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Get the best of Japanese craftsmanship in Higonokami Knives. Registering a strong global presence, the tradition of producing Higonokami knives has been handed down, wrapped in heritage, for over 100 years. These knives are crafted by knifing expert Higonokami, and the practice of crafting these traditional Knives is further followed by two Japanese artists, Nagao and Miyamoto. The skilled professionals have been making amendments to classic designs while remaining true to their Japanese roots and keeping this Japanese fossil alive. The term "Higo no Kami" means "Lord of Higo" in Japanese, in honor of the Lord of the Kyushu area, where the knife hails from.


All You Need to Know About These Traditional Japanese Knives

Proudly manufactured in their place of origin to retain culture and authenticity, Higonokami knives are designed and crafted in Miki-city, Hyogo, Japan. Rich in historical aspects, they were first crafted in 1894 and came about as a result of the declining demand for swords. The knives are not only built to offer superior durability but also have a very traditional look that will add timeless flair to your knife collection, with engravings on the handles.  Some of the popular knives in the collection are fashioned with premium carbon steel and are heat-treated to offer excellent performance. Also known as Higo knives, these pocket-style knives are designed without a locking system, but still, fold and open. The handle of these knives is distinguished by their single, folded-over metal sheet construction, stamped with the name of the maker and the metal of the blade. Another distinguishing factor of these knives is their flat-grind blades without secondary bevels.


The Extensive Inventory of Classic Higonokami Knives

Higonokami #1 Knife Series: Designed to accompany you as a tactical tool or even for everyday use, the Bradford Higonokami #1 Knife Series features exclusive knives trailing down from history. The traditional design of the knives is perfect for every knife enthusiast’s collection and is fashioned with blue paper steel blades and premium bronze iron handles that deliver maximum durability. The lanyard hole can come in handy if you wish to tether the knife to your pockets and more.


Higonokami #2 Knife Series: Perfect for hunting, camping, defense, and other tactical and general activities and applications, the Higonokami knives in this series are designed for all-purpose use. They have satin finish blue paper steel Japanese style blades to offer maximum strength, precise cuts, and complete durability against abrasion and daily wear. Most knives in the collection feature bronze or black and brown handles to make stylish designs.


Higonokami #3 Knife Series: The Higonokami #3 Knife Series features razor-sharp knives with folding blades available in various materials. With carbon steel blades that have been curated to cater to every requirement, the knives deliver excellent cuts every time. The collection features knives with handles made with black finished stainless steel, regular stainless steel, and iron for long-term use. The knives have a folding design that is pocket-friendly and can come in handy in various applications such as cutting, chopping, hunting, and immediate tactical tasks.


Higonokami #4 Knife Series:  Experience the most precise cutting techniques with the traditional folding knives in this high-end Higonokami #4 Knife Series. The knives in this series feature blades made with satin finish blue paper steel and SK5 carbon steel to provide maximum precision while cutting, splitting, and chopping. The folding knives have an antique touch and are pocket-friendly, making them ideal for hunting, camping, combat, and everyday tasks. Lanyard holes can be used to tether the knives to bags, pockets, belts, and more for easy and immediate access in case of emergencies.  


Higonokami #5 Knife Series: The Higonokami #5 Knife Series features high-end quality folding blades to assist you on your outdoor expeditions and general day-to-day cutting applications. The Japanese-style blades in the collection are made with satin finish blue paper steel, SK5 carbon steel, and regular blue paper steel for you to choose from. The knives are fashioned with a range of handles such as textured black iron, black stainless-steel, and silver stainless-steel for a firm grip and a touch of aesthetics for your knife collection.


Higonokami #6 Knife Series: Along with delivering precise and accurate cuts every time, the knives in this Higonokami #6 Knife Series are fashioned with the finest craftsmanship and design to make a statement. Blue paper steel folding blades, with and without satin finishes, ensure excellent durability. The stainless blades have extended tang construction to allow heavy-duty use. With green ceramic coated iron handles, the Higonokami knives deliver a firm grip, as well as standing out with their unique color.


Higonokami #7 Knife Series: Designed for easy carrying and immediate use in case of emergencies and self-defense situations, the knives in Higonokami #7 Knife Series feature folding blade designs that you can keep handy on the go. Most Japanese-style knife blades in the series are fashioned with premium blue paper steel, with and without satin finish options. With an enamel-coated purple iron handle, the pocket knives are easy-grip and exude a unique clear.


Higonokami #8 Knife Series: Add an authentic piece of Japanese knifeman-ship to your knife collection with the Higonokami #8 Knife Series. The pocket knives in this collection are made to assist you on your outdoor, tactical, and everyday adventures, perfectly designed for easy carry. With premium satin-finished blue paper steel Japanese-style blades, the folding knives offer precision cutting techniques for maximum user convenience and versatility. The stunning blue smooth iron handle will surely make a statement addition to your tactical collection

Higonokami #9 Knife Series: Designed with premium materials and fine craftsmanship, the knives in the Higonokami #9 Knife Series are the perfect tactical accessories for every knife enthusiast. They are suitable for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, and tactical tasks, along with everyday cutting requirements. The folding pocket knives remain handy wherever you go, ideal for emergencies and self-defense use. Blue paper steel blades offer superior performance and durability, while grey iron handles enhance the overall look and feel of the #9 series knives. 


Higonokami #10 Knife Series: With blue paper steel Japanese-style blades, the knives in the collection offer superior cutting techniques to assist you on hunting trips, hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures along with tactical situations and combat assignments. The knives have a choice of grey matte finish iron handles and silver matte finish iron handles to make a statement addition to your knife collection. The extended tang construction of the knives can be used as a hammer pommel for tactical applications.


Higonokami Blue Paper Steel Series: The premium knives in the Higonokami Blue Paper Steel Series are crafted with the finest paper steel blades. Most of these knives feature coated iron handles that are easy to hold in moist weather conditions. Made in Japan, these knives have extremely sharp blades, ideal for completing tasks within a short time. The provision of lanyard holes in this knife series enables the user to protect their knives while hunting or camping. These folding knives are available in small sizes that hunters can easily adjust in their pockets or small bag packs. These knives also have extended tangs, which helps in increasing the rigidity of these knives.

Higonokami Brass Knife Series: Perfect for heavy-duty application and outdoor use, the high-grade folding knives in this Higonokami Brass Knife Series are designed in the traditional Japanese style. Most of them have a blue paper steel blade with extended tang for maximum durability, precise cutting, and a rigid form. The series is distinguished by its premium brass handle construction, making the knives suitable for the toughest situations. Some knives in the series feature lanyard holes while some have attached lanyards, bells, and other accessories.


Higonokami Damascus Steel Series:  Higonomaki Damascus series knives are featured with extended tang which is ideal to be used as a hammer pommel. Knives in this series have bamboo etchings to represent the Samurai tradition. Each of the knives in this series has razor-sharp blades perfect for hunting, fishing, chopping, camping and more. Made with brass, the handles of these knives provide maximum corrosion resistance. The provision of lanyard holes in the handles of the knives enables the users to secure their knives with a help of a cord while hunting or camping. This prevents losing your survival tool as the cord attached increases the visibility of the handle. Damascus Steel knives are supplied in a wooden box that provides easy storage and ensures rust protection.


Higonokami Koriwa Knife Series: The Koriwa Knife Series by Higonokami Knives is fabricated using high-grade white steel. The high-grade steel is used for razor-sharp blades with longer edge-retention, helping eliminate the need for re-sharpening. Higonokami Koriwa Knives have brass handles for maximum corrosion resistance. The everyday carry pocket knives are available in a variation of colors to select from. They have a forged lever tang for opening, along with a Lanyard hole which helps keep the knives handy and wrapped around the wrist. It is secured with a cord for camping, hunting or carrying anywhere.


Higonokami Mizushibuki Splash Knife Series:Representing the essence of Japanese tradition to the core, the Mizushibuki Splash Knife Series by Higonokami Knives offers extravagant knives for every knife enthusiast. Fashioned with premium paper steel, the Japanese-style blades of the knives in this series are often preferred in heavy-duty and aggressive tasks. The high-quality steel blades provide tough, longer edge retention, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance to assist you for many years to come. Designed with lanyard holes, knives can be attached to cords to let you wrap the knife around wrists easily while enjoying outdoor expeditions. The plain stainless handles of the folding knives ensure durability.


Higonokami SK Folding Knife Series: This series by Higonokami features extravagant folding knives that have been designed exclusively to withstand general wear and tear along with enduring the toughest situations. Most of the knives in the series are fashioned with carbon steel blades to offer quick and precise cuts every time. The folding design ensures quick access in emergencies and can be carried to any adventure, tactical assignment, or everyday applications.


Higonokami White Paper Steel Series: Keeping alive Japanese craftsmanship, Higonokami Knives introduces Higonokami White Paper Steel Series that depicts their traditions. These Knives are manufactured using the Japanese-style white paper steel blade for longer edge resistance and durability. The blades can be easily sharpened to a perfect edge, while an extended tang construction allows you to use the knives for aggressive tasks. Higonokami Knives are lightweight, provided with stainless handles for better grip in any condition. Explore a wide range of knives by Higonokami Knives that are highly preferred by hunters, travelers, trekkers and other knife enthusiasts.


Higonokami Triple Layer Knife Series: Featuring an array of folding knives designed in different materials and finishes, the Higonokami Triple Layer Knife Series is true to the Japanese knife-making roots and traditions. The series consists of folding knives that are not only ideal for heavy-duty use in tactical, combat, and tough situations but are also suitable for everyday use. With carbon steel blades and stainless-steel handles, the knives offer long-term use and resist corrosion and general wear and tear. Most knives in the collection feature lanyard holes to help wrap cords around your wrist or belt loops for quick and easy access in any situation.


Higonokami Folding Pocket Knives: Higonokami Folding Pocket Knives are manufactured using traditional Japanese Style high-carbon steel blades. The carbon purity in the blade makes easy re-sharpening of the blade. These knives have excellent corrosion resistance properties. The Higonokami Folding Knives with stainless steel handles are easy to operate and maintain. The folding knives are extremely lightweight, with extended tangs and lanyard holes to make it easier to wrap the knife around your wrist and carry it anywhere. Since the blade represents the Japanese tradition, the knives are stamped with the knife-maker’s name.


Warranty Information

Every Higonokami Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Higonokami Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Higonokami Knives product that is defective. Since Higonokami Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Higonokami Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. Higonokami Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

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