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Dragon by Apogee


Apogee Culinary offers a myriad of top-of-the-line knives, designed to make food cutting, chopping, and slicing convenient. The company was founded by Dennis Epstein, who used his extensive experience of working for Wolfgang Wusthof to create kitchen knives using some of the toughest materials that ensure durability. The philosophy of Apogee Culinary is to create functional tools that make tasks in the kitchen easier. The brand combines the elegance and precision of Japanese cutlery with the durability of Western cutlery.


Get All Your Doubts Clarified and Shop with Quality Satisfaction

Apogee Culinary offers an assortment of thoughtfully created knives to complement all cutting styles. Some of the most recommended knives by the brand include Dragon Chef's Knife which has a curved belly that provides a better edge in a smaller space, these knives are great for beginners as well as those who are prone to hitting the blade on the chopping board. The Dragon Fire Series by Apogee Culinary includes lightweight knives featuring straight edges, representing a truly professional design. For cooks who want to shape and carve food, the Dragon Fusion Knives would be an amazing choice. Apogee Culinary also offers a selection of fixed blade knives, designed to assist in tactical situations. The inventory also includes a range of magnetic knife sheaths and stainless shears.


As an emerging company, Apogee Culinary started with some of the newest materials such as American-made BD1N nitrogen steel which is now recognized as one of the toughest materials with excellent edge retention. The company aimed to designed high-performing knives which can last a lifetime, without deteriorating in terms of cutting precision.


Although the expert creators at Apogee do not recommend running knives through a dishwasher cycle, since it is what most of the home cooks and professional chefs prefer, the brand introduces a range of premier knives that comes equipped with G10 and linen micarta handles, which are known to be some of the most durable materials in the knife-making industry as they do not crack or bend easily.


Dragon by Apogee Product Categories

Dragon by Apogee Bread Knives:  Comprised of long-blade bread knives featuring FDA-approved black resin and linen canvas micarta handles that provide a comfortable grip. These fixed blade knives are very useful for slicing pastries, cakes, bread, and large fruits. Equipped with a serrated blade, the slicing knives make for a great choice for cutting meat and carving. The one-piece construction makes these bread knives durable enough to outlast years of use. The kitchen knives are praised for their excellent edge retention and impressive slicing performance.

Dragon by Apogee Chef’s Knives: The category includes a selection of do-it-all knives that feel extremely light and comfortable in hand. A majority of the Dragon by Apogee Chef's Knives feature etched blades that lend them a stylish look and greatly help with food release by creating air pockets. Chef’s Knives are available in different handle construction such as linen canvas micarta or G-10. Most of these kitchen knives feature a full tang design and mosaic pins that enhance their overall appeal.


Dragon by Apogee Fillet Knives: These knives feature slightly curved blades that make them an ideal choice for trimming and slicing meat. Dragon by Apogee fillet knives include ergonomic handles made with resin and canvas micarta that provides a confident grip and feels comfortable in the hand. Most of these knives feature deeply etched patterns that help create air pockets between the blade and food.


Dragon by Apogee Fixed Blade Knives: The category covers a diverse range of fixed blade utility knives such as Beer Shucker and Oyster Knife, Wayward Camper, Trench Bowie, Survival Yataghan, Chop House Knife, Apoc Kukri, and more. Most of these fixed blade knives feature non-reflective oxide-coated steel blades, and G-10 handles. Dragon by Apogee fixed blade knives are suitable for tackling a variety of situations, catering to the dynamic demands of Chefs, outdoorsy people, and campers.


Dragon by Apogee Magnetic Bamboo Series: This series features an array of magnetic sheaths crafted using renewable, environmentally friendly bamboo that lends them a classic feel. These knife sheaths feature a vent hole at the end that allows the blade to dry. Dragon by Apogee Bamboo sheaths feature magnets that add to their functionality.



Dragon by Apogee Product Series

Dragon by Apogee Dragon Fire Series: This series covers a range of kitchen knives, specifically designed to excel in dicing, slicing, cutting, and chopping tasks. Featuring a curved belly, these knives can easily chop the fresh spices or herbs, allowing the user to produce fine mince. Based on the model, these Chef's knives satin finish stainless blades that offer better edge retention. These single-piece kitchen knives incorporate FDA-approved resin and linen canvas micarta handles with stainless steel rivets. Most of these knives feature stainless end-cap that provides balance and stability.


Dragon by Apogee Dragon Storm Series: Explore the range of Dragon Storm knives reputed for their satin finish CTS-BD1 stainless blades that resists abrasion, offering an impressive cutting performance. These kitchen knives come equipped with G-10 handles that provide an ergonomic grip. Most of these slicing knives feature mosaic pins that enhance their minimalistic appeal, making them a statement addition to any kitchen knife set.


Dragon by Apogee Paring Knives: Ideal for trimming, peeling, coring, and various other detailed tasks, these knives offer excellent balance and stability. These paring knives are also suitable for chopping ginger, cutting garlic, and slicing other foods. Equipped with satin finish CTS-BD1 stainless blades, these knives resist corrosion, ensuring prolonged use.  Dragon by Apogee Paring Knives features FDA-approved resin and linen canvas micarta handles that provide a tight grip, allowing the user to perform complex tasks with ease.


Dragon by Apogee Shears: These multi-purpose shears are a great choice for trimming meats, snipping fresh herbs, opening crab legs, and performing other tasks. Dragon by Apogee shears features steel tooth insets on the handles that allow the user to open jars. The built-in bottle openers make them a great choice for the busiest kitchens. Featuring high carbon stainless blades, these shears resist abrasions and promises long-term durability. The blades can also be removed for cleaning.


Dragon by Apogee Steak Knives: Explore the collection of recurve steak knives featuring partially serrated blades. These full-tang knives come equipped with a polypropylene handle that doesn't bend easily, offering maximum durability. The stainless guard enhances functionality, making the knives safer and easy to maneuver.


Warranted Against Defects

Apogee Culinary believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Apogee Culinary products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.

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