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Using Parachute Cords as a Survival Tool


Today, Parachute Cord has emerged as a strong and economic alternative for high-performance ropes because of its nylon composition. Nylon webbing is one of the most types of outdoors, hiking, or camping cord. Adventurists, especially hikers, use Paracords as survival bracelets. These survival bands/bracelets have a packed construction consisting of several layers compressed in a wearable form. These bands can be used for securing cargo, tying poles, fitting broken straps or belts, assisting in water rescues, and a range of other applications where one may need a very strong, weight-bearing cords.


Are you planning for an adventure or outdoor trip that will challenge your survival skills? If yes, don’t forget to carry Parachute Cords! Tracking history, during 1939 to 1945, US soldiers used parachute cords as an important survival tool. Now, these cords are used by military personnel and outdoor activists. In fact, Astronauts of the 82nd Space Shuttle mission used these multi-utility cords for repairing the Hubble Space Telescope—space-age application!


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