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A lot of people have a mythical belief that a Sharpening Steel is dedicated to one cause, i.e. sharpening kitchen knives. Contrary to popular belief, Sharpening Steels are used for aligning the knife’s edge. Over a period of time, a knife is susceptible to being curled or becoming minimally twisted. This hampers the precision of cuts and cross-sections. Even, if you cannot see a curl on your knife, believe us, it is most likely to have slight flaws that are often not visible to the naked eye. It is advisable to adopt regular steeling as a part of your kitchen mannerisms.


Get Your Knife Steeling Basics Right

To effectively use a Knife Sharpening Steel, one should be familiar with some basics. This includes:

  • Position the sharpening steel correctly—ideally in a vertical direction over a cutting board or any other appropriate surface.

  • Most of the knives are sharpened at 20 degree angle—keep this in mind while using your sharpening steel.

  • Achieving the right steeling angle can be demanding—to save time, handle the angle’s direction task patiently.

  • Understand using the angles—hold your knife at a right angle, then half at 45 degrees and then, cut in one more half at roughly 20 degrees.

  • Take alternate positions—this is the best approach for comprehensive steeling.

  • Don’t over-steel—moderate and regular degree of steeling works best.

  • Maintain uniformity—steel each side of the knife with equal number of strokes to get evenness for the perfect cutting edge. 


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What brands are manufacturing Kitchen Sharpening Steels?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top five brands that are manufacturing Kitchen Sharpening Steels currently.


  1.  Forschner Knives Kitchen Sharpening Steels
  2. Lansky Sharpeners Kitchen Sharpening Steels
  3. Hewlett Diamond Sharpeners Kitchen Sharpening Steels
  4. Mora of Sweden Knives Kitchen Sharpening Steels
  5. Gatco Scepter Sharpeners Kitchen Sharpening Steels


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