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Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel Series by Cold Steel Knives

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Cold Steel works in collaboration with some popular knife designers like Andrew Demko and Steve Austin to design some of the best-selling knife series. The brand works closely with the experienced and expert craftsmen and artisans to ensure high-quality and reliable products. Cold Steel products are manufactured worldwide in countries like China, Taiwan, South Africa, India and the United States.


The Special Forces series by Cold Steel features innovatively designed shovels and shovel sheaths perfect for a variety of outdoor tasks. The shovels have a sharp standard edge with Matte Black finish. Most of the shovel heads are manufactured from the finest-quality carbon steel. The sharpened edges offer a smooth and easy application when using on tough or hard objects. These shovels feature sturdy wooden handles that provide a comfortable, tight and soft grip to the operator. These unique and heavy-duty Cold Steel Shovels are manufactured in Taiwan using advanced technology and modern manufacturing techniques. Some of these shovels are available with high-quality Black Cor-Ex sheath for safe storage and easy transportation. The series also offers a variety of shovel sheaths with heavy-duty Black Cordura construction. Most of these finest-quality sheaths are compatible with CS-92SF Special Forces Shovel designed by Cold Steel. To explore the brief range of these industrial-grade Special Forces shovels visit Knife Country USA.


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