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Framelock Folding Pocket Knives

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A Frame Lock Knife is unique due to its uncommon construction. Here, the handle forms a frame, helping to create a basic lock-like mechansim. Different from the Liner Lock Knife, a Frame Lock Knife is comparatively stronger and offers a more precise cut. It gained recognition during the 1980s when Frame Locks were equally popular.  Due to its compact size and the ability to lock with a liner inside the handle, these knives have a compact design. This is why they are categorized as a Pocket Knife.


What makes Frame Lock Knives a Collector’s Favorite?

Exclusive features of frame lock knives include:

  • Construction—the handle is of great importance for a frame lock knife. The handle is cut from steel, which is comparatively thicker than the liner of other knife-lock mechanisms. Having the liner inwards, the tip of a Frame Lock Knife gets hooked at the bottom. 
  • Working—a Frame Lock Knife is quite similar in operation to a liner lock. If you want to release the frame lock, a convincing amount of thrust is necessary. If this happens, the blade will move away from the frame. When you open the blade, the frame lock moves within the opening of the handle—creating a unique locking system.


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