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Intended for the sole purpose of throwing across short or long distances, throwing knives are finely tuned, designed and weighted precisely to ensure they hit the target. Quite different from an ordinary knife, a Throwing Knife, if not thrown properly, might fall along a loop. Read on to explore more about a Throwing Knife…


Throwing Knife Dynamics

The performance a Throwing Knife is directly proportional to the impact and sharpness in results. One can throw lighter Throwing Knives with relatively lesser effort, but they usually fail to penetrate the target. Similarly, a heavier Throwing Knife is more stable in operation and causes greater damage to the target but requires more strength and effort to sustain the momentum.


Construction of Throwing Knife 

As cultural facets continue to change, construction of a Throwing Knife too seems to evolve. This change has been in motion for several years. Earlier, the Throwing Knife was a lot heavier. Now, there is a greater stress on ensuring precision of hitting the target. Usually, a Throwing Knife is made of a single piece of steel—sold with or without handles. Unlike other Utility Knives, Throwing Knives have a semi-shape blade and an effective gripping handle. Gripping surface of a Throwing Knife also affects the kind of accuracy one may achieve.


Buy Quality Knives

A popular online store, we specialize in the market of knives, outdoor gear, and survival accessories.  To ensure our customers get the best deals, we procure our handpicked range of Throwing Knives from leading brands like Magnum, Tomahawk, and United Cutlery. Please email or call us if any questions.


What brands are manufacturing Throwing Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top five brands that are manufacturing Throwing Knives currently.


  1.  Z-Hunter Knives Brand Throwing Knives
  2. Boker Tree Brand Knives Throwing Knives
  3. Pakistan Cutlery Throwing Knives
  4. China Made Throwing Knives
  5. Cold Steel Knives Throwing Knives

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