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Forschner Knives are proudly designed by Victorinox, which is backed by a rock-solid heritage, exacting commitment to Swiss precision with a focus on quality and innovation. The North American distributor for Victorinox Cutlery, is commonly known as Forschner Knives. Established in 1897, Victorinox believes in integrity and family values, the core that has motivated it to operate in multiple nations worldwide. Founded by Karl Elsener, Victorinox takes its inspiration from the original Swiss Army Knife. Today, the company is pioneering on the global stage with international brands in various product categories including Swiss Army Knives, Cutlery, and Travel Gear.


Forschner Knives offers a wide assortment of Chef’s knives, paring knives, skinners, boners, slicers, and cutlery accessories. Forschner knives are praised for excellent edge retention, surviving extensive use without compromising on the performance that makes them extremely popular among culinary professionals, real-life users and butchers for their quality construction and sharpness. Forschner knives are stamped, rather than forged, and the majority of them are constructed with high carbon steel for outstanding cutting performance. These knives are tempered to a superior edge and can be easily re-sharpened. Precision construction is one major reason these knives are widely valued by America's Test Kitchen.


Get All Your Doubts Clarified

Forschner changed its name to Swiss Army Brands Inc. and unified with Victorinox. The name, Victorinox was synonymous with professional cutlery in the European continent, this is why, and its products were marketed under the name: Victorinox Swiss Army, to ensure the culinary professionals that they are getting the same finest-quality kitchen tools, and it is only the name which has changes. The brand offers a wide assortment of Chef's knives, breaking knives, skinners, boners, slicers, and cutlery accessories. Forschner Knives are made in Switzerland, manufactured by Victorinox, however, the name Forschner has been discontinued. Some of the most recommended and commonly used kitchen knives by Forschner are Boning Knives, Victorinox Forschner Knife Sets, Forschner Chef Knife, Forschner Bread Knife, and Forschner Paring Knife.


Victorinox Forschner knives are of premium quality, geared towards increasing productivity and enhancing performance. The brand offers a range of functional kitchen knives, cut-resistant gloves, knife sharpening rods, household shears, blade safes, and other accessories for domestic and commercial kitchens. Victorinox Swiss Army features an array of magnetic knife holders, designed to safely store kitchen cutlery and knives. Most of the Victorinox Swiss Army knives feature stainless steel blade that ensures remarkable edge-retention and offers reliable performance.


Forschner Knives Product Categories

Forschner Blade-Safes for Kitchen: Designed to keep your knives in pristine condition and enhance their shelf knife, Forschner Blade-Safes is a great choice for any domestic or commercial kitchen. These knife holders are made with top-quality materials that survive extensive use and endure high temperatures. Forschner knife protecting tools can be run through a dishwasher cycle.


Forschner Block Sets: These knife sets contain a variety of cutting and slicing tools that you could need for preparing meals. Forschner Block Sets combine different kinds of knives and kitchen tools in one place, made with top-grade materials for maximum durability and remarkable cutting performance.


Forschner Edge-Mags for Kitchen Knives: Storing sharp-edged knives and cutting tools was never this easier! Forschner Edge-Mags are precisely made to provide a safe storage solution for sharp-edged kitchen knives and cutlery. These dishwasher-safe magnetic blade protectors boast a universal design and can accommodate knives of various shapes and sizes.


Forschner Kitchen & Household Shears: This category includes a variety of household scissors with ultra-sharp steel blades which can be used for cutting crab, chicken, cabbage, and other items. Forschner shears come equipped with polypropylene handles that provide a secure grip. These kitchen scissors can also be used as a bottle opener and boast an ambidextrous design for ease of use. 


Forschner Kitchen Boning Knives: Featuring extra-sharp stainless steel blades, the Swiss Army boning knives are great for removing bones of fish, meat, poultry, beef, or pork. The Forschner Kitchen Boning Knives are made with precision for quality performance and are available in fibrox, rosewood and nylon handles to meet varying demands.


Forschner Kitchen Bread Knives: These knives are designed to slice through sandwiches, crispy bread, fruits, and vegetables. The majority of the Forschner Kitchen Bread Knives feature serrated edges with a blunt tip. Based on the model, the Swiss Army knives feature nylon or fibrox handles that provide a positive grip. Most of these bread knives are dishwasher safe and made to endure high temperatures.


Forschner Kitchen Breaking Knives: These knives are carefully built to precisely cut through the tough skin, small bones, and cartilage; helping the user to break large pieces of meat into smaller ones with ease. Forschner Kitchen breaking knives are available in rosewood and fibrox handles, which provide a secure grip for increasing productivity in the kitchens.


Forschner Kitchen Butcher Knives: Consists of an assortment of stainless-steel butcher knives that are capable of efficiently splitting, cutting, and stripping meat and other items. The majority of these Butcher knives are equipped with a black fibrox handle that provides a sure grip for ease of use.


Forschner Kitchen Chef's Knives: Known to be one of the most popular and sought-after product range by Forschner, these kitchen knives are great for chopping, mincing, slicing, and disjoining large cuts. The Forschner Chef’s category includes an array of fixed blade knives that provide a superior grip, reduces hand fatigue. Most of these knives have stainless steel blades that resist rust, ensuring reliability.


Forschner Kitchen Cimeter Knives: Equipped with stainless steel blades, the Forschner Kitchen Cimeter knives allow the user to cut large pieces of meat into small chunks. These knives also make it easier to slice thin portions of roasts, ham, or poultry. Equipped with fibrox handles, these knives provide a comfortable grip, making cutting and slicing tasks easier.


Forschner Kitchen Cleaver Knives: A fantastic choice for easily working through sinew and thin or soft bones. These knives are equipped with fibrox handles that offer performance grip and cater to extensive chopping and cutting tasks.


Forschner Kitchen Fish Turners Spatulas: Featuring heat-resistant walnut handles, these spatulas are a great choice for flipping, lifting, or turning seafood, filets, or fish. Forschner Kitchen Fish Turners are lightweight and easy to maneuver, they are equipped with stainless steel spatula which can be cleaned with ease.


Forschner Kitchen Gloves: Widely used in commercial kitchens and the foodservice industry, these gloves are designed to protect the hands of the user from cuts. Boasting an ambidextrous design, the Forschner cut-resistant gloves offer the flexibility of movement. These gloves are made with USDA/FDA-approved materials for durability and utmost safety.


Forschner Kitchen Paring Knives: These paring knives are ideal for peeling vegetables and fruits. Equipped with nylon handles, these knives offer a performance grip, helping the user to complete the peeling or slicing task with precision. Designed to deliver long-lasting performance, the Forschner Kitchen Knives remain immune to general wear and corrosion.


Forschner Kitchen Peelers & Accessories: Ideal for both - right and left-hand use, the Forschner Peelers are an amazing choice for removing the outer layer of fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, potato, carrot, and more. Most of the peelers in this category feature easy-grip polypropylene handles. The category includes oyster knives, and polypropylene cases for storing gloves, additional tools, gadgets, and more.


Forschner Kitchen Skinning Knives: A popular choice among culinary professionals, these dishwasher-safe knives feature ergonomic fibrox handles that minimize wrist tension and feel comfortable in the hands. The Forschner Kitchen Skinning Knives have a keen, razor-sharp edge and don’t easily slip during butchering.


Forschner Kitchen Slicer Knives: Designed to smoothly cut through cooked fish, meat, and poultry, these slicer knives offer outstanding performance. Forschner Kitchen Knives are equipped with fibrox handles that provide an advanced grip, making the slicing tasks hassle-free.


Forschner Kitchen Steak Knives: Ideal for cutting and slicing pieces of steak, these knives are a great addition to any kitchen cutlery. The majority of the Forschner Kitchen Steak knives feature extra-sharp stainless steel blade that resists corrosion, offering superior durability. Based on the model, the Swiss Army steak knives feature nylon handles that feel comfortable in the hand.


Forschner Kitchen Utility Knives: As the name suggests, these general-purpose knives are great for chopping vegetables, peeling the skin of fruits, and cutting small meats. Most of these knives are equipped with a corrosion-resistant stainless blade that offers outstanding cutting performance and retains the edge for longer.


Forschner Sharpening Steel & Rods: Specifically designed to improve the shape, size, surface finish, or sharpness of the knives, Forschner Sharpening Steel & Rods are a great choice to maintain and care for kitchen accessories. These knife sharpeners are equipped with plastic handles that ensure lasting performance.


Warranted Against Defects

Forschner Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Forschner Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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Knife Country USA is an America-based online retailer featuring a huge inventory of outdoor gear and kitchen cutlery by several reputed brands, including Forschner Knives. The portal has over 30,000 models of kitchen knife sets, fixed blade knives, kitchen gloves, machetes, knife sharpeners, and more. Forschner Knives is designed and developed by Victorinox, recognized for producing extremely sharp kitchen knives geared towards increasing productivity. The online portal strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to create a convenient shopping experience, all our products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. In case of any query, connect with us through call (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your knife-related doubts and offer you the best options possible.


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