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Santoku Knives

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One of the most popular Japanese knives, is the Santoku. The Santoku Knife features a flat-edge sheepsfoot blade. Due to its special construction, one can use it for three different function, slicing, dicing, and mincing. Precision and cutting ease is what to expect from every Santoku Knife. A pivotal part of most of kitchen cutlery sets, a Santoku Knife deserves to be a part of our customers knives collections too.


Understanding Santoku Knives

Here, are a whole set of pointers to help understand the working of Santoku Knives:

  • A Santoku Knife is considered excellent for chopping vegetables—featuring a wide blade, it has the best credentials for scooping sliced food from a cutting board.

  • A lot of professional chefs rely upon a Santoku Knife for slicing meat into precise cross-sections—due to its narrow spine, a Santoku Knife is the preferred choice for making exceptionally thin cuts.

  • Often compared with a Chef’s Knife due to its multi-functional qualities, the Santoku Knife has a well-defined, wide blade—this makes it very easy to scoop diced vegetables directly into a pot or bowl.

  • One can use this knife for crushing condiments too, particularly garlic—just remember not to press too hard on the knife. The wide blade doesn’t need much pressure to perform.


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