today, the American brand is worldwide famous for high-quality knives, razor-sharp swords, pocket knives, blowguns, hatchets, and outdoor gear. Cold Steel products are designed to meet the high expectation of every outdoor adventurer; whether you're a knife/sword collector or a seasoned hunter, you will indeed find a blade for your need. The precision technique is used to create every Cold Steel knife so that people can use it easily for commercial and low-profile tasks.


You can't produce a good quality blade with lousy steel; that's why every Cold Steel item is made with high-grade materials to ensure functionality and durability. The firm manufactures the swords and folding knives using a custom-designed TRI-AD locking mechanism devised by renowned custom knife manufacturer Andrew Demko. Additionally, the firm has partnered with many knife makers from across the globe, including Bob Koga, Fred Perrin, Zach Whitson, Steven Likarich, and Keith Dehart, to produce and supply the highest-quality knives to clients.


Cold Steel's vast and diversified line-up includes everything between an everyday carry knife and iconic mega folders. Their massive product catalog now features distinctive fixed blades, swords, sabers, pole-arms, and halberds, as well as hunting gear, spears, blowguns, axes, machetes, tomahawks, and tools!


Cold Steel is credited with popularizing the tanto blade in America; tanto blades are durable and provide the drawer with tremendous strength in life-threatening situations. Cold Steel items have been rigorously proven to accomplish various jobs, including piercing any item, slicing through thick and massive flesh and bones, shearing ropes, and creating bush. The swords are constructed mainly of the most robust Damascus steel and 1055 high carbon steel. The firm employs CP3V steel extensively for designing broad blade swords and knives, which require excellent hardness. Similarly, each product is constructed from superior materials to ensure unique usefulness and longevity.


Everything you want to know about Cold Steel


Cold Steel is a famous American knife brand established in 1980 known for its quality knives and swords. Cold Steel produces some of the world's most rigid and most durable knives. They never fail, even in the harshest conditions. Unlike other expensive keepsake knives, Cold Steel offers the most reliable and functional blades that you can depend on because they are meant to be used and abused.


Cold Steel has a global production network spread in Asia, Europe, and the USA. It is a famous American knife brand that has featured in many movies and series. From the renowned series Walking Dead to action-packed John Wick: Chapter 2. Steve Austin and Jack Dagger are brand ambassadors of Cold Steel.


Cold Steel tools are made with extreme precision and high-quality standards. Every blade goes through some of the most demanding tests before it gets released to the market. Because the company, since its beginning, has served the defense community who wants nothing but the best. Many army veterans and hardcore campers often say that it should be Cold Steel when you need a blade.


Their diverse product categories include blades, swords, axes, tomahawks, machetes, and other outdoor tools. Cold Steel products are made with high-grade stainless, carbon, and Damascus steel.


Cold Steel swords are renowned across the world for their strength, sharpness, and dependability under duress. The blades imitate a specific era of history, handcrafted reconstruction of a weapon from the forgotten past. They are detailed with engravings and heavy-duty construction so that these high carbon blades can be a genuine asset as well as a beautiful heirloom.


Cold Steel folding knives are well-known for their clamp strength, thanks mainly to the advent of the TRI-AD locking system, created by bespoke knife artisan Andrew Demko. Cold Steel Recon series is the most popular folding knife, a 4-inch blade made from S35VN steel.


Cold Steel's Product Categories


Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives: Cold Steel blades are some of the most trusted in the world. Not just because they are rugged, sharp, and reliable, you're buying something that'll last you a lifetime. When you buy a cold steel fixed blade, you're not just getting "a knife" - you're getting a legacy. The newest models of fixed blade knives from Cold Steel are designed with the same uncompromising toughness, and for many users, the Tri-Ad™ lock offers even greater security. Under this category, you will find a wide variety of products, including bowie and hunting knives. For instance, The Ankle Boot Knife is just lovely to have if you happen to need anything while your hands are full. For those who value an uncompromisingly robust knife that will never let them down, Bushman or Chaos Stilleto fixed blade knives are great choices.


Cold Steel High-End Knives: You don't need to be a veteran outdoorsman to appreciate and enjoy this fantastic knife set. With the Cold Steel high-end knives, you're certain to have a lifetime of use and entertainment. These premium knives arrive with the finest materials, and unmatched performance, and full-tang blades. Most products under this line are made with premium-grade materials such as 52100 High Carbon, Japanese AUS8A Stainless, and other high-end components. The best example of artisanship and heavy-duty construction is Cinquedea Fixed Blade Knife with a 14.5-inch 1065 High Carbon Steel blade and 6-inch hand-carved grip.


Cold Steel Folding Knives: Cold Steel's pocket knives are a must-have for any traveler, individual, or adventurer. Their Tri-Ad™ lock is unrivaled in strength and reliability. It's the best way to carry a knife with you to any destination safely! They are the latest in knife design and technology, packing the best of EDC (everyday carry) into a slim package. Designed with durable materials and state-of-the-art technology, these blades are lightweight, strong, and easy to carry. Folding knives come in two different designs, Lockback and Linerlock pocket knives. Lockback EDC is made of high-quality stainless steel or aluminum blades with anodized aluminum handles, making them durable and long-lasting. Linerlock pocket knives are compact and easy to carry, a must-have for adventurers on the go. They are designed with a liner lock that makes them safe and easy for daily use.


Cold Steel Kitchen Knives: There's nothing better than a big, sharp kitchen knife to cut through even the toughest of jobs like a professional. The Cold Steel kitchen knives are made from quality materials with superior craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. The blades of each cutter are made from high-quality stainless steel, making them corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. They also have a non-slip handle for user safety. These kitchen knives are ideal for chopping, dinner prep, carving, slicing, and splitting fruit, vegetables, meat, and more.


Cold Steel Push Daggers: What's unique about these daggers is that they're designed to be used with a push-hand technique. This product line offers modern and sharp twin-edged blades and small knives perfect for thrusting and stabbing jobs. They are the ideal size for a pocket or purse and can quickly be taken anywhere. Cold Steel push daggers are quick and simple to operate due to their distinctive design. They are simple to utilize in self-defense or close-combat situations.


Cold Steel Axes and Hatchets: Weapon specialists frequently praise the Cold Steel axes, hatches, axe handles, and hawks. The majority of these axes and hatchets are made of high-quality carbon steel, which prevents corrosion. These lightweight, sharp-edged axes excel in timber cutting and bush crafting tasks with their user-friendly and ergonomic grips. Explore from a range of hatchets, axes with Hickory handle, throwing daggers, and more.


Cold Steel Blowguns: Cold Steel Blowguns are a fun and easy way to practice darting skills and introduce your children to the outdoors. The blowgun can be used as a simple ranged tool in your backyard or put in your backseat to enjoy playing time on your camping expeditions. Most Cold Steel Blowguns are constructed from high-grade rubber aluminum in Taiwan. These lightweight spearhead darts feature a range of up to 20 yards and a foam handgrip structure for smooth handling and increased accuracy. The majority of blowgun kits contain a mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver, quiver guard, and several darts.


Cold Steel Swords: Cold Steel Swords has been an established force in the world of swords for over thirty years. These professional-grade swords are designed for cutting, thrusting, and hacking. Look no further for those who desire the best traditional sword blades made from the finest materials available. Each Cold Steel sword tells a story of a forgotten past, from Viking Sword to Italian Long Sword. Their historical swords feature handcrafted engravings and blade length, from 11-inch to more than 40-inch. When you purchase a sword from Cold Steel, you're investing in handmade beauty that is individually handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Every blade in Cold Steel's inventory has been meticulously reconstructed from an authentic historical original. These swords are offered at more reasonable prices than custom swords, and they make great gifts for any occasion. If you're an avid sword collector and fan of ninjas, Japanese blades are just for you. 


Cold Steel Throwing KnivesCold Steel Throwing Knives are fun yet functional products that improve your throwing accuracy, sharpen your hand-eye coordination, and fine-tune your skills. Their design is inspired by the ancient throwing knives used in battles to hit targets accurately across a long or short distance. Cold Steel throwing knives are made out of a single steel sheet with or without a handle for effective gripping and accuracy. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned pro, these knives are perfect for anything from target practice to showdowns in the ring.


Cold Steel Product Series


Cold Steel Rifleman's Series: Unparalleled quality and value make the Rifleman Series blades perfect for any outdoor activity. These durable, dependable blades offer a full-tang, as well as a variety of versatile designs for general use as well as very specific activities like hunting and fishing. The all-purpose knife is perfect for any project, from cutting branches to slicing through a rope. This series consists of an American Rifleman's Knife and Rifleman's Hawk. The exceptional blade was initially produced in extremely restricted quantities and held the distinction of being the first knife officially made for and acquired by the United States Army in 1849. The Rifleman's Hawk is inspired by the instrument used by native Americans in the 18th century.


Cold Steel Bokken Trainer Series: Taiwan facility produces Cold Steel Bokken Trainer swords and Japanese-style Katanas. These imitation swords are light in weight, yet they have the same size, style, and length as a real Katana. The blade of these swords is a blunt tip tanto manufactured of the highest grade Black polypropylene. Cold Steel Bokken Trainer swords are specially created for martial artists and professionals since they are ideal for training and practice.


Cold Steel Commemorative Knife Series: Get your sword on and save your back with Cold Steel Commemorative, the most trusted brand in the world. With a sharpened blade and full handguards, these cavalry swords are the perfect accessory for any fencing sportsman. These backswords have a fully sharpened forward edge with curved blades made from high-quality carbon steel. Each of these swords has a scabbard made of either steel or leather, which makes them perfect for carrying on the belt.


Cold Steel Dragonfly Knife Series: Dragonfly is a beautifully designed, finely balanced cutting sword perfect for beginners to experienced fencers. The Dragonfly collection of swords is crafted from carbon steel with a hard, tempered edge and black ray skin handle. These swords are hand-polished to perfection with a teal green silk cord-wrap that increases the beauty without taking away from the functionality. These swords are perfect for combatants, samurais, military people, and law enforcement officers.


Cold Steel Gladius Series: This series is a collection of machetes and fixed blade knives featuring black blades and an anti-rust coating. The majority of these training tools feature highly durable polypropylene and carbon steel construction, which allows them to withstand long duration of regular usage without any noticeable wear or tear. To provide an extra benefit, black sheaths and a belt loop are provided for these standard tools. Gladius Series knives mimic the original instruments to an exquisite degree, with almost little danger of hurting the trainee.


Cold Steel MAA Knife Series: Cold Steel is an expert in combat-ready training tools, and this MAA series of knives are no exception. It combines modern metallurgy and classic design, making it the perfect choice for a wide variety of uses, from hunting to fighting. The blades of these tools feature 1055 carbon steel, which is the sharpest and durable choice available across the niche. No matter the need, you're going to feel confident in your decision when you hold this knife in your hand. MAA Knife Series contains the classic Italian Long Sword, Gothic Mace, European Spear, and various other models.


Cold Steel Rondel Series: The Rondel Series is a perfect collection of knives for bushcraft and wilderness enthusiasts. The series features an assortment of fixed blade knives that are made from high-quality materials, including carbon steel and heat-treated Damascus. With the addition of a leather sheath to each knife, these knives are excellent for survival and everyday carry. These high-quality, durable knives are designed to slice through almost anything with ease. They come in various styles and sizes, perfect for many purposes, but all with the same patented Edge-Lock Technology. Try your hands on Rondel Dagger Knife, featuring hand-honed deep hollow ground-blued blade bevels that create three sharp edges and a needle-like thrusting point.


Cold Steel Scottish Broad Sword Series: The Scottish Broadsword has been used as a core part of the Highland sword-fighting tradition for centuries. Surviving the ravages of time and war, this long-bladed, double-edged weapon is still admired today for its distinctive basket hilt design. Authentic in appearance but modern in design, this Scottish Broad Sword is an excellent choice for re-enactment or film production requiring authentic swords such as Braveheart or The 13th Warrior.


Cold Steel Seagal Series: These premia, high-quality swords are forged from the finest carbon and stainless steel. The blades are razor-sharp and offer a decisive cutting edge and superior balance. The Koshirae fittings and grips are constructed of the finest materials to provide a lifetime of service. The Seagal series features Cold Steel's signature Distal Tapered and convex ground Tachi-style blades made from the finest Damascus steel. The series also offers a wide range of Helmet Breaker swords with clip point blade that is made from 1090 high carbon steel. These Helmet Breaker swords are great for piercing and cutting complex objects. The handle construction of these swords is done from Brown and Black laminated wood.


Cold Steel Sword Cane Series: The Cane Sword or stick sword conceals a knife, dagger, or sword within the cane's shaft. There are numerous methods for revealing the blade on the Sword Cane, the most frequent being to detach the sword of the post. Additionally, there is a button release and a compression fit. The handle is sized, shaped, and thickened to roughly resemble the grip of a 1911 handgun and has thin, pebble-grain synthetic grips. It is a perfect attornment when you want to walk around the town in style.


Cold Steel Talwar Knife Series: Cold Steel Talwar series is the ultimate tactical sword for professionals, martial artists, and sworders. These durable, high-tech weapons are designed to provide optimum performance in a variety of situations. The blade is made from the highest-quality 1090 high carbon steel, with a durable coating for added protection. The handle has a black anti-slip finish and contoured design that will provide excellent grip. These Cold Steel knives and swords offer unparalleled strength and reliability for both personal defense as well as martial arts training.


Cold Steel Warrior Series: Warriors by Cold Steel is the ultimate fighting tool you'll need. These battle-ready swords are hand forged and finished with sturdy, black, high-carbon steel. The blades are sharpened with a more practical finish that can be used for cutting and slicing in the woods, camping, or survival settings.


Cold Steel Warranty Information

Cold Steel warrants its products against flaws in material, artistry, and production. The business is responsible for repairing or replacing any defective merchandise. No hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers, or chisels should be used with the hand tools, accessories, or knives. According to the company's policies, the item will not be replaced or repaired if it is overused or abused by the user. Cold Steel is unable to fix some goods owing to the scarcity of components and other product-related goods. In these instances, the firm will replace the product with an item that is the closest match.


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